It’s April Fool’s Day in Salem, and Ghoul Girl is Back, Xander’s a Priest and Shawn Loves Jan Spears

Thursday, April 1, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, all sorts of havoc breaks out since it’s the April Fool’s Day episode. We’re reminded of when Belle and Shawn were together and made love, years ago. Philip at the time thought Claire was his baby until we learned that Shawn was the father. We’re also reminded that John strangled Jan, which put her into a coma.

An hourglass sits at Jan’s bedside in the hospital. Jan wakes up and Shawn tells her she was involved in “an incident” and went into a coma. Jan’s confused when he tells her she’s been out for a year. She questions the hourglass. Is that how he measures the time she’s been asleep? He says he uses it to ensure he doesn’t run out of time on the parking meter. He’s there to take her statement. She recalls John Black attacked her. Shawn says John’s fate has been decided. Jan asks why he’s there. Shawn reveals that once they learned Philip was Claire’s daughter, he and Belle ran off together. Jan is sorry but she saw it coming. Belle took him for granted but Jan feels she put in the work by putting Shawn in a baseball uniform and locking him in a cage. Shawn’s ready to leave but Jan wants to know if they’ve fixed climate change. She also needs to know what happened on This Is Us.

Belle arrives home to Philip. He missed his gorgeous wife last night. They make out. Claire arrives and learns that the governor is thinking of a stay of execution for John. She’s off to Statesville to see her dad. Philip offers to make Claire breakfast. One of the happiest days he had was when he found out she was his daughter. He can’t believe they’re finally a family again. They grin at each other.

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At the square, Chloe reads Top Charts magazine as Xander, a priest, walks up to her. “What happened to you, you look like a ghoul?” Chloe says that’s her schtick. She’s a singer and some say she’s better than Billie Eilish. “I’m Ghoul Girl.” She asks what’s up with his getup and then remembers that Sarah left him and assumes that’s why he became a priest. Bonnie appears. She’s a nun now. She couldn’t handle Justin calling her Adrienne in the sack. Bonnie thinks Chloe looks like a professional pallbearer. Bonnie and Xandy leave.

chloe ghoul girl days of our lives

At the pub, Kayla eats everything with relish, and Steve wonders if the priest at St. Luke’s still performs exorcisms because she’s eating as though she’s a woman possessed. Kayla shows him her massive pregnant belly. Her pregnancy hasn’t been easy. She knows people are wondering how she could have a baby at her age. She bitches about a mad scientist implanting a clone inside her. “I’m about to give birth to Stefano DiMera.” Steve worries about this whole thing but Kayla felt him kick and thinks it’ll be nice having another child in the house. She starts having labor pains. Steve delivers little Stefano in the pub. He’s born with a goatee. When he cries, she refuses to breastfeed. Steve goes to get formula and a bottle. When he returns, Stefano is gone. He slid out of the door “Like some slimy Sea Monkey,” she admits.

kayla pregnant days of our lives

John opens his eyes in prison, strapped to a standing bed as he awaits execution. Sami appears as the executioner with a huge syringe. She’ll do the deed. John says he’s always loved her like a daughter. Sami recalls that his tired excuse about having an aneurysm is what got him here. “I despise you,” she says, reminding him she walked in on him and her mother having sex on a conference room table. John thought they worked through that. Sami says the image still makes them nauseous. John destroyed her. She’s dead and it’s all his fault. John swears he doesn’t remember any of it. He was feeding her strawberries and whipped cream and suddenly she was out. Sami yells, “First of all, the strawberries and cream thing is disgusting. It always has been. Everyone thinks so.” Belle arrives and the governor calls. John will be executed. Sami’s thrilled. She gets ready and John thanks Belle, but says, “I knew I should have hired Carrie.” Sami asks if he has any last words. He says, “I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that you really are a mean, nasty—” Sami says that’s enough. She starts to inject the needle when Marlena appears, “Stop the execution!” It turns out John killed Hattie Adams and tossed Marlena down a well. He asks Sami to undo him. Sami argues that he did kill someone. “Yeah, but it was just Hattie Adams.” Sami shrugs and says that’s true. She frees him. Marlena kisses John and Sami tells Belle, “It’s enough to gag a maggot.” Belle grins. Nothing can keep her parents away from each other. Sami’s annoyed and jabs her sister with the syringe. Belle goes down and Sami said, “That felt good.”

john execution days of our lives

Back at the hospital, Shawn tells Jan that John strangled Marlena. The media wanted to name him the Salem Strangler, but that name was already taken. Jan knows that Salem has been home to many serial killers.

Bonnie and Xander arrive at Salem Inn. She rips off his shirt and they start making out. Bonnie gets out a ruler and starts ordering him around. She wants to roleplay the Kristen DiMera/Father Eric Brady sex tape. They make out.

xander bonnie kiss days of our lives

Back at the house, Claire asks Philip, as Chloe’s producer, to let her sing on her next album. Chloe walks in on them and Claire nervously asks Chloe to let her sing on her album. Chloe will consider it if she gets her an herbal tea from the square. Claire runs off. Once she’s gone, Chloe starts taking off Philip’s shirt, hoping to have a private session with him. Philip pushes her away. He’s married to Belle. Chloe wants to experience their old passion and soon, Philip is convinced and says, “What the hell.” They make out. Xander stops things and Bonnie offers to be Cardi B, since that gets things going for him. He just wants to be themselves, Xander and Bonnie. Bonnie refuses. It’s her way or he can go back to being alone. Later, Bonnie forces him to wear the nun’s habit and they start kissing.

Claire arrives at the hospital to see Jan. Shawn goes and Claire needs a friend. “Because they’re about to fry your grandpa?” Claire will be lost without him but that’s not why she’s there. She needs intel on Chloe Lane and whines that Chloe’s a pop star and turning her into her personal slave. What can she do? Jan tells her to toss a radio into the tub like she did to Victor. “Where am I gonna find a radio?” Or she can set her on fire. “You’re good at that.” Claire agrees but then Jan gets an idea. She should pull an Eve Harrington and steal the career of Ghoul Girl, the way Eve did in the classic film, All About Eve. Later, Claire’s gone and Shawn arrives with a Salem Eagles baseball uniform on. He tells her she was right. Nobody has loved her the way she has. He’s been in denial and admits, “I have feelings for you. ” Jan looks confused. “People say that and I…I don’t know what that means.” He wants to give it a try and whips out handcuffs. He’s cuffed to the bed and Jan kisses him.

Claire returns to the house where she finds her dad kissing Chloe. They cover and Claire gives Chloe her tea. It’s poisoned. Chloe falls dead. Phil covers her up and Claire changes into a Ghoul Girl outfit. Philip hands her Chloe’s glasses. He plans on making her a star.

At the pub, Steve and Kayla turn to the camera Kayla says, “Steve, you’re supposed to wink. Steve says, “I did wink.” Kayla tells him, “With the other eye.” They say, “April Fool’s!”

Meanwhile, in reality, Shawn and Belle learn that Jan Spears has woken from her coma…

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