Ciara Remembers the Cabin Fire and Xander Gets Drunk

Tuesday, April 5, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Chanel meets Xander, Ciara begins hypnosis, and Julie and Jack gossip.

At Salem Inn, Chanel’s excited that her mama ordered lunch for them but Paulina slaps her hand. This is for an important business meeting. Chanel needs to make herself scarce and go look for a job.

chanel told get a job days of our lives

At Doug’s Place, Julie gossips about Paulina having an issue about the baby being named after Julie. She says that she gave her a t-shirt to apologize and announced she would pay college tuition for the twins. Jack finds that generous. Julie thinks it was a little over-the-top. Julie asks about Sarah’s wedding. “Every detail.” Jack shares that it didn’t happen, that she left town with Rex. Julie’s shocked. How did Xander take it? Just then, drunken Xander appears in the door. “Barkeep. I need a drink. Immediately.” Julie can see he’s drunk and tells him so. He says, “Show me that you’re better than that Puritan, Roman.” Julie can see he was cut off at Brady’s pub. She agrees with Roman. Jack takes Xander away and says, “Sorry.” Xander adds,  “Sorry you’re such a terrible bartender, Julie.”

drunk xander with julie days of our lives

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At home, Eli and Lani discuss the twins’ college tuition. Eli doesn’t want their kids to be saddled with loans. They can’t afford to give them the same type of future. Lani stresses. Eli tries to convince her.

eli and lani discuss tuition days of our lives

At the square, Theo and Claire are excited for Ciara to get her memory back. Claire asks if Theo still has feelings for her. Theo says he just broke up with someone and she showed up in Salem. Eli and Lani appear and introductions are made. Chanel didn’t know Theo was Lani’s cousin. But they’re not cousins since Chanel’s family is on Lani’s mother’s side. Lani spills that Chanel’s mother cut her off. Theo’s angry. Is that why she wanted to get back together and move in? Chanel tries to tell him otherwise and when he leaves, Chanel yells, “Thanks a lot, Cuz.” Eli laughs. “That was fun.”

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Outside the townhouse, Marlena tells Ben not to get too excited about the hypnosis. It may not turn out the way he hopes. She offers to have him come along and wait outside. Marlena goes inside and Ben calls Claire with the news. They agree to meet there. Once Claire is gone, Theo flashes to Ciara ask him to hold her in the hospital and Chanel appears. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” she says. Abe appears and Theo introduces her. Abe has a meeting and takes off, while the ex-lovers sit. Theo admits he’s going back to South Africa in a few days. She thinks about her mama telling him to support herself and Chanel invites her to South Africa. She thinks the universe is telling them to give it another try. “I can move in with you. What do you say?” Theo asks what her angle is. She holds his hand and rubs it. She claims she’s realized she wants to reunite. Theo says no. They had fun in the beginning but they’re not compatible as a couple or roommates.

abe meets chanel days of our lives

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Ben and Claire sit outside Ciara’s room at the hospital while inside Ciara’s room, Marlena tells her patient that there may be good or bad memories that are dredged up during hypnosis. They begin. Ciara remembers the accident and waking up in the fire at the cabin. She gets agitated as she remembers. She calls out for help and Marlena brings her back. Ciara asks if Ben set the fire. Marlena says no and doesn’t want to tell her who did it right now. Ciara will only look it up on the internet, so Marlena admits Claire set the fire.

marlena keeps truth ciara days of our lives

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Paulina lets Abe into her room. “Is that a new suit?” He says it’s fifteen years old. “We can work on that,” she says. She has a pitch for the town square to discuss and tries to feed him a steak. He’s not hungry and isn’t sure why they’re having the meeting. He introduced her to the landlord. He’s not sure what else he can do for her. She wants to buy a few stores and create an indoor market. Abe is curious about that. Paulina wants the stores to be LGBTQ-owned, not just black-owned. She wants to use it as a model for other towns. The square is a historic site and not zoned for this. The mayor would have to sign off on that. Abe says if he were to sign off on it, she’d still have to get the building owners’ to sell. Eli and Lani arrive and wonder if they’re interrupting something. Abe says it’s a business meeting. He goes and Lani says they decided to take her up on her generous gift of tution. She hugs them happily.

Jack and Xander sit on a park bench. Jack wants to take him to his hotel but Xander keeps seeing Sarah there in her dress. He tells Jack that nobody will ever love her the way he does. He takes a bottle of whiskey from his pocket. Jack asks where he got that from. “My pocket.” Jack asks if he stole that from Julie’s. “That doesn’t sound like something I’d do.” Jack goes and Chanel shows up ranting. “What’s your problem, sweetheart?” Chanel sneers. “Sweetheart?” He offers her a drink and says, “Misery loves company.”

drunk xander with jack days of our lives

Theo waltzes into Doug’s Place and asks for a whiskey sour. He tells Julie he learned his ex-girlfriend is Paulina’s daughter.

eli lani paulina days of our lives

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