Ava Makes a Confession and Demands Nicole to Keep It to Herself

Tuesday, January 12, 2020

On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Claire learns Charlie’s a rapist but doesn’t believe it, Shawn and Belle return from their honeymoon, and Tripp wants to take justice into his own hands with his brother Charlie.

Shawn tries to carry Belle over the threshold at Hope’s house but she stops him, laughing. They make out and discuss sex. They call for Claire, to ensure she’s not home and then head to bed. After sex, Shawn wonders where Claire is. He admits he has a bad feeling about Charlie. Belle thinks he seemed sweet.

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From Marlena’s, Claire leaves Charlie a message, telling him to call when she sees him. She’s sorry Ben and her grandma barged in on her. She’s still in the dark about why. She disconnects and starts yelling at her gran to tell her what’s going on. Marlena says she needs to trust them. John arrives and Claire demands to know what’s going on. John’s sorry. He asked Marlena to wait for him. John lets Claire know that they thought she might be in danger from Charlie. He explains his trip to Philly and lets her know they found out Charlie could have been Allie’s rapist, not Tripp. That they’re likely both Ava’s sons. Claire is stunned and doesn’t believe it. She thinks they want to destroy their relationship. She tears up and calls this all coincidental. “You want me to go find more Charlies that wear glasses?” John says Rafe brought him in for questioning. Claire runs off. John calls her cell and leaves a message to call him. Later, he tells Marlena he has proof of the rape. He found Ava Vitali tied up in a chair at Charlie’s place.

At the hospital, Nicole and Rafe find Steve and they discuss Charlie, who lawyered up when Rafe brought up DNA evidence that he may have raped Allie. Steve finds that very telling. He lets them know that Tripp’s with Ava now, who is sedated. Rafe asks Nicole if she ever heard that ava had another kid. Nicole says back then they shared cocktails, not secrets. Still, she’s worried for her friend. In her room, Ava continues to hallucinate that Charlie’s hurting her. Tripp comforts his mother. Steve appears and asks how his son is. Tripp’s worried but fine. He wants to take matters into his own hands with Charlie but Steve cautions against confronting his brother. He’s been there and it never works out well. Tripp and Steve leave the room and Rafe lets Nic in to see her. Ava’s confused when Nicole appears. She asks for Tripp and Nicole promises that he’s safe, outside the door. Nicole heard about Charlie and tells her she wants the right person to be punished for her niece’s rape. Ava wants that too. She knew Tripp couldn’t have raped Allie and explains how she confronted Charlie and he kidnapped her and later stabbed Tripp. Nicole tells Ava she’s hallucinating. Ava calms down, remembering that Tripp is alive. Ava is having a hard time thinking, she’s drugged up. Ava recalls Charlie admitting he raped Allie and confesses it to Nicole. Ava makes her promise not to tell.

At SPD, Allie confronts Charlie, asking if he was her rapist. He denies it, calling this a mistake. Allie knows that he could be Tripp’s brother, which in turn could mean he raped her, not Tripp. Charlie again maintains his innocence, but Allie has a strange feeling when she’s with him. He lies that they’ve never met before Christmas. Allie keeps at him and tells him because of that night, she had a baby. Henry’s his son. She asks how he feels about that. He’s about to say when Claire bursts into the room and kicks Allie out. Claire asks Charlie to tell her he’s not Ava Vitali’s son. “I’m not,” he says, and calls this a misunderstanding. Claire wants to believe it. He takes her hands and she reminds him that Allie says he’s familiar to her. Charlie lies some more, claiming he doesn’t know why.

Rafe arrives at Hope’s to tell Belle and Shawn about Charlie the rapist. Shawn goes to the station to question Charlie with Rafe, while Belle rushes to her parents’ house, looking for her daughter. Marlena and John tell her she left.

Shawn interrupts Claire and Charlie’s talk and leads her out of the room. Father and daughter debate if Charlie’s the rapist and Claire tells him Charlie denies even knowing Ava, so how could she be his mother? Shawn tells her that Ava was found tied up in his apartment. Rafe arrives and starts questioning Charlie again.

Allie meets Nicole at the pub and Nicole tells Allie that Charlie admitted he raped Allie.

A spoiler for the next full episode of Days of our Lives: Bonnie has news for Justin about the twins.