Jack Reacts As Abigail Forces Him to Choose Between Her or Gwen

Tuesday, March 2, 2020: On today’s full episode recap of Days of our Lives,  Jack defends Gwen to Abigail, Chloe gives Sarah some advice, and Aunt Paulina Price visits Lani.

Abby visits Jack at Alice’s and they discuss Jennifer going through Laura’s estate with Mike. They miss her and hope she’ll come home soon. Jack tells his daughter that Gwen stopped by earlier. He’s sorry that he’s put their family in this position but Gwen’s his kid and he won’t abandon her. Abigail’s unimpressed. Jack suggests she stay away from Gwen. He heard that she attacked Gwen at the gravesite. Abigail’s pissed. Gwen came to gloat, she practically admitted to killing her grandmother. Jack defends Gwen, causing Abigail more anger. She can see he believes Gwen didn’t murder Laura. Jack isn’t excusing anything she’s done but she’s his daughter. Abigail gets it. He’s guilty, and he’s a good person. Abs reminds her dad how evil Gwen has been. It’s not possible for him to be on her side and Gwen’s. She asks him to choose. Her or Gwen. Jack gasps. He begs her not to ask him to do this.

At the townhouse, Kristen prepares to reveal herself to Brady, but someone comes to the door. She answers it thinking it’s Chloe and holds out a letter opener. She sees it’s Philip, who came to see how Brady’s doing. Susan says he’s resting. He hands her a box of Cuban cigars. It’s the least he can do for getting him shot. “Susan” gets all up in arms and says it’s only one person’s fault. “That would be that slutty songbird.” She thinks Chloe was flaunting her “bazooms” in his face. Philip defends Chloe, knowing she wouldn’t want Brady to be hurt, especially how she feels about him. “Susan” doesn’t like that. She asks if it’s one-sided. Philip’s not sure. He seemed upset when he thought they slept together. “Susan” freaks out and says Brady has moved on. Philip shrugs. He thinks prison is where Kristen belongs. The longer she’s in there, the easier it is to see something will happen with Brady and Chloe. “Susan” says he’d better not let that happen. She tells him she’s psychic and has a feeling that he and Chloe are meant to be. Philip smiles as “Susan” encourages him to take Chloe on a date. Philip calls her and invites her out but she declines. Philip tells “Susan” her psychic ability short-circuted. He goes and Kristen says she’ll need to take care of Chloe himself.

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Gabi visits Gwen to tell her they’re even. Gwen let her take the rap for drugging Abby and Gabi slept with Jake while they were together. Gwen repeats, “We’re even. Just like that.” She’s blown away and grateful that she doesn’t want payback. Gabi says Abigail thought that too. She admits Abigail wants to form an alliance to take Gwen down. Gabi trashes Abigail, and Gwen falls for her machinations. Gabi admits she wants to bury the hatchet in Abigail’s back. They get champagne to toast to their new partnership.

Chloe finds Sarah wedding dress shopping at the square. She hears Sarah’s marrying Xander and tells her “Run for the hills.” She talks about her kidnapping and how Xander left her there. Sarah’s very sorry. She didn’t know about that but insists he’s changed and earned her forgiveness for his past. They’re in love and committed. Chloe’s sorry. She didn’t know. She wouldn’t have butted in. She thinks she’s been spending too much time with Susan Banks. She gives Sarah a few examples of how Susan’s acting stranger than normal. Sarah thinks she’s jealous and asks if something’s going on between her and Brady. Chloe denies that. She feels responsible that he got shot because of her. She knows Brady loves Kristen. Sarah reminds her that Kristen could be in prison for years. A lot can happen…Chloe assures her she’s not going to be with Brady. She invites Sarah to call. She’ll help find her a dress at Basic Black. Once Sarah’s gone, Philip calls to ask Chloe out to dinner.

Lani’s Aunt Paulina turns up at their place. She’s thrilled to see her niece and they embrace. Introductions are made and she tells Eli, “This tall drink of chocolate milk,” she’s a hugger. She hugs him tight says she can’t believe how handsome he is. To Abe, she says, “This is the man who knocked up my sister.” Abe defends himself. He didn’t know her sister was pregnant when he left town. Paulina jokes that she’s messing with him. Lani asks why her aunt is in town. She’s there to see the babies, to spoil them rotten. “Did I mention that I’m very rich?”

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From home, Jack calls Jennifer to fill her in on his horrible talk with Abs.

Abigail arrives at Salem Inn and Gabi lets her inside. Gwen’s passed out. Gabs says their plan worked like a charm.

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