Ciara Has a Memory of Ben Rescuing Her From Rhodes, and Ben Tells Theo Not to Rush Into Marriage

In the Tuesday, July 6, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Abe tells Paulina off, Ciara has a memory, Allie learns that Paulina wasn’t on the up and up, and Paulina shares something horrific from her past. In case you missed out, on Monday’s Days of our Lives episode, John romanced Marlena.

At home, Nicole holds Duke the bear, and Allie appears from the shower. She feels sickened seeing Dr. Snyder’s body at the lake. Chanel shows up crying. “There’s not going to be any bakery. Sweet Bits is canceled,” she says. Nicole looks sad and takes off while Chanel explains that her mama is demolishing Horton square and putting in a big box store. Allie’s confused. Chanel explains all that happened. “I hate her for what she did to me,” Chanel says but she’s learned how to get back at her. She won’t forgive her for what she did to Allie. Allie suggests they start the bakery without her mother. They’ll get loans and make doughnuts in Nicole’s kitchen. “Seems like you don’t hate me,” Dupree says. “How could I hate you? You’re my best friend.” Chanel has nowhere to go so Allie says she’ll make Cosmos and they’ll watch fireworks on TV and celebrate her independence.

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At the square, Abe can’t believe Paulina planned on demolishing the square during the anniversary party. He refuses to forgive her, not that it matters to her. She argues, “Don’t say that!” Abe tells her, “You played me, Paulina and I hope it was worth it.” Paulina says opportunity came knocking at her door. She’d been looking for a place to build Pricetown for years. Close to Chicago but not too close. No competing properties within 30 miles. It also gave her a chance to get close to Lani and the babies. At first, it was a business deal and then she had to get him on board. Things were already in motion and she couldn’t grind them to a halt. She’d have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. “So what?” Abe says. She’s a multi-millionaire. She could have written this off. Paulina looks away. Abe asks if she is broke. She’s not and never will be. “Not again,” she says. He asks what she means. It’s not easy for her to discuss. When she started out she was broke and met an older wealthy man. She hung out with him and he started buying her things. She learned that those items came with a price tag. He cut her off from family and friends and if she complained, he made her pay. Abe’s sorry. Is it Chanel’s father? She says no, it was years before her. She was beaten down and he had all the power. She covered bruises with makeup and lies. And then she started stealing money from him until she could get out. When she got out, she promised she’d never be in that situation again. She’d be her own woman and never beholden to a man again. George, Chanel’s daddy, was different. He had no money but was a good man. She was the breadwinner. Money to her was a rock. Losing George was the worst. Abe tells her she’s been lying to everyone since she laid eyes on the square. Paulina swears her story is true but Abe declares that what happened to her doesn’t excuse what she did. She knows. Abe asks how he’s supposed to explain all of this. She asks about what is to become of their relationship. He wishes she’d never set foot in Salem.

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At Julie’s Place, Theo tells Lani about Ben almost injecting Ciara with Rolf’s memory drug. Lani’s shocked. She knows he’s desperate to get her back. They both worry. Eli arrives. Theo goes and Eli learns that Ciara is Theo’s fiance. The babies slept through all the excitement. Eli admits he wishes they had a quiet celebration at home. She likes that and so they get the kids and decide to head home. She rips up the check Auntie P wrote for the kids’ education.

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At Ben’s apartment, he tries in vain to remind her of their past with fortune cookies, Alice in Wonderland, wedding photos and Through the Looking Glass. She rolls her eyes. You’re locking me in here. What, do you have a necktie in here to strangle me with?” She tells him he’s no different from Vincent or Evan or Rhodes. He tells her to stop. “You said you didn’t remember that. You remember, don’t you?” She denies it. Her mother told her all about it. Ben unlocks the door and tells her she’s free to go but he thinks she’d be making a big mistake. She asks what the catch is. He says there isn’t one but he’ll never give up on her. He never gave up on her when everyone thought Vincent killed her. He’ll never forget seeing that room she was kept in and smoke and debris around the room. His heart practically stopped but he dug through the rubble. He was practically going nuts but he kept digging and called out her name. Ciara hears him call her name the night he found her and looks away, in thought. Ben says, “You remember, don’t you? He puts his hands on her and Theo walks in. “Leave her alone!” He yells. Ciara tells him Ben ripped up the divorce papers. He knows Ciara’s capable of making her own decisions but she doesn’t remember them or the love they had for each other. She accepted Theo’s proposal because she doesn’t remember their love. Theo asks if what he’s saying is that Ciara’s using him. Ciara says that’s not true. Ben accuses her of loving Theo like she loves puppies. He encourages her to tell him she doesn’t feel something now. Ciara tells him he loved a girl she doesn’t remember being. Ben tells Theo not to rush into anything. She and Theo take off and Ben cleans up the divorce papers.

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Outside the pub, Nicole sees Rafe and Ava snuggling while watching fireworks. Meanwhile, Theo and Ciara watch from the park, and Eli and Lani watch from their apartment before they make out. Abe goes back to Julie’s Place and looks at Alce and Tom’s plaque sadly, while Paulina wanders the square and sobs as she calls Chanel. Meanwhile, Chanel and Allie are watching fireworks and then share a kiss.

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