Tensions Arise During Allie & Johnny’s Double Date, While Chad Worries His Marriage is Over

In the Monday, August 30, 2021, full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Allie is jealous of Chanel, Xander won’t give EJ his money, and Trask and EJ argue. If you missed out, Soaps Spoilers has you covered with this Days recap from Thursday: Allie realized Johnny’s Chanel’s date.

At Alice’s, Chad brings Jack from art camp that Thomas made. Jack takes it out. “I was just thinking I needed a new paperweight.” Chad laughs. It exploded in the kiln. He asks if Jack has spoken with Abigail. He has this morning. Chad looks close to tears as he asks if she’s ever coming home. She doesn’t respond when he brings it up. Chad reveals he’s worried she’ll never return home. “What if my marriage is over?” Jack offers to help if he can. Chad asks him to talk to Jenn. The kids need their mom. Jack vows to talk to both of them. He explains he kicked Xander out and the reason behind it.

chad misses wife days of our lives

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Gwen finds Xander with breakfast in bed. “We can gobble up this lot and then each other,” he says with a smirk. “I don’t think so,” she tells him. She only came by to apologize. He convinces her to get back into bed and they kiss passionately.

xander gwen sex kiss days of our lives

Trask visits EJ at the mansion. She warns him that a lot has changed since he left Salem. He can’t pervert justice because she’s putting him on notice. “Your days of running roughshod on this town are over.” She asks how he managed to stay a part of the bar. He thinks she’s just upset that he bested her. She warns that he doesn’t want her as an enemy but he smirks. She’s been his enemy for a while. Trask won’t stop looking for dirt on him and his drug-dealing client until she finds it. Trask brings up Kristen throwing her sister (Haley was her daughter but the dialogue said sister) down a set of stairs and breaking out of prison. She’d better not find out he knows where she is. She says she knows his son returned to town. EJ coldly warns her to leave Johnny out of this. She asks why he quickly decided he was Xander’s lawyer. EJ says he owes Xander one for being his caregiver all these years. “He owes me more,” EJ says as she strolls out.

trask hates EJ days of our lives

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At the new place in town, Allie’s surprised to see her brother stroll in with Chanel. Everyone gets over their surprise when Allie reveals she’s Chanel’s BFF and Johnny’s twin sister. Chanel is rocked. She didn’t see that coming. Johnny guesses they can “skip the awkward getting to know you part and get right to drinking.” As they drink, they admit they have different fathers. Johnny says he’s nothing like his dad and urges Chanel not to worry. Why would she? Johnny realizes she knows very little about the DiMeras. She talks about dating Theo and Johnny hears he has competition. The last person who kissed Chanel was his sister. Allie cringes. Tensions rise when Allie thinks she’s been talking about their relationship and Tripp becomes upset that Johnny seems to think that whatever they shared isn’t over. When Tripp gets his back up, Johnny says he only meant that they work together and are BFFs. He confesses when he first heard Chanel was kissing another woman, he found it hot. Then he learned it was his sister. Tripp dumps some cash on the table. They’re out. Allie snaps at her brother for being “just like EJ,” and they go.

johnny foot in mouth days of our lives

Justin is introduced to Calista, Bonnie’s sister-in-law. Justin never heard of her. She’s Bonnie’s late husband David’s sister. Bonnie lies that she friended Calista online and invited her to the wedding. Justin doesn’t mind. He lets Bon Bon know that Steve’s his best man. Bonnie’s happy though has a hard time showing it with Calista there. When Justin goes to get a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, Calista assumes he’s rich and that she offed his wife. Bonnie denies it. She was in a car accident. Calista warns that she’d better get her money. She takes out the gun to get her point across and when she shoves it into her bag, a popping noise is heard. Bonnie thinks it’s the gun and yells that she was shot. Justin says it’s the cork he popped from champagne. Calista comments on how expensive it is. He pours the drinks and hands the women glasses and Calista drinks hers down in one gulp. Justin refills it. He wanted to do a toast so she does it for him and slams the drink back. She talks about bonding with Bonnie over their dead husbands and admits her husband’s killer is still out there. She asks where her room is and Bonnie chokes on her champagne. She instead offers to get her a room at Salem Inn. She gets rid of the other blonde who gets one last shot in and goes. Later, Bonnie tries to get money from Justin by lying that the caterer needs a check. He already took care of that. She tears up and hopes that things go well for them.

bonnie justin meeting calista days of our lives

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EJ calls Xander, who has just finished having sex with Gwen. EJ tells him that he’s in the clear and he’ll be by to collect what he owes to him. He disconnects and Xander and Gwen dress. She worries about her dad finding out the truth. She thanks Xandy again and he points at his bed. “You already did.” She admits she’ll miss him. Her dad would hate it if he knew they were seeing each other. She says goodbye. He’ll see her around sometime.

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At SPD, Trask tells EJ and Xander that she knows his briefcase was filled with a million dollars minus EJ’s retainer. She’ll find out how Xander got the money and assumes it was by blackmail. EJ admits the money is from his wife for services rendered and she’s out of town. Trask agrees to return the money but thinks he should be prepared to dole it out to the families of those who overdosed from the drug. She goes and EJ hopes it doesn’t go that far.

xander spd ej days of our lives

Gwen returns home to find Jack with Chad. Jack asks where she’s been. She covers that she was looking for work. Chad finds it unbelievable. She notes that he can’t give her a good reference and goes off to make tea. Once Chad’s gone, Gwen returns and Jack gets off a call. He explains that Xander will walk and get away with what he did to her. He yells and curses. He’d better stay away from her.

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel still can’t get over that he and Allie are siblings. Johnny calls this complicated. Chanel denies it. Allie has Tripp and she has Johnny. They make out.

johnny complicated days of our lives

At her place, Allie hopes things don’t get weird with her and her brother and Chanel. He’s her best friend and was a jerk tonight. She worries for Chanel and hopes they break it off before it gets serious. Tripp admits Chanel said they almost had sex last night.

In the square, EJ demands his money but Xander plans to keep a hold of the million dollars. Once he’s back on the payroll at Basic Black, he’ll hand over the money. He goes and Calista comes from the treed area, smiling as she looks at the guys. Bonnie calls and says she couldn’t con Justin into giving her a blank check for the caterers. “The old hustle failed me.” Calista says it doesn’t matter. She knows where to get a million bucks.