Days Recap: Abigail Appears to Jennifer, Clyde Strangles Chad and During the Struggle, EJ Shoots Clyde

Days of our Lives Peacock recap for Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

In today’s Days episode, Gwen spills to Jack about Jenn’s drug usage, Chad and Clyde go toe-to-toe, and EJ takes matters into his own hands as Jennifer drives while under the influence.

In case you missed out on Monday’s Days recap, Chad lured Clyde at gunpoint to the cemetery and demanded answers, Clyde revealed exactly why Abigail was killed, and Nancy sobbed after learning Clyde was a killer.  

Jennifer stares at her pill bottle, takes one and sighs, as her shoulders relax. She dries tears before Jack sees them.

He lets her know that he saw Leo Stark and he’s positive Leo didn’t murder their daughter.

This doesn’t elicit the feelings Jack wants it to. Jennifer argues that they’ve had too many suspects. “This is too much,” she says.

jenn takes pills days peacock recap

Shawn calls and Jack lets him know he doesn’t think Leo killed Abigail. Shawn knows.

They think it’s Clyde Weston. He fills him in on the timestamp on the video that was tampered with.

They disconnect and Jack tells Jenn.

jenn see abby ghost days peacock recap

She’s surprised since they cleared him already. She doesn’t feel safe and still believes Abigail’s killer is out there. Jack offers to take her to SPD for more information but she doesn’t feel well.

Jack decides to stay but she reminds him Doug and Julie are upstairs.

After Jack leaves, Jennifer cries and Abigail’s apparition appears to her. She is surprised and asks if Abby’s an angel. Abigail says nothing. Jenn asks why she’s there. Still, the ghost doesn’t speak.

Jenn confesses she’s been popping pills because she misses her and isn’t sure how else to go on living.

Is that why she’s there? To tell her why? She looks down and sees blood staining the dress.

Jenn tries to hug her and Abigail disappears. She hollers for her to come back.

abigail ghost days peacock recap

At Salem PD’s holding cells, Leo clangs a tin cup against the bars as he sings. Gwen appears.

She tells him that Clyde Weston stabbed Sonny. Leo doesn’t readily believe her.

He realizes he got Clyde into a little trouble, but he had an alibi.

He wonders if he is doing this for Nancy. He’s baffled. Gwen explains that Clyde also killed Abigail.

“Oh my God. He’s a monster.” Gwen agrees.

leo singing blues days peacock recap

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Leo doesn’t get why he did it. Gwen couldn’t care less. He asks why she made a special trip there to tell him. She thinks it calls them even. He thinks she’s still playing her.

He wonders why Clyde’s not in jail and his imagination runs wild about Clyde taking Nancy on a crime spree like Bonnie and Clyde. “Of course, she’ll have to change her name,” he says.

Leo apologizes for lying to the cops that she was the killer. She apologizes back but he thinks he deserved it. She asks for help in what to do about her pill-popping stepmother.

“The sainted Jennifer?” Gwen’s afraid to run her relationship with Jack. Leo thinks this is why they need to be tighter than Channing Tatum’s tushie. Gwen’s lost her edge.

“Jennifer dipping into mother’s little helpers” could be good for her. 

leo why clyde killed abby days peacock recap

At the Kiriakis compound, Nancy sobs as she lets Bonnie know that the police claim Clyde killed Abigail. She’s beside herself. The Clyde she knows would never do those things.

Bonnie says they need proof but Nancy wonders if she’s arguing because she’s terrified that she’s wrong about him.

Bonnie hugs her close. When Chloe calls, Bonnie tells her not to worry.

She’s taking care of her mother. Nancy’s tears turn to anger at what Clyde did to her.

Bonnie gets her some wine and asks her not to blame herself for getting conned. Clyde fooled the cops.

They should all be as open-hearted as her.

She’s been where Nancy is and it does get better. She begs her friend not to let those men take anything else from her.

“Hells Bells, I get judged all day, every day before breakfast,” Bonnie tells her friend. Except by Justin.

She makes Nancy vow not to stop believing in love. Nancy thanks her.

nancy sob over boyfriend days peacock recap

In the cemetery, Clyde tells Chad he was wearing gloves so he could kill Belle but he couldn’t find her.

He thought he broke into the house for nothing until he ran into Abigail.

She asked what the hell he was doing there. He lied that he had a business proposition for Chad.

Abigail didn’t believe him. She asked why he was wearing gloves.

chad gun to clyde on days peacock recap

Clyde lies that he burned his hands at the pub and the gloves keep the lotion on.

Abigail asked him to remove the gloves and he refused. Abigail told him that Gwen stopped by earlier.

She urges Clyde to come up with a more believable story.

abigail before dead days peacock recap

She’s off to call the police. Clyde grabbed her to stop her. Chad sobs and Clyde thinks he should stop. The rest will be hard on him. Chad screams at him to talk. Clyde saw the knife and told Abigail to put the phone down. Clyde blamed Abigail for cheating on Ben and lying to him that Thomas was his son. He’s angry that his son wound up in the “psycho ward,” and she ended up here.

chad tells clyde off days peacock recap

Clyde reveals he was there to shut Belle up from tattling on him about being a part of EJ’s shooting.

Clyde’s not sure Chad wants to hear the rest but Chad spits at Weston to use the last minutes of his life to get it out.

Clyde admits he went for Abigail, she slapped him, and he stabbed her. He took “that little pansy” Leo’s list and framed him by trying to pluck off another on the list.

He calls it easy. He used the same knife he used with Abigail on Sonny and set the scene.

He crossed off Sonny’s name and left a blood stain on the paper. He taunts Chad since he hasn’t killed him yet.

clyde flashback days peacock

Shawn, Belle and EJ arrive at City Hall. The bouquet is left behind but nobody’s there.

Shawn doesn’t think Clyde could have seen this arrest coming. Belle asks EJ to tell Shawn the whole story.

EJ reluctantly tells Shawn that Chad took the gun from the safe.

Shawn’s pissed that they’re just now telling him.

He takes off and Belle apologizes to EJ. Shawn uses his tablet to find the video surveillance at the Horton Square and they watch Chad take Clyde off with a gun pointed at his head.

EJ runs off alone and Shawn grumbles about two DiMera brothers off looking for vengeance. 

looking for clyde days peacock recap

Jack arrives at SPD and runs into Gwen. She explains she was visiting Leo.

They talk about the Weston business and she jumps when he says Jenn’s home.

He questions what’s going on and she reveals that Jennifer’s addicted to pills. The same ones she was delivering for “Dr. Feelgood” last summer.

Jack has issues believing her but Gwen admits that Jennifer threatened to turn Jack against her if she made the reveal. Jack takes off.

gwen see jack spd days peacock recaps

Jack arrives home and finds Jennifer’s pills, but no Jennifer.

jack finds pills days peacock recaps

Jennifer drives her car and sees Abigail’s aspiration in the passenger seat.

She promises justice will come for her as she sobs, her eyes moving from the road to the aspiration beside her.

Gwen leaves SPD and gets into her car.

gwen leaves spd days peacock

Back at the cemetery, Clyde lunges for the gun and the men struggle.

chad strangled days peacock recaps

The gun goes flying and Chad beats on Clyde’s face. Clyde body slams him and sits on him while he strangles him.

A gunshot rings out and Clyde twists around, eyes in shock.

clyde dying days of our lives peacock

EJ has shot him in the back.

Clyde falls to the ground.

ej shoots clyde days peacock

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