Belle Realizes Jan Set Her up for Murder, While Drunken Xander Tries to Sell Sarah’s Engagement Ring

Wednesday, May 5, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Kristen pressures Sami to do her bidding, Rafe and Ava discuss that kiss, and Chad and Abigail reel over Gwen’s accusations.

Days’ Tuesday recap – Gwen blames Abigail for the loss of her baby.

Bonnie pours the hot sauce on Justin’s eggs at the pub. He’s apprehensive and when he eats them, coughs. “Delicious,” he admits. She told him she was going to spice up his life. He gets a text and has to go. “See you tonight,” he says, kissing her goodbye. She eats his food from his plate and reads the news about Belle’s arrest. Jan comes upon her. The two hurl insults. Jan wants justice. She says Belle is going down for killing Charlie Dale. Bonnie shares that Justin’s Belle’s lawyer. She touts how well he can win cases but Jan knows that’s inaccurate. There’s a recording of John admitting that Belle “shot the bastard.” Bonnie asks how she knows that. Jan shrugs. Bon Bon goes on to say that there was no recording in the news. Even Justin never told her about that so how does Jan know this? Jan claims the “dark web” message boards were filled with this. Bonnie rolls her eyes. If Belle goes to prison, Shawn will be free. Jan claims Belle doesn’t deserve him. Bonnie claps her hands. “Even if Belle went to prison forever, you’d never be Mrs. Jan Brady.” She bursts into laughter. “I’m sorry Jan Brady. I just got that!” She says, “Oh Jan you should probably stick to your imaginary boyfriend George Glass because Shawn would never fall for you in a million years.” Jan snarks that Jan Brady jokes aren’t new. “They’re new to me!” They get in each other’s faces and Bonnie tells her not to underestimate Justin. She takes off, leaving Jan in a state.

bonnie kisses justin days of our lives

Lani gets the babies down to sleep at home when Chanel pounds on the door. She says since her marriage to Xavier is over, she needs a place to stay. Lani corrects her, “Xander.” Lani assures Chanel she’s not alone, but she can’t stay with her. Chanel took a shower in the sink at Buddies Burger Barn. Lani cringes and thinks there could be a job at SPD for her. Chanel’s not sure she’ll be able to do that so Lani suggests she babysit. Chanel’s not sure. “You’re sure you want me?” She killed Lani’s hermit crab and is terrible with kids. Lani has faith. They embrace.

lani doesn't want chanel to live with her days of our lives

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Xander leaves Salem Inn, promising to pay the bill. It’s not like he’s some bum. He can barely walk and bumps into Claire, who judges him for drinking at 9:00 am. He tells her not to get judgy with him when her mom’s been arrested for murder. Poor Charlie. Claire is astounded. Xander is sorry. He’s not thinking straight. Being shot’s probably preferable to being abandoned. She can see he’s not talking about Belle anymore. He pouts sexily at her. Claire forgives him for his insane defense of Charlie since he’s heartbroken. Xander recalls being falsely accused himself. Xander thinks of how he’s tried so hard to be a better person. Claire can see he’s bringing the conversation away from Charlie and back to himself. Claire thinks he has to pull it together. He tried with Michelle…Chanel. Claire’s shocked. She’s a scam artist. Claire explains her sticking her with the bill. Xander knows. He found on his wedding night. He goes to find the ring and drops it and then gets on his knees to find it. He picks it up and says Claire Brady, will you…” Claire gripes, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Xander realizes she thinks he’s asking her to marry him. He’s not and calls her a narcissist. He asks her to buy the ring. “This is a finely cut blood diamond I’ll have you know.” Claire’s disgusted. Claire thinks he could pawn it or go to Pop Pop. Xander would rather die than go back to work as Victor’s ‘gun’. Claire tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. He loves Sarah with everything in his soul. She asks if he’s going to wallow in misery or do something about it. He sees Bonnie and stops her. She says he smells like booze. He sniffs her. She smells like hot sauce. He asks if she wants to buy his ring and she gets out a loupe from her bag and takes a look. Maybe Justin wants it.

bonnie and xander days of our lives

At the townhouse, Marlena and Shawn talk about Trask threatening John with obstruction of justice. They’re interrogating him now. Belle wants to go to him but her mom and husband stop her. John has a lawyer. “Let him protect you,” she says, telling them all about the hypnosis and John’s memories. Shawn doesn’t get how Trask found out. Marlena realizes it was Jan Spears. Shawn slumps. “She tipped of Trask.” Shawn recalls Jan being at SPD and realizes she spoke to Trask then. Belle wonders if the entire thing was a setup. Belle knows Jan hates her more than Belle. Jan killed Charlie so she’d take the fall. Shawn considers that at the time of Charlie’s murder, Jan was in a coma.

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At SPD, Trask plays the hypnosis recording for John. She tells John he’s obliged to share whatever information he knows in a case since he’s not a suspect. She wants a statement corroborating his story. John refuses to speak. Justin appears and calls Trask unethical. When she’s gone, John worries about the case. He won’t out his kid.

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Claire comes upon Jan at the pub and overhears her say she doesn’t care what Bonnie thinks. When this is all over she will be Mrs. Jan Brady. “Oh, is that a fact?”

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