Ciara Gets Word That Ben’s Dead & Clyde Attacks Orpheus

Thursday, March 3, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Belle demands answers from Sami, Ben goes to Marlena for help, Ciara gets a devastating blow.

Ben’s asleep after reading Alice in Wonderland. He dreams he’s outside Ciara’s glass cage. He wakes up with a yell and pants.

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Ciara wakes up to Evan banging on the glass. Breakfast is ready. Gruel with raisins. He gives her the newspaper. She’s not interested until he shows her it’s about her husband. He was in a motorbike accident and cracked his skull. He’s dead. Ciara starts to pant and says Ben would never get on a motorbike without a helmet. Evan says, “He thinks you’re dead.” Ciara cries. Ben says The Spectator wouldn’t print it if it wasn’t true. Ciara needs a sign to know that he’s still alive.

Marlena wakes up laying on John, who is in a hospital bed. Sarah arrives with John’s test results. There’s no evidence of a new aneurysm. She has no explanation as to why he blacked out. Usually, it’s related to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Was there a pressure spike last night? Marlena admits there was an upsetting conversation about his granddaughter. John’s upset that he has to stay for observation. Sarah goes and Ben texts Marlena to meet. She goes and Roman shows up. John explains that he ran into Charlie and lost it on him. “Doc had to calm me down,” and he explains he went over to Charlie’s. “Hope you gave him hell,” Roman says. John can’t recall. He blacked out in his car. Roman looks at his cell and learns Charlie’s dead and that they have a suspect. Later, John remembers the gunshot again.

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Sami’s angry and pacing when Rafe arrives at SPD. Belle hasn’t returned her call. He asks why she killed Charlie. She refuses to talk and he goes to see if the ballistics report is ready while Sami calls Belle. She needs her sister’s help. Belle asks why she would bother after what happened with Jan. “I’m family for God’s sake, I’m your sister.” Belle says she doesn’t get to play that card. “Lives are at stake,” Sami begs. Later, Belle appears and Sami admits, “Rafe suspects I killed Charlie Dale.” Belle’s shocked Charlie’s dead. Sami says he was shot to death. Sami reveals she heard the news about Charlie getting off free and she jumped on a plane and went to his apartment to talk to him. Belle asks if she went to kill him. Sami says, “Represent me!” Belle says to answer the question or she won’t represent her. “Did you shoot Charlie Dale?” Sami doesn’t say. Belle reminds her sister she shot other people before. She brings up Jan Spears and Sami tears up. “I made a mistake.” Sami’s so sorry. She did it out of love for her children. She finally reveals she didn’t kill Charlie. He was already dead. She lies that she didn’t touch the gun and Belle agrees to represent her. They cry. Outside, Allie talks to Rafe about Sami being charged. Allie says Charlie got what he deserved. Why can’t they just drop it? “Why does it matter who killed him?” Rafe vows to get to the bottom of this. He goes to get the ballistics report. Rafe appears. He says Sami’s prints are on the gun. Belle looks at Sami…

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From prison, Orpheus leaves a message for Evan to tell him to stop playing games and call him back. Clyde interrupts. Orpheus is in a bad mood. “Did you skip your medication?” Orpheus tells Clyde to mind his own business. Clyde thinks it is his business since it involves Ciara. He takes out a shiv and gets in Orpheus’ face. Orpheus grabs Clyde and gets shivved. He falls to the floor and Clyde takes off with the man’s phone. He calls Evan and says his name is Pete. Orpheus had an accident and told him to move forward with the plan. “Pete” asks Evan to bring him up to speed with the plan. Evan says he bailed on Orpheus. He reveals he wants to enjoy Ciara’s suffering. He disconnects.

evan fakes ben's death days of our lives
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Back at the hospital, Ben tells Marlena all about going through Rhodes’ belongings and the book, Through The Looking Glass. Ben shares the psychic connection between him and his wife and about seeing Ciara in a glass box. He wants to be hypnotized again. Marlena tells him it doesn’t work that way. If it was a real memory, she could take him there. Ben shrinks back. He swears he has been there. “I felt the glass on my hand.” Marlena wants to help him. “Then do it! Please,” he asks. She goes ahead with the hypnotism and he tells her about his memory of the Romeo and Juliet dream. Marlena asks what Ciara’s doing now. Ben says she’s on the bed crying. He needs to find her. He sees her crying and touches her hand over the glass. Ben learns Rhodes is dead and when he asks who killed him, she says nothing. Ben’s phone rings. It’s Clyde. “You’re gonna wanna hear this. It’s about your wife.”

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Back in the glass box, Ciara tells Evans that the paper is fake. She knows Ben’s alive and he’ll come to get her.

Allie wakes up at home when Roman appears. He tells her that Charlie’s dead but she knows. He asks if she’s okay. She’s fine but it’s a lot to process. She reveals Sami’s a suspect.

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