Chloe Makes a Decision and Chooses Philip, While Rafe Talks to Duke the Bear and Duke Talks Back

In the Tuesday, June 29, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Chloe kisses Philip, Rafe needs rest, and Belle gives Chloe advice. In case you missed out, on Tuesday’s Days of our Lives episode, Gabi and Jake got ready to move out of the mansion.

Rafe arrives home and Jambalaya is cooking in the oven. Nicole’s coming to dinner. Rafe gives Ava flowers and kisses her. He pulls out wine and cucumber and Duke the bear. He tells her that Nicole won the bear for him on his birthday and they’re sharing custody. Ava’s eyebrows furrow. “I guess I get it?” She goes to get ready and the bear starts talking in a southern accent, telling him to hightail it out of there before he’s in a bigger fix. Rafe covers his face. “I’ve been working way too many hours.” Nicole arrives with wine. He hands over the bear. She missed him. The Bear says, “You’re licking your chops, wishing you were where I am right now.” Rafe asks Nicole, “What did you say?” Nic says she missed him. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She talks about how good it smells and Duke tells Rafe he’s panting for Nicole. Ava appears. The women talk and Duke the bear keeps talking to Rafe. He keeps filling his glass with wine and finally the bear gets on his nerves and he starts yelling at it and squeezes its neck. The women asks what’s up. He blames how much he’s been working and that Kristen and Jan didn’t get theirs for everything they’ve done to Salemites. They tell him he might want to go lie down. He’s fine and after they dine, Nicole takes the bear. It starts telling Rafe it’s happy to be going home to bed with her tonight. It lets Rafe know he’d better make a decision about which woman he wants.

rafe talks to duke bear days of our lives

Philip walks in on Chloe at the manse telling Parker she loves him. She disconnects their call and Philip wishes she’d tell him she loves him. He asks if he stands a chance with her. She feels boxed in. He doesn’t want to keep trying if she’s into him. He asks if they have a chance and Belle interrupts with chocolates. Philip goes to get takeout from Julie’s Place, letting the women talk. They talk about what’s holding Chloe back from dating Philip. “My feelings for Brady,” she admits. Chloe says Brady fell in love and thought love would change her. He has so much to sort out and she’d be a complication. Chloe hasn’t asked Philip to drop his interest in her. She remembers high school and how he looked at her even though she was Ghoul Girl. “That’s kind of hard to forget.” Belle thinks the timing might be better for them. Kristen will always be a part of Brady’s life. It’s a lot of baggage. Philip doesn’t have that.

chloe talks parker days of our lives

Brady meets Shawn at Julie’s Place. Rachel did a study and they have the best chicken fingers. Shawn hands over Kristen’s personal effects. Brady’s disinterested until he finds a photo of Rachel. He keeps it and then sees a photo of Chloe that’s been scratched up into an X. Shawn thinks Kristen would have killed her but Brady’s unsure. That’s not the woman he fell in love with. “It’s like she switches, Shawn. It’s like she’s somebody I don’t even know.” Shawn reminds him that Kristen hated Chloe. Brady admits this is on him, too. He was drawn to Chloe. Shawn recalls he and Chloe were happy once. Brady doesn’t know how they’d get past that. Philip’s moving in anyway. They talk about how Philip was worried for her safety and Shawn thinks Philip has a way of spinning things his own way. Philip walks in and says, “Are you kidding Shawn? Are you still threatened by me?” Shawn’s sarcastic. Philip tells Brady he blew his chances with Chloe and asks him to stop trying to mess with his plans to try to make her happy again. Brady doesn’t believe that Philip can. Both men think Philip only cares about himself. He thinks Brady would follow Kristen out of the restaurant if she appeared. Brady denies it. Philip goes to pick up the dinner for him and Chloe. “I’ll see ya later, suckas,” he says.

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brady talks shawn about kristen days of our lives


Abe visits Marlena at her office at the hospital to tell her Eli’s throwing Lani a surprise anniversary party. He invites her and John to the party but she has to work and John’s taking the kid to the fireworks. Abe tells Marlena he is dating Paulina. “What? I thought she drove you crazy?” Abe laughs. He likes her a lot. Marlena asks if he told Paulina’s sister about this. He hasn’t. Marlena knows Tamara would feel better hearing this news from him.

abe talks marlena paulina days of our lives

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Lani walks in on Paulina at the square telling someone on a call that Abe can’t know anything about this. Lani questions her. She covers, but Lani sees right through her. She asks what Paulina’s keeping from Abe. She knows from experience that it’s not worth it. She hurt Eli by keeping a secret. Paulina doesn’t want to hurt Abe but she also doesn’t want to lose him. “It’s been weighing on me.” Paulina admits her whole project for the square is a lie. She tricked Abe into changing the zoning and it’s going to blow up in her face. Lani jumps up. “Are you serious? How can you do that to him?” Paulina comes back from her fantasy and then admits she was seeing someone in Miami when she was seeing  Abe. She went back to break things off. Lani doesn’t see a problem. She talks about the new project and how Paulina must be thrilled. Paulina worries they’re rushing things. Abe appears and Lani explains that Paulina’s worried the new marketplace will be a disappointment. She’s been trying to tell her otherwise. Abe thinks the marketplace will be his legacy as mayor. Paulina looks like she feels worse. He hands her the building permit. She reluctantly accepts it and looks troubled.

paulina daydreams days of our lives

Back at the mansion, Belle leaves and Philip returns with food. Chloe tells him they were talking about high school. “Maybe we could have that chance now?” He asks if she’s serious. She doesn’t want to rush it but really does it. Maybe they could make it work. He’s happy. They kiss and head for the kitchen to eat.

Later, Shawn meets up with Belle to discuss how torn Chloe is between Philip and Brady.

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