Ciara Kisses Theo — & Sami Enlists Lucas’ Help in Keeping Chloe From Brady

Thursday, April 15, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ben and Theo tussle, Sami wants Lucas’ help with Kristen and Chloe blasts “Susan” for getting into her business.

At the mansion, Kate complains that Gabi’s all over Philip. Lucas says that’s Gabi. She should be glad that she’s not sinking her teeth into Jake. Kate sighs. Sami rushes in. Kate congratulates her on not being a murder suspect. “Yeah, that’s probably because you weren’t planting evidence,” referring to years ago when Kate planted the gun in Sami’s hand that Lucas shot Franco with, which put Sami on death row. Sami drags Lucas upstairs. He asks if she’s sure she wants to be in a room with a bed with him. She reveals Susan knows they had sex. “Damnit,” Lucas says. She overheard them and is threatening to tell EJ. “This is like Voldemort going against Bugs Bunny,” Lucas insists. Sami relays that “Susan is Kristen. Kristen Voldemort DiMera.” Sami explains that Susan agreed to change places with Kristen and is in prison and Kristen is blackmailing her to get Chloe away from Brady or her marriage is history. EJ will never forgive her. Lucas thinks EJ might. She forgave him for sleeping with Abigail. Sami sarcastically says thanks for the reminder. Lucas asks how he can help get Chloe away from Brady. She’s not sure.

sami needs lucas' help days of our lives
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Philip and Gabi make Jake jealous by telling him they’re off to the Bistro on a date. When they arrive, the place is shut down due to a sprinkler flood and would reopen in a week. Philip takes her to Doug’s Place instead. She’s uncomfortable because of Julie. She fills Philip in on Julie’s fall down the stairs and the pacemaker she put into Julie’s heart. “I basically tried to give Julie a coronary in front of half the town.”Philip asks why she’s telling him. She has no secrets. “Why aren’t you in prison?”Gani says she’s smart. He likes that she’s telling him all this. He has dark secrets of his own. He admits in high school, he thought Chloe would be his until Brady moved in…Later, Gabi says, “You have a son named Pocket?” They talk about Chloe. “You know what they say about first love?” But there isn’t much to do if they can’t return your feelings, but to move on.”

From Marlena’s, Kristen talks to Susan on the phone about not wanting to be exposed. She answers the door to Chloe and blasts her for sharing her feelings for Brady with him. “Susan” acts innocent and questions what happened. Chloe explains that she spilled her guts, but he already knew. “Why the hell would you do that, Susan?” “Susan” says she was trying to get him not to lead her on. Chloe says she reminded Brady what a horrible person Kristen was and that he’d be better off with her. “Susan” looks aghast. “Did he throw you out like yesterday’s ‘potaters’?” Chloe says he didn’t say anything. If he felt nothing, he would have said so. “Susan” disagrees. He’s in love with Kristen. She screams at Chloe to shut up. Chloe is incensed and tells her to mind her own business. She leaves.

Ben sneaks into Ciara’s room at the hospital with a syringe. He moves to inject her, knowing she loves him as much as he loves her. He knows this is extreme, but he doesn’t know of another way for her to remember him. “Us.” Theo arrives and yells, “Hey, what the hell are you doing?” Ben tries to explain that he is using a memory serum on her. She’s never heard of such a thing and accuses him of trying to hurt her. Theo asks if it’s Rolf’s serum and Ben admits it is. Ciara calls Rolf a mad scientist. She yells that Ben disrespected her and tried to inject her with an experimental drug. “You are sick. You are crazy, Ben. Get out!” She yells. She never wants to see her again. Ben says, “If you knew how much I loved you.” Ciara asks, “And this is how you show me? I guess I should be glad you don’t have a necktie in your hands.” She tells him that Victor blames him for the reason she almost died. “If you only knew the whole story,” he says. She doesn’t want to know it and doesn’t want to know him. She tells him to get the hell out of her life. He nods and says, “If that’s what you want.” He moves to leave and then turns back and Theo grabs him. Ciara gives him back the Looking Glass book. Once he’s gone, Ciara thanks him for always being there for her since they were kids. “You are my rock now, more than ever.” She kisses him.

Brady arrives at Nicole’s, upset that she played matchmaker with him and Chloe. She looks at him sheepishly. She thought Chloe would have something to tell him. Brady says she told him she had feelings for him but he knew from Susan Banks. Nicole’s thrilled that Chloe told him. Brady doesn’t like that she stuck her nose into his business. He loves Kristen. Nicole is annoyed. Kristen’s in prison for a long time and Chloe’s back in his life. Can he honestly say he doesn’t feel anything for her? He hesitates and when she pressures him, he says, even if he did, he’s not going to leave Kristen for Chloe. “Why not?” Nic asks. Brady reminds her he’s taken. Nicole gets in his business even more and he tells her off.

Jake arrives at the mansion. He tells her he went to see Ben and thanks her for getting that drug for Ciara. Kate hopes it works. She can’t imagine how Ciara must feel having her memories taken. Jake feels for Ben. He’s so desperate. Jake takes a drink. It’s been a long day. She asks what else is wrong. He claims Shin is busting his ass over the quarterly results. She offers to help but he just wants a kiss. After they kiss he says, “Yep. Better already.” He’ll take her to lunch and back home for dessert. She likes that idea.

Kate and Jake stroll into Julie’s Place and Gabi rants, “What’s the deal? Are you following us?” Gabi learns they’re on a date and Philip tells them to move along. They take off and Philip laughs while Gabi cringes. Her thoughts are on Jake, so Philip talks about picking up speed reading and says he read War and Peace in three minutes. Gabi barely comments. She’s not listening. He can tell she is thinking about Jake.

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At the pub, Kate questions why he didn’t mention she saw Gabi with her son. Jake thinks she’s happy that Gabi has her hooks in someone else. He’s not interested in Gabi and insists he doesn’t care she’s on a date. He goes to pay the bill and wants to go home for dessert.

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Kristen calls Sami to tell her that Chloe was caterwauling that she told Brady about her feelings and that he feels the same. Sami’s sorry. “It’s time to do y our part,” Kristen says. Sami has a plan. They disconnect and Sami says Lucas just needs to make Chloe fall back in love with him. “Woah, woah, woah,” Lucas says.

At home, Ben stares at his wedding photo.

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