Ben Is Devastated When Ciara Rejects Him for Theo, and Claire Blames Herself

Wednesday, April 7, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Ciara and Ben are heartbroken, Gwen apologizes to Chad, and Xander and Chanel day drink together while Chanel realizes Xander may be the answer to her problems.

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Abigail and Chad come home from therapy. Abby gets a call from Jack who wants to talk. She heads out and Gwen appears. Harold let her in. “Has he put on a bit of weight,” she asks. He tells her Abigail’s not there. She knows. She gets herself a drink of whiskey since he won’t. She says Jack summoned Abigail. Chad assumes she went running to Jack about the kidnapping. Did she expect him to turn Abby away and make her the new number one daughter? “Hardly,” Gwen says. She regrets her actions and says they need to learn to peacefully coexist. Gwen opens up about using Chad to get back at Abigail in her revenge scheme. “You didn’t deserve that.” Chad nods. “Neither did Abigail.” She knows that now. None of them deserved her wrath and she apologizes. He’s surprised and accepts her apology.

gwen apologizes chad days of our lives

At Doug’s Place, Julie learns Theo’s ex-girlfriend is Paulina’s daughter. Talk turns to Ciara’s hypnosis today. Julie hopes it works. Theo thinks about Claire asking him if he still has feelings for Ciara. He’s concerned not all her memories will be good.

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In the park, a drunken Xander offers Chanel booze. “I don’t even know you.” He introduces himself and she sniffs the bottle before taking a drink. She prefers a glass and ice. He invites her to his room at Salem Inn.

At the hospital, Claire is sure that Ciara’s hypnosis is going so well that soon, she’ll remember loving Ben. In her room, Ciara is shocked to learn that Claire tried to set her on fire. Ciara jumps out of bed. “I’m out of here.” By the hub, Claire is supportive. She hugs Ben as Ciara appears. “Well isn’t that perfect. The two psycho killers in each other’s arms.” She sobs as she yells at Claire that she remembers her setting the fire in the cabin and trying to incinerate her. Claire apologizes. She wasn’t in her right mind when she set that first fire. Ciara’s mind is blown. Did she try it more than once? Claire tears up. She’s sorry. Ben asks why she doesn’t remember anything else and Marlena admits she went back to the second time at the cabin, not the first. Ben and Claire beg Ciara to go back under hypnosis but she refuses. Ciara wonders if Ben tried to kill her, too. Marlena defends Ben, who tries to touch Ciara. She means everything to him. Ciara doesn’t want him touching her and runs off sobbing and Marlena goes after her. Claire blames herself and Ben fingers the washer as he looks devastated. Meanwhile, Ciara gets back in bed and throws the Alice book at the door. Marlena appears. She’s sorry and should have done a better job of preparing her. Ciara asks for her cell phone and calls Theo. When Theo appears at the hospital, Claire and Ben are upset to hear that Ciara called him for support. Theo turns up in Ciara’s room and hugs her while Ben walks in. He hears his wife say she never wants anything to do with him for the rest of her life.

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Abby arrives at Alice’s house. Jack tells her he knows she kidnapped Gwen and tried to stick her with the mind-altering drug that she gave Abby. Abigail’s annoyed, thinking Gwen told him to turn him against her. “And it worked, didn’t it?” Jack says no. She freaks out. Jack tells his daughter that Gwen wants to get past this. If she extends the olive branch, would Abigail do the same? Abigail can’t get over her grandmother’s “murder.” Jack says he was at the Salem Inn just after she died and is sure that Gwen didn’t murder her. It’s up to Abigail to accept it. Jack remembers hating Steve when he first learned they were brothers. He saw Steve as the man who stole his wife, but things worked out for him in the end. Now, Steve is one of his best friends. Abigail doesn’t see that happening between her and Gwen anytime soon. Later, Jack calls Gwen to come over. Abigail is ready to talk.

jack asks abby forgive gwen days of our lives

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Xander lets Chanel into his room. She finds his kilt and thinks if the owner of the skirt is going to come around, she should go. He tells her it’s his. She says she probably should have asked his pronouns. Xandy says it’s not a skirt, it’s a kilt that he was supposed to wear to his wedding. He tells her she left him. Chanel’s sorry. They drink and Chanel coughs, disgusted. She thinks he should slow down. She offers to get food from her mother’s room and to return with it. He begs her to stay. She says her life is over too. She tells him her mother cut her off and took her credit cards. Xander takes a drink and says, “You lost your credit cards. “Well your life’s a bloody tragedy, isn’t it?” He digs out his wallet and hands it over. “There. Problem solved.” He goes to use the washroom and Chanel digs around for a tip and finds his Titan badge. She notes he’s a CEO. Her money troubles are over.

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