Ben Prepares to Inject Ciara With Rolf’s Serum — & Abby Suggests Gwen Abort Her Baby

Tuesday, April 13, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Jake talks to Ben about Ciara’s memory, Justin and Ciara have a heart-to-heart about Ben, and Chad learns that Theo’s into Ciara.

At home, Ben reads Alice in Wonderland while he drinks a beer. Jake appears. “You look like hell,” he says. Jake’s had back-to-back meetings since 8 am and thought he’d play hooky. “Did you take my advice about Ciara?” Ben did what he suggested and it backfired. She didn’t remember anything. Ben reveals that the hypnosis didn’t go well, either. Jake’s sorry. Maybe it’s time to try that memory serum from Rolf? Jake says he took it as did Kate. Ben didn’t know Kate took it. Jake says,  “My mother may or may not have stabbed her with a syringe.” Nothing bad happened to her. Kate found a pen she had been looking for. “A pen?” Ben sneers. Jake knows it’s not a big deal but still. He can make a call to his mom to find out how to get the serum. Ben says they’ve fought so long to be together. This can’t be how it ends. He agrees to Jake calling Vivian for the serum.

ben memory serum days of our lives

Justin visits Ciara in the hospital. He gives her pink tulips from Victor, who has a cold and didn’t want to pass it along. Ciara hopes they can video chat later. “Absolutely,” Justin says. He hands over a card from Victor, “I so wish I could be with you today but soon my darling.” Victor believes not remembering Ben Weston is the best thing that could happen to her. Victor talks about the wedding and it confuses Ciara. Justin wishes her grandfather hadn’t have brought that up. He tells her that Eve set up a bomb at their wedding. Ciara snipes, “Oh because he killed Eve’s daughter?” Justin says that there’s a lot she doesn’t know. Ciara hates Ben and what he has done. She’s surprised Justin is defending him. Ciara doesn’t think it’s possible to turn one’s life around after murdering three people. Ciara thinks it’s the best thing that could have happened, her forgetting their marriage.

flowers from victor for ciara days of our lives

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Theo surprises Chad at home. The men embrace. They catch up. Chad boasts about how well Thomas can read and that Charlotte can count to ten. Chad admits he was mildly dyslexic. They discuss Chad’s marital discord. Chad calls sleeping with Gwen was “One of the dumbest things I’ve ever done in my life and believe me, that’s saying a lot.” Theo’s glad to hear that Abby is forgiving him. Theo hopes so. They’re like some sort of supercouple. He tells Chad about dating Chanel and that it didn’t work out. He reveals there’s a situation with Ciara. He talks about her memory loss. Ciara says after everything Ben put him and Abby through, the last thing he wants to see is Ben living with Ciara happily ever after. Theo agrees. They agree Ciara could do better. Theo grins and Chad realizes he wants Ciara.

theo chad hug days of our lives

At Alice’s, Abigail walks in as Gwen tells Jack that she’s pregnant with Chad’s child. “What did you just say?” Abby asks. Jack and Gwen look down, sheepishly. Gwen admits she’s pregnant. Abigail doesn’t believe her and she’s angry when Jack defends her. Gwen hands the test over but Abigail asks if he was in the bathroom with her. “No!” Gwen admits her periods are irregular and she didn’t think about it when she didn’t get one since New Year’s Eve. Gwen still thinks she’s a liar. Gwen understands why she thinks that. She wants to build a relationship with her sister and being pregnant was the last thing she wanted. Abigail says, “If that’s true, then you need to terminate it.” Abby will call the clinic and drive her there. Gwen looks away. Jack thinks this is a lot for Gwen to take in. What about what Abigail has had to take in because of Gwen’s machinations? She tells her sister to end the pregnancy and then goes. Jack says this is her body and her decision.

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abby suggests abortion gwen days of our lives

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At Titan, Philip wants to discuss what happened last night. They laugh that they were messing with Kate and Jake. Philip was sure that Jake got warm under the collar when he planted that kiss on her. Gabi claims she didn’t worry. They were having so much fun so who cares? Philip wants to celebrate them losing the lease for the Gabi Chic building. He asks her to dinner — a date. Gabi’s not sure it’s such a good idea. He asks if she’s not into him or if she’s hung up on Jake. Gabi yells that she’s over him, then says she’s a poor loser and not used to being dumped. Philip can see right through her. Gabi admits she isn’t over him but she wants to be. Philip offers to start a new one with her to help that along. He jokes that they’re “age-appropriate.” Gabi accepts a lunch date.

gabi dates philip days of our lives

Abigail arrives at home and downs a drink. Chad asks how her visit went with Gwen. Abigail downs the drink and Chad urges her to stop. She’s not supposed to drink on her meds. Abigail says, “Gwen’s pregnant. With your child.” Chad looks stricken and Abby wanders off.

Jake comes upon Gabi and Philip. He notices the flowers and asks if they’re still trying to scam their way into the Gabi Chic space. Gabi thinks it’s a good idea. “But not until after our date,” she says, rubbing it in to Jake.

Ben arrives at the hospital and holds the syringe in his hand as he looks at Ciara, sleeping…

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