Gabi and Abigail Are Almost Caught Kidnapping Gwen

Wednesday, March 3, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives, Sarah finds Xander with a woman, Kayla gets on Steve to forgive Bonnie, and Bonnie finds Gabi and Abigail in a compromising position.

In his room at Salem Inn, Xander has a seamstress on her knees in front of him while she gets his kilt adjusted. He complains that she’s rough. She says, “It’s just a little prick.” Xander replies, “Hmm not so little.” Sarah walks in and demands to know what’s going on. The seamstress explains what she’s doing and Sarah laughs. She wonders where he’d need a kilt. “Haggis night at the pub?” Xander’s face falls. “It’s for the wedding.” Sarah feels bad and he tells her he asked Odelia (Adriana Sevan), Maggie’s seamstress to fit it for him since he hadn’t worn it in a while. He asks, “Could you just forget you saw it?” Sarah says that’s not going to happen. Odelia goes and Xander notices that Sarah doesn’t have a wedding dress. He notices she’s cranky. Sarah reminds him of what she walked in on. She doesn’t have a dress because she ran into Chloe who made her realize she’s a Titan bride, not a Gabi Chic one. She’s still looking. Xander says he’s honoring his family by wearing the kilt, though he hasn’t been in touch with most. Xander gives her a lingering kiss and they close the door. He asks if she’s ever wondered what a man wears under his kilt.

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Outside the pub, Steve asks Kayla, “Are you the only doctor in that hospital?” When she discusses her patients. They laugh and head inside where Bonnie invites them to dine with her and Justin. They refuse and Bonnie skips dessert and tells them it was nice seeing them before she takes off. Justin is pissed. Steve isn’t going to be kind to the woman who left his wife to suffer in prison. The men have words and Steve feels bad. He apologizes, “But that woman. Come on.” Justin loved Adrienne and Bonnie screwed up but she’s trying to change. Kayla drags Steve outside to tell Steve that Justin’s trying to get his life back. Steve apologizes. He goes inside and apologizes to Justin. He’ll give Bon Bon another chance. They’ll double date soon.

At Alice’s, Jack calls Jennifer to discuss Abigail and Gwen. Jack hopes they can get along one day. Jenn provides comfort and they both can’t wait until she comes home. She asks him to try to let go of some of the guilt. He’ll try. They disconnect. Chad shows up to find Abigail. Jack shares that she left after they argued about Gwen and how he refuses to abandon her. Chad’s angry on Abby’s behalf that Jack admitted he believed Gwen didn’t murder Laura. Jack talks about Gwen’s horrible upbringing. Chad understands but he says lots of people have had terrible childhoods and didn’t do what Gwen did. Chad reminds Jack what Gwen has done to everyone. Jack claims he’s trying to protect Abigail from being pushed over the edge. Chad becomes emotional trying to remind Jack again of how Gwen destroyed their lives. He and Abigail may never be the same again.

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Gabi lets Abigail into Gwen’s room at Salem Inn. Abby feels her sister’s neck. Gabi says not to worry. “I’m very careful on the dosage.” Abigail sniffs. “You’ve had a lot of practice.” Gabi thinks she should be grateful. Abigail says she is ruthless, manipulative, and amoral. Gabi thinks she’s a genius. They put Gwen into the laundry cart and pile towels on her before they wheel her out of the Inn.

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In the square, Abigail can’t believe she’s pushing a body around in front of her grandparents’ plaque. Bonnie walks up, surprised that they’re doing laundry so late at night. “It’s not laundry,” Gabi says. Bonnie retorts, “Oh my God, you’ve got a body in there, don’t ya?” Abigail laughs uproariously and Gabi notices Bonnie has a text message. Doesn’t she want to check it?” Bonnie thinks they’re trying to get rid of her. They say there’s no body in the cart. “How dumb do you think we are?” I don’t know, this is Salem,” Bonnie says. She tells them she caught a woman kidnapping Eli and Lani’s twins. Abs says they’re Gabi Chic outfits. New ones that they’re trying to cover up. Gabi agrees to give her a free outfit but Bonnie refuses to let them go. Gabi says Abigail’s working for her for a while. Bonnie finds that surprising since Gabi once drugged her. Abigail shares that Gabi didn’t drug her. They leave and Justin shows up. Bonnie’s got cake and he asks for an extra fork.

Gabi and Abigail arrive outside the DiMera tunnels. Abby opens the door and welcomes Gwen to her new digs. Abby leaves Gabi in a room with Gwen to tie her up and when she comes up from the tunnel into the DiMera living room, Chad’s there. “Aren’t you full of surprises.” Abigail says she’s moving back in.

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