Ben & Claire Kiss, Abigail Says a Touching Goodbye to Salem — & Shawn & Belle Draw Jan Out

In the Wednesday, May 20, 2020, full episode recap of  Days of our Lives, Belle and Shawn fake a fight, Gabi and Julie stop fighting, and Abigail’s leaving.

Tuesday’s Days episode had Xander prepared to kill Sami and Lucas in the wine cellar.

Jan arrives at SPD demanding to know why Trask hasn’t locked Belle up yet. Trask says the recording may not be submitted into evidence. The judge will let her know. The judge calls. The recording is admissible. Jan’s thrilled. She gets what she wants. Belle in prison and Shawn with her. Trask tells her, “Good luck with that,” and kicks her out.

jan wants belle arrested days of our lives

At the square, Belle has trouble eating. She reads the news that Kristen wants to trade her freedom for Chloe Lane’s whereabouts. They discuss Belle’s murder case and Shawn says Trask has no case. Belle gets the same call as Trask. He ruled that her parents don’t have a patient/confidentiality relationship so the judge ruled the tape is admissible. Her murder trial starts next week and she has no defense. Shawn argues that Jan did it. Belle knows but the recording of her being awake from her coma on April 1 doesn’t prove she shot Charlie. Shawn says, “So we get her to confess.” Shaw can convince Jan that he believes Belle’s guilty and that he wants to be with her. Belle thinks he’s crazy, but he reveals he’ll get close to her and get her to admit what she did. Jan comes upon them. “What’s this a lovers’ quarrel?” Shawn uses her appearance to pick a fight with Belle, telling her that he knows she murdered Charlie based on the recording and her button being found at the scene. Belle plays along and calls Jan out for being the murderer. Shawn denies that since she was in a coma. Shawn throws her cheating on him with Philip and she throws her drink in his face as Jan watches in awe. Belle takes off and Jan is sorry for how vicious Belle is. “It’s like I don’t even know her anymore,” he says. He complains about all of the things Belle supposedly did and Jan tells him he’s not alone. She kisses him.

shawn plans help belle days of our lives

Ben arrives at Claire’s with an envelope. Ciara’s filing for divorce. He paces and wonders if her mother could walk her through options. Claire says the timing isn’t good. Ben says he doesn’t know what he was thinking. He realizes her trial must start soon. He’s sorry and asks if he can help. She wishes. She offers to help him instead but tells him she’s not sure he can stop this divorce. Ben is ready to go there to plead with Ciara but Claire stops him. He’ll push Ciara further away if he does this. He cries and then Claire cries. She hates watching his heart break. He blames himself. He convinced himself that she’d return to him. They embrace. He caresses her cheek and she moves in and they share a kiss.

ben and claire kiss days of our lives

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Jack helps Gwen move into the Horton house. They talk about how she’s doing. She tells him physically, she’s fine. She looks around, pensively. She hasn’t had a home in a long time and is thankful. Julie wanders in and learns Gwen’s moving in. “Like hell she is.” After all she’s done to Abigail? Julie doesn’t think so. And especially now that she’s falsely blaming Abigail for her fall. Julie yells at her for saying “such filthy, awful things,” and asks Jack how he can possibly take Gwen’s side when she’s slandering Abigail. Jack takes Julie aside and tries again to defend Gwen but Julie’s having none of it. She can’t be heartbroken over Gwen’s trauma. Every man in this family is willing to believe every single lie she spews out of her mouth.” She takes off in a mood and Gwen remembers telling Dr. Snyder not to reveal she lost the baby before the fall. Gwen admits to Jack that the day she lost the baby she lied about what happened. Abigail said some nasty things to her the day she lost the baby but she didn’t throw her down the stairs. Jack sighs and Gwen tells him what happened exactly, that it was an accident. She apologizes and says she’ll find somewhere else to live. “No, you won’t.” He’s glad she owned up to the truth. When she feels more secure in his love and has faith in herself, she and Abigail will work things out. Gwen closes her eyes, in what looks to be doubt. Jack thinks Gwen deserves joy. They hug.

julie angry gwen moving in days of our lives

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At the mansion, Gabi finishes telling Chad about what happened to Kate. She reveals she’s in an induced coma. “Damn,” He says. Gabi reminds him she was buried alive and crawled to the hospital. She’s going to be fine. Abigail arrives and tells Gabi she’s leaving Salem to spend time with her mom in Boston. Chad’s confused. “Are you leaving because of us?” Gabi gets it. She’s leaving because of Gwen. Gabi’s angry that she’s letting “her bitch of a sister push you out of town.” Abigail needs to get away for a while but Gabi insists she needs to stay and fight. Gabi offers to keep an eye on her sister if she insists on this. Abigail thanks her for that and for stopping her from sticking Gwen with the syringe. Gabi goes and Chad tells his wife he doesn’t want her to leave. He’s given her many reasons to walk away from their marriage. She tears up. He apologizes. He believes she didn’t mean for Gwen to fall and lose the baby. Abby doesn’t know if she believes that herself. She was rotten to Gwen and wanted her to abort her baby. It was wrong and not who she is.

abby leaves salem days of our lives

Julie’s in a mood when she finds Gabi at her restaurant getting food for Jake. She’d rather Gabi didn’t come by. Gabi doesn’t like it any more than she does and asks what has her in a mood. Julie admits Gwen’s moved in. Gabi rolls her eyes and updates her about Gwen pushing Abigail out of Salem. Julie’s upset and calls Gwen hateful. “Something they can agree on,” Gabi says. Julie’s shocked. Gabi says Gwen’s made her life miserable too. Gabi asks her to admit she was wrong about her spiking Abby’s champagne and she does. Gabi says to stop the presses, “Because Julie Williams admitted she’s wrong.” They can’t believe their cold war is over and uncomfortable, Gabi takes off.

julie and gabi trash gwen days of our lives

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At the hospital, after he examines her, Dr. Snyder tells Gwen that he knows she lost her baby before she fell down the stairs at the DiMera mansion. He’s not comfortable keeping quiet about it.

Outside the pub, Trask and Belle discuss the case. The evidence says that Belle killed Charlie and they’ll let the jury decide if it happened. Belle looks sickened.

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