Abby Asks If Chad Blames Her for the Baby Loss and His Reaction Speaks Volumes

Tuesday, May 4, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Kristen pressures Sami to do her bidding, Rafe and Ava discuss that kiss, and Chad and Abigail reel over Gwen’s accusations.

Days’ Monday recap – Gwen blames Abigail for the loss of her baby.

From his room at the DiMera mansion, Lucas calls Sami. She’s been expecting his call. Lucas tells Sami that Chloes still there. She morphed into Florence Nightengale. What will she do when she finds out he’s not sick? In walks Chloe with soup. Lucas has to go. He disconnects as “Susan” waltzes into the townhouse. Kristen threatens Sami and Sami tells her that Lucas is working on Chloe. He told her he has a brain tumor. Kristen finds that ridiculous, but Sami thinks it’s working for Chloe. Kristen relents. Her brother Chad made up the same scheme and it blew up in his face. What will he do when he gets “sicker?” Sami knows Lucas will think of something. Kristen doesn’t have that kind of faith in him. Sami says that’s why he’s got her. “You have sent a puppy dog to do a man’s job.”

At Titan, Nicole tries to work but thinks back to how rude she was to Ava when she learned that Rafe kissed her friend. Brady asks where her head is. He hopes she’s not trying to find another way to push him and Chloe together. Nicole doesn’t want him to be with “that murdering nutjob.” Nic says, “One day, one day her mask is just going to fall off. You see what I did there?” Brady’s pissed. “You don’t even know what backing off or budding out means.” Nic apologizes. Chloe arrives and asks Brady for the next few days off. A friend of hers needs her help. Brady says it’s fine. He needs to go see Rachel. Before he does, Chloe gives him a birthday gift for her. Nicole tells Brady, “It’s very thoughtful of her, isn’t it, Brady?” Once he’s gone, Nicole tells her about Rafe and Ava’s kiss and how she told Ava she didn’t see it working out for them. Nicole admits, “She thinks I want Rafe for myself.” Chloe asks if she’s right. Nicole reminds Chloe she’s married. Chloe didn’t mean to offend her but she didn’t answer the question.

chloe thinks nic jealous days of our lives

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Rafe arrives home to the smell of Ava’s grandmother’s lasagna. She tells him to pour some wine and asks about his day. He reveals Trask found more evidence tying Belle to Charlie’s murder. Rafe worries Trask will shut down the case too soon. They drink as Rafe rants. She calls him a good guy who always wants to do the right thing. Rafe needs to talk about that kiss. He wants to ensure he wasn’t taking advantage of the situation. Ava makes light of it. She assumes that he is trying to let her down easy, but Rafe says he kissed her because of how he feels about her. Ava admits their kiss was the nicest thing that’s happened to them in a long time. Rafe thinks the bar is low. Ava admits she told Nicole about it and she didn’t like the idea. She was worried that he was vulnerable about Hope and doesn’t think they’re right for each other. Nicole’s the last person to drag out someone’s past. “Why does she even care what we do?” Ava flashes to realizing Nicole wants Rafe for herself. Rafe doesn’t want to talk about Nic anymore. He moves in for a kiss and his beeper goes off. He has to go to work. He asks her on a date for tomorrow night. She likes that.

rafe likes ava days of our lives

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In the hospital, Chad tells Abigail that Gwen lost the baby. Abigail’s so sorry. Gwen lies that Abby pushed her down the stairs. “You killed our baby.” Abigail denies it vehemently. She told Gwen to leave. Gwen makes up how things went down on the stairs and tells Abigail she always gets what she wants. “You are a murder!” She says. Chad tells Abby to go. “She’s losing it.” Chad says they’ll talk about it later. She goes and tells Jack that Gwen lost the baby and is blaming her. Jack’s face falls. Abby needs her father to tell her he believes she didn’t throw Gwen down the stairs. Instead, Jack says he needs to see Gwen. Back in her room, Gwen assumes Chad’s on Abby’s side. Chad thinks she’s upset and just got horrible news. Gwen knows this is an answer to Chad’s prayers. Chad claims that’s not true. He feels horrible about the baby and is sorry she’s in pain. He wasn’t happy when she told him the news and he hates the fact that she tricked him. They didn’t decide to have a baby. He’s sorry he didn’t react how she wanted him to when she told him about the baby, but she can’t deny that there was a good reason behind it. He doesn’t want her to be alone and asks who he can get for her since he’s not the right person to be there for her. She tells him there is nobody. It’s her own fault. Chad tries to say, “That’s not…” Gwen tells him not to tell her things he thinks she wants to hear. She hasn’t forgotten what she did to the Deveraux family. She thought this baby would be her way out of that. If she could love and care for somebody else and not just think about her, maybe she could change. She thought being a good mother would erase the past. Chad thinks she’d have been a good mother. Jack appears and Chad goes. Gwen cries to Jack and he hugs her close. Chad goes to Abigail. He believes she didn’t push Gwen but she knew she was pregnant. Why was she fighting with her at the top of the stairs? Abs asks if he’s calling this her fault. He says nothing and walks away.

gwen lies days of our lives

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Back at the mansion, Chloe talks to Lucas about his next appointment about his tumor. She rescheduled it. The specialist is staying in Salem. She goes to get time off work and he calls Sami. Lucas explains everything to her and worries about what happens. He tells her to fix this. Sami looks pained and fakes that Lucas has had another brilliant idea. They disconnect and Lucas wonders, “Of all the bedrooms, why did I have to walk into hers?”

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Brady arrives home and “Susan” is jealous that Brady has a present for Rachel from Chloe. Brady doesn’t know how this is any of Susan’s business. He goes to see his kid and asks his sister to put Susan back in her cage. Kristen snipes about Brady and Chloe spending time together and again threatens Sami to ensure her marriage explodes.

kristen acts stupid days of our lives

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