Days Recap: Ava’s Shocked When [Spoiler] Shows up at Her Door Unannounced

Monday, December 14, 2020: On today’s Days of our Lives episode, Charlie and Claire become a couple, Allie asks Belle for help on a civil suit against Tripp, and Joey learns that Tripp was accused of rape.

From outside the pub, Claire calls to invite her mom for dinner. Belle is tied up with work so Claire runs into Charlie, who joins her instead. He offers to pay and jokes that he’s glad filet mignon isn’t on the menu. Claire asks about work. He flashes to both Philip and Xander demanding he become a double or triple agent and calls it stressful. They share their food and Charlie refuses ketchup on his fries because it’s “uncivilized.” Claire finds that hysterical, and jokes that they’re sharing their food like some married couple. Charlie likes the idea of them being a couple. He asks her to be his girlfriend. “My heart feels affection for you,” she says, and then hides her face at how lame that sounded. But it’s the truth and she agrees to be his girlfriend.

At Salem Inn, Xander’s shocked when he learns Ava Vitali is Angela Vandecamp, the woman she saw with Philip. Xander explains who Ava is and tells her Kristen and Ava were friends, which is why Kristen visited her. “She didn’t even bother to change her initials,” Xander says. Sarah’s excited to find out more information but Xandy tells her she’s done with this. Sarah has a temper tantrum since it’s all “so unfair.” Sarah tells him about her conversation with Philip and that he kissed her and Xander yells, “What?” Once he’s calmed down, he agrees to let her help him take Philip down, since she’s already got an in.

Philip drops by Ava’s. He admonishes her for not lying low as she agreed. Ava argues that she had to save her son’s life from Claire, who she calls a liar. Philip doesn’t think Ava’s one to judge anyone after all she’s done. He hopes she’s going to keep quiet about him laundering money for her through Titan. Ava looks at her phone while they talk and he reveals he caught his new intern on his computer. Ava’s bored until she learns the kid was supposed to be spying for Xander. Ava asks if PhillyK is sure he trusts this kid. Philip does and says he’s not going to find a thing. Philip can’t wait until Xander finds out what he just did and when he blows up, Victor will have no choice but to fire him. Ava doesn’t care. She’d hate to call in his debt. Philip goes and Ava stares at her phone. “Damnit, where are you?”

At the pub, Claire realizes she knows so little about Charlie and asks about his family. Charlie ignores a text and says he was raised by his dad in Philly and has a brother that he’s not in touch with. Since he’s not sure he’ll go home for Christmas, she invites him to hers. When they leave, Charlie says, “Goodnight girlfriend.” Claire replies, “Goodnight boyfriend,” and swoons.

Christmas music plays as Tripp runs into Allie in the square. “Don’t shoot!” He jokes. She doesn’t find that funny but lets him know the case was thrown out. Tripp’s glad and asks her to let it go. Allie’s offended and snipes that he has no idea what it’s like to live in fear. He says she’s right. Allie can’t move on and refuses to let him, either. Tripp questions what she means and she taunts, “You’ll find out.”

Joey arrives home at the condo with Kayla and Steve. Kayla’s making his favourite food, filet mignon. Joey laughs. He prefers chili. He’s overwhelmed with being out of the clink. Kayla tears up, so happy he’s home. Joey feels awkward being around loved ones. He’s used to keeping to himself. Steve hugs his dad and can’t wait to see Tripp. Steve says he’s with his mother. Joey snarks that if he wants to get to know her, he can read her criminal record. He immediately feels bad, — he shouldn’t have said that. Tripp turns up. Joey’s glad to see him but learns he’s there to get his stuff. Kay wants him to move out because she thinks he’s a rapist. Tripp explains what Allie accused him of and that the DNA tests prove he’s the father. Tripp says he’s not and didn’t sleep with Allie. He swears he didn’t rape her. Joey believes him and though he understands why his mom doesn’t, Tripp’s his brother and he wants him to stay for dinner. Kayla agrees to it. No matter how she feels, Tripp is family. Steve thanks Kayla for letting the guys spend time together. He kisses her. Tripp calls Ava to let her know where he is. She looks at the table she set for two and is visibly disappointed, but says it’s fine. They disconnect and Charlie shows up at her door. “Got your messages. You said we needed to talk, so here I am.”

Allie arrives to see Belle. They discuss her case being closed and that Allie wants to file a civil suit. Belle agrees to help. She could get her child support and or a substantial amount. Belle clarifies that she’ll have to relive the rape in public. Tripp’s lawyers will do what they can to decimate her character. This doesn’t faze Allie. They embrace and grin over going to court. Claire appears and learns what’s going on.

On the next Days of our Lives, Victor catches Philip off guard.