Belle Winds up in Statesville, While Jan Decides to Kill Claire

In the Wednesday, June 2, 2020, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Clyde gives Ben advice, Jan asks Chloe for something shocking, and Belle has to change her plea. In case you missed out, in Monday’s episode, Kate turned the tables on Dr. Snyder, our resident blackmailer.

Ben sees Clyde in Statesville. He’d be offended that Ben’s been ignoring him but can tell Ben had a lot on his mind. Ben admits he’s in trouble and thinks he’s losing his mind again. Clyde’s sorry to hear that but thinks it’s a job for his shrink. Ben says she’s busy since Claire is missing and he needs someone to talk to. Clyde asks if it’s got to do with Vincent brainwashing him. Ben doesn’t believe that. He’s seeing Jordan. Clyde says, “Your sister’s ghost?” Ben says she’s really there, like a hallucination and she talks to him, as his guilty conscience. Clyde laughs. Ben’s atoned for his sins. He has nothing to feel guilty for. Ben reveals it’s because he almost cheated on his wife. He talks about Ciara wanting a divorce and how Claire was there for him. He was so freaked out that…he trails off. Clyde asks if something happened. “She kissed me, and then I put a stop to it.” Clyde shrugs. Why is he beating himself up? Ben says Jordan keeps making him feel like a terrible person. “Ollie, come on,” Clyde says. Ben didn’t want to send her mixed signals when she called and now he feels bad since Jan kidnapped her. Ciara’s been calling and leaving messages, but he can’t let her go. “Then don’t,” Clyde says, insisting he go to South America and get his wife! Ben can’t because she’s with Theo. She doesn’t want him right now. Clyde reminds him that Ciara risked it all and stormed the prison when he was on death row. Ben says she doesn’t remember any of that. Clyde thinks what he and Ciara have is fate. Clyde says to get out of Salem, get on his bike and clear his head. “You just gotta ride and forget the pain!” Ben nods. He feels better. Clyde jokes that he should get a degree as a therapist. He laughs maniacally and Ben rolls his eyes. Clyde hasn’t been the best father but he’s the only one he’s got. They embrace.

clyde ben advice days of our lives

Belle wrings her hands in the interrogation room as Melinda appears. She’s curious that Belle signed a confession to Charlie Dale’s murder. She’s happy to have a confession but wonders why Belle changed her mind. “I did it for my family,” she says. Melinda says she’ll have to change her plea to guilty. “So I can put you behind bars, where you belong.” Belle agrees to change her plea but needs to talk to Justin. In the outer room, Shawn and Philip still haven’t found the vehicle, even after looking through traffic cams. Philip worries about Chloe and Shawn worries for Claire. They wonder what Jan wants with Chloe. Later, Trask is gone and Shawn and Philip learn that Belle is pleading guilty. Shawn’s horrified. “They’re gonna lock you up.” Belle hopes Jan will let Claire go. Philip paces. “This is one hell of a Hail Mary, Belle,” he says. Melinda returns. Justin’s waiting for them at the courthouse. As soon as the judge listens to her plea, she’ll be off to Statesville. Belle bravely heads out with Shawn while Philip worries.

melinda asks belle change plea days of our lives

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Jan brings a bag of groceries into the burned-out cabin outside of Salem. She talks about how it feels to be free and asks tied up Claire and Chloe if they agree, “There’s nothing like it, is there, ladies?” They don’t respond since their mouths are gagged. Jan unties the gags and tells Chloe that Claire tried to set her Aunt Ciara on fire twice in this cabin. Claire yells, “Shut the hell up.” She’s changed. Jan shrugs. “Sure, sure. We all change. Grow.” Jan shows them the news. Belle confessed to Charlie’s murder. Claire asks if that means they can go. Jan would say yes, except they know she killed Charlie. “So now you have to die.” The women glance at each other, uneasily. Since Jan can’t kill Claire, she says Chloe’s going to do it. “I have Ghoul Girl to do my dirty work.” Jan releases Chloe from her binds but she refuses to shoot Claire. Claire reminds her to do what she needs to get home to Parker. Chloe says she’s sorry and agrees to do it. Jan apologizes to Claire. Jan wants Chloe to stab Claire. Chloe balks at that. Jan heard she stabbed a kingpin with one. “Gut Claire like a fish.” Chloe takes the knife but she and Claire sob. Chloe can’t do it. Jan turns on Chloe. “What good are you to me?” Claire asks Jan to let her go but Jan can’t do that. She’ll tell everyone that she killed Charlie.

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In the square, Marlena talks on the phone about her worries for Claire and Belle. She runs into Paulina, who has returned from Florida. Paulina introduces herself and Marlena hugs her. Marlena thought she left town. Paulina says, “Alert the media because Paulina’s back in town.” Marlena remembers when she used to visit Tamara in college. Paulina remembers Marlena for being confident and she wanted to be just like her. Marlena scoffs. Paulina’s done fine for herself. Marlena talks about her daughter getting herself into quite the fix. Paulina can identify since her daughter is struggling. She tells him that Chanel married a criminal who tried to extort money with her from Paulina. Marlena’s shocked. She explains that her granddaughter was kidnapped. Paulina is beside herself, assuming Marlena is worried. Paulina knows her granddaughter will be returned to her. Marlena feels comforted. Paulina tells Marlena she bought several of the buildings in the square and wants to buy the rest. She wants to interconnect them to one shared workplace. She wants it to be a dynamic and inclusive place. Marlena likes the sound of that. Paulina says Abe helped. Marlena thinks Tom and Alice would approve. “I’m sure they would be,” Paulina says and then asks who they are. Marlena fills her in on who they were and calls Eli their great-great-grandson. Paulina realizes the square is Jules and Carver’s legacy. She looks uneasy. “Sounds like I got a lot to live up to.” She’ll do her best to honor them. They hug and part ways, later. Paulina thinks to herself she almost feels guilty about lying to Marelana about what she really has planned for the square.

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Belle’s locked up at Statesville. Shawn visits and takes a photo of her to send to Jan. They hope she’ll let go of Claire quickly. Jan calls and Shawn records it. She’s in the car with Chloe and says she got the photo. Shawn asks Jan to let Claire go. Jan can’t do it. She holds a gun to Chloe’s head while she drives and tells Shawn she has another plan. Meanwhile, Claire is tied up at the cabin and gasoline is spread in a line toward her while an oil lantern burns nearby. Outside, Ben arrives and goes to open the door.

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Trask finds Philip at SPD and tells him justice was served. Philip tells her that Jan killed Charlie, not Claire. Jan kidnapped their daughter, and thanks to Melinda, Chloe and Claire’s lives are still in danger. Trask looks horrified.

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