Ciara and Ben Make Out After Reuniting, Until Shawn and Theo Crash Their Happy Reunion

In the Friday, August 13, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Xander tries seducing Gwen, Paulina’s tip as to Ciara and Ben’s whereabouts turns out to be fruitful, and Lani revisits her childhood when she was hurt and humiliated by Paulina. In case you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days of our Lives recap from Thursday: Ciara remembered her love for Ben after being given a fortune cookie from Ben.

Gwen eats popcorn on Alice’s sofa as she reads The Intruder, giggling to herself. Xander finds her and questions what she’s reading. It’s a story about him crashing an anniversary party to tell everyone he shagged the wife. How drunk was Nicole before she shagged him? Xander tells her not to cheapen the memory. Gwen assumed he was blackmailing Nicole to give him that job at Titan. Gwen thinks this is bad. He’ll never get a job again. Xander shrugs. Gwen asks how he can be so cavalier. Was it worth it? “You wouldn’t believe how worth it it was.” They worry about Dr. Snyder’s death and their involvement. The police are too involved right now with Ciara Brady’s kidnapping. He asks why she hasn’t gotten a job. She can’t find one that matches her skill set. He tells her she’s good at drugging people and seducing CEOs. She reminds him he was the one who kissed her. He retorts that she was into it. “You got completely carried away.” He concedes he did too. He thinks they should get carried away again.

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At her apartment, Theo learns that Paulina got a tip on Ciara’s whereabouts. The woman who called didn’t call the cops because she wants the reward money. Theo thinks that’s shady. Shawn arrives. They tell him about the lead. He’s had too many fake leads. Paulina tells him it’s now or never. The woman wants that money in her bank account within ten minutes or the deal is off. Theo worries he’ll hurt Ciara but this confuses Paulina. She thought he loved her. Theo details that he’s a serial killer and on medication. Paulina gripes, “And your mama let her marry him?” She doesn’t care if she takes a loss. She puts the money into the woman’s account who has a tip for them. The woman calls and relays what she knows to Paulina. The woman saw a limo headed toward Mammoth Falls. “It’s that damned cabin,” Shawn says. They rush off and then Paulina opens her door to someone. “What the hell are you doing here?” She demands.

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At the cabin, Ciara remembers her love for Ben after reading the fortune cookie Ben gives her and turns to face him. She flashes to him giving her a fortune cookie asking her to marry him and says, “Oh my God.” Ben is beside himself and asks, “What?” Ciara admits, “I remember.” She tells him about the fortune cookie proposal and flashes to it. She keeps remembering the proposal and tells Ben each and every memory. “You got down on bended knee.” He reminds her his leg hurt when he was beaten up after goons mistook him for Jake. Ciara says, “I said yes.”

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Ben is more convinced than ever that fate brought them back together. She remembers helping him get up. They breathe heavily as she remembers everything else including them kissing, him making her pancakes, more kissing, lovemaking, their wedding…she tells him everything as the kiss. She remembers how much she loves him. “I love you,” he tells her. He never thought this day would come. She knows he never stopped fighting.

“I was horrible to you.”
“You were scared.”
“I was cruel.”

She realizes she was supposed to marry Theo. She can’t marry Theo now. Ben knows Theo knew he was taking a risk. Ciara loves him as a friend. She needs to tell him she can’t marry him. Ben doesn’t want her to go. He just got her back. He asks to hold her a while longer. They move to the bed and make out and snuggle and talk about being apart. They kiss.

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At the pub, Lani thinks her dad’s being unreasonable by forgiving Paulina. Abe thinks she’s the one being unreasonable. Lani touts her aunt’s “boundless greed,” and remembers how her aunt would swan into the room at times with presents and empty promises and then she’d leave her, sometimes without an explanation. “One time, she just about broke my heart,” Lani says, almost in tears. She recalls her aunt coming for Christmas. She’s great at getting people to tell them their dreams. She told Lani that next summer, they’d go to Paris, which was Lani’s dream. She’d send letters where Paulina told her what places they’d visit in Paris. Lani swoons as she reminisces and says it was a secret. “Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen,” Abe comments. Lani says it was. She didn’t tell her mom. She told all her friends and they mocked her when she didn’t go. “Everyone knew that I was a fool to believe her.” Paulina told her mom about the trip and blamed not going on a business commitment. The next time they saw each other, it was like it never happened. She was too embarrassed to bring it up again. It’s been a while since she thought of it. Abe says if she never spoke with her aunt about it, maybe there was something that she couldn’t say. Lani thinks her dad has it bad for her aunt. Abe assumed she knew about the horrible man in Paulina’s past and says, “Didn’t he do enough to her?” Lani’s puzzled. He realizes she didn’t tell Lani. Abe gets a text from Shawn telling him that he and Theo are on the way to that cabin where they believe Ben’s holding Ciara.

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Jack arrives at Steve’s condo. He’s been investigating Dr.  Snyder who has been running his drug side business for at least six months. It looks like Gwen was involved. Jack finds that hard to believe. Her mother was a drug user. Gwen would never do that.

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Back at Alice’s, Gwen and Xander almost kiss when Jack walks in and tells them about Snyder stealing drugs and selling them on the street. He knows Gwen was running his delivery service. Gwen tries to get out of it and Xander helps but Jack’s hurt. He thinks she used him and then teamed up with her doctor to sell drugs. Gwen says it wasn’t like that. She admits she was working with him. Xander looks concerned. She tries to explain but he thinks that she got Snyder to help once the man dropped dead. The two of them dropped his body in the lake. “Didn’t you?” Jack yells, his voice filled with sorrow. Xander flashes to Gwen telling him she’ll lose her father forever if he finds out the truth. He speaks for her. “I wasn’t helping Gwen out of a jam. She was helping me.”

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