Gaslighting Leads Chad to Drink and Wind up Kissing [Spoiler]

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives,  Gwen tries to drive a wedge between Chad and Abigail even more, everyone goes to the DiMera New Years’ Eve party, and Will visits Jennifer.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie learns that though Philip has tickets to the DiMera party tonight, he has no date. Maggie tells him to go stag.

At Basic Black, Chloe isn’t sure she wants to go to the party with Brady, considering Kristen’s in prison and doesn’t react well to sharing. Brady insists they’ll have fun and that they deserve it.

Jenn stands around Alice’s house, thinking of Jack when Will arrives with presents. “Happy New Year!” He says. She frowns and he can tell she was expecting someone else. She admits it’s true, with an apology. Jenn already mailed his gifts to Arizona. He notices the hourglass and they discuss Jack and Kate. Will’s sorry. They talk about the party, and he ends up convincing her to go.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate and Jack discuss Jennifer’s refusal to forgive him. Kate’s sorry but thinks the gift thawed her if she took it, even though it was an hourglass, which baffles her. Jack admits he wanted her to realized if he could turn back time, he would. Kate laughs. “So you quoted Cher.” They rehash the cheating and Kate tries to tell him that he didn’t lie to Jennifer. “You just didn’t tell her something that would hurt her deeply.” Kate calls Jenn “Judgmental, unforgiving, and self-righteous. ” Upstairs, Gwen tells Chad that Jake gave her bracelet to Abigail. Chad goes off the rails, and Gwen plays devil’s advocate and then lies that she saw Jake and Abby kissing. Chad is hurt. Gwen would have told him but “Jake threatened me,” she lies. Chad asks if she thought he’d really hurt her. She reminds Chad his brother was in the mob. Gwen thought Abs would wake up and realize what a wonderful man she married. Chad’s angry and spits that he’ll kill his brother. He goes.

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At The Bistro, Abigail accuses Jake of having sex with Kate. Jake tries to lie but winds up saying it’s true.  When Brady and Chloe arrive, they’re both struck by Jake’s stunning likeness to his twin brother, Stefan. Abigail introduces them. Later, Philip shows up, surprised that Brady’s Chloe’s date. He wonders how Kristen will like this. Brady doesn’t think she’ll mind that he’s with friends. Jake and Abby chat some more about Chad’s jealousy. They both head home to tell Chad the truth. Kate and Jack drink champagne together and toast to the new year as Jennifer walks in.

Will visits Maggie at home. Her living room is set for romance and she tells Will she and Victor will try to stay up until midnight. Will reveals he’s heading home tomorrow. She’s glad he visited and misses Sonny, who Will says is overwhelmed by work. Sonny will try to visit in the new year. Maggie encourages him to video chat with Sonny right now, while she heads upstairs. When Will does so, Sonny says he’s been missing Will. “Same,” Will says, but he’ll be home tomorrow. Sonny brings out his New Years’ resolution tin box and reads one from 2012. “Get Will to fall in love with me.” They canoodle best they can and flirt. They drink champagne.

Back at home, Abby and Jake search for Chad. Jake heads back to the party to find Kate.

Chad and Gwen arrive at The Bistro and Chloe says she just saw Abby and Jake leave together. Chad grabs champagne and drinks, and then Gwen lies that she overheard Abs book a room at Salem Inn. She claims she thought it was for him. Chad’s beside himself and stomps off. Meanwhile, Jack spots Jenn and finds her beautiful. Jenn says she forgives Jack. At midnight, outside, Jake and Kate kiss, while Brady kisses Chloe, and Jennifer kisses Jack (the kiss was shared with Cady McClain’s real-life husband, General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom). Fireworks go off.

Gwen follows Chad to Salem Inn and he sees that it’s set for romance with flower petals on the bed in the shape of a heart, and champagne. He tosses his phone on the desk and when he’s in the bathroom, Abby calls. Gwen hides his cell phone under a magazine. He returns and guzzles the champagne, waiting for Abby and Jake. He gets drunk and Gwen kisses him. She apologizes and he leans in for more. They make out.

In the next full episode of Days of our Lives, Philip is about to be discovered.

Bonus behind the scenes footage of Freddie Smith Zooming into Salem from his YouTube page.