Ben and Ciara Both Want Justin to Represent Them, While Someone Steals Kristen’s Letter Outing Sami for Cheating on EJ

In the Friday, July 9, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Sami seduces EJ, Xander lies for Gwen to Jack, and Shawn and Ciara and Claire have a run-in. In case you missed out, on Thursday’s Days of our Lives episode, Chloe chooses Philip once again over Brady.

Gwen sits on Alice’s sofa and thinks about how hot it is. She thinks it’s hotter where Snyder is. Jack interrupts and asks why she’s so jumpy when she practically falls off the sofa. She was reading the article Jack wrote about her doctor and found it sad. Jack recalls the tension between them when he made the house call. Gwen makes light of it but Jack asks if there was a problem between them. Gwen says he was a reminder of her losing her baby and perhaps that’s why she was tense. Jack says something doesn’t add up. He invites her to open up but she has nothing to say. He doesn’t let up.

In the park, Xander tells Nicole he’s finished work early and going home for a nap. He assumes she can’t rest easy until she gets something on Sami. Nicole might already have something. She explains she thinks Lucas and Sami slept together and wants to use that as blackmail fodder. Nicole tells him a little about what has been going on and she thinks Kristen will confirm Sami cheated. Xander waits for her to express gratitude for his brilliance since he’s the one who is the reason she can neutralize Sami. He gets close and becomes seductive and she gets bent out of shape. He taunts her about the memories he’ll always have. “And so will you,” he says before leaving. Nicole wipes her forehead.

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xander nicole seduce days of our lives

EJ interrupts Sami before she can burn the letter from Kristen revealing that Sami cheated. Sami seduces him upstairs. They have sex and afterward, EJ babbles on about how bad he feels again because of their rift. He recalls letting others get in their way in the past. She vows they’ll never let that happen. He falls asleep and she runs to get the letter. She finds it and lights a match and babbles about how nobody will know she cheated and when Johnny calls, she lights it up and runs off. Someone appears and takes it out of the fireplace.

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NBCBen visits Marlena at work and tells her about Theo and Ciara’s engagement. Marlena is shocked. Ben tells her he thinks she’s getting her memory back and explains that she seemed to recall something about their life when he rescued her. He won’t let her go. Marlena worries about what will happen to Ben if he loses this fight. Ciara may never remember any of their relationship. Ben asks what she’s saying. Is his love over? Marlena thinks he should base his decision on the information he has now. Ciara doesn’t want to be married to him now. He gets that but wonders what happens if she starts to remember. How does he look at her and tell her he gave up? He asks her to put herself in his shoes. She knows how he feels. She tells him about John’s hit and run and how he didn’t remember them. “He had no idea who I was.” She didn’t stop fighting for him.

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Ciara and Theo walk through the square and discuss Paulina and Abe. She’s glad they’re staying with Abe. He needs to be cheered up. They discuss their wedding and Ciara’s not sure it’s going to happen. Ben won’t sign the divorce papers. Theo asks if she’s had memories but she insists she hasn’t and kisses him. She assures she’s only got thoughts of him.

Ciara goes to see Shawn at home and shares news of her engagement. He finds it fast and isn’t she married still? She says not for long. Claire pokes her head in and Ciara tells her, “Stay out of it, FireBug.” Shawn asks his sister not to talk to his kid that way. Claire was mentally ill and says Ciara forgave her because they love each other. Ciara only recalls her nakedness with Tripp. Claire’s always going to be sorry for that but she’s done begging for forgiveness. “I’m just going to wait for the real Ciara to come back because this Ciara is a stone-cold bitch.” Shawn tells his sister she did remember and says he can’t blame her for missing her and trying to stop her from making a mistake. Ciara sees her bro is on Claire’s side. Shawn thinks Theo is great but he isn’t the man she’s meant to be with. He’s all for Ben and it upsets Ciara. She came there not for a lecture but for a lawyer. Shawn asks her to talk to Belle but she refuses, not wanting another lecture. She takes another potshot at Claire, telling Shawn to hide the matches before she goes.

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Theo finds Nicole in the park and tells her he and Ciara are engaged. She’s been there for him, even when people made fun of his autism. He just wishes Ben would sign the divorce papers already. They discuss Eric and she shows him the last number that came up on Brady’s phone. “It was Kristen,” she says and asks if he can get the number for her. “I know why you’re doing this,” he says. He thinks she hates Kristen and she should and assumes she wants justice. She admits that’s all true.

Xander walks in on Jack giving Gwen the third degree at home and asks him to back off. Jack explains he was talking to her about Snyder. They argue and Jack is more suspicious than ever. He asks them both if there’s something they’re not telling him about Snyder. The more they talk the more Jack thinks they’re hiding something. Xander’s simply trying to lend a hand. Jack can see that they’re tolerating each other. He tells them he’ll do anything in his power to help but he can’t if they’re keeping secrets. He goes and Gwen shoves Xander and calls him an idiot. he’s tired of being called that. Why is he even keeping her secret? She grabs him when he tries to walk away and asks what he wants. He tells her what he wants and pulls her into a hot kiss.

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Ciara runs into Ben at the mansion. They’re both there to asks Justin to represent them. Ben smirks at her.

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