Beyond Salem: The Exciting Alamainian Peacock Mystery Heats up Very Quickly

In the Tuesday, September 7, 2021, first full episode recap of Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem, Shane explains to Marlena and John the mystery of the stolen Peacock, Paulina shows Eli, Lani and Abe around her Miami manse, Sonny and Will are having marital issues when Chad visits, and Anna and Tony find out what Carrie and Austin’s marriage issues are about.

National Museum, Kingdom of Alamainia, 1991

The museum is broken into by a woman, who cuts the power to the laser beams keeping the Alamainian Peacock safe from thieves. She takes a hammer to the glass surrounding the peacock and after it breaks, an alarm sounds. She grabs the peacock and takes off. Police come.

Zurich, Switzerland 7 PM CST 30 years later

John and Marlena meet with Shane Donovan who shows them a photo of the peacock and reveals it was stolen in 991 by Princess Gina Von Amberg. More accurately, it was Hope Brady, who was brainwashed by Stefano DiMera. He shows them photos of Gina and Marlena finds the peacock exquisite. It features six precious gemstones, a citrine, a rare orange diamond, a ruby, amethyst, sapphire, and an emerald. It was recovered and sent to the Alamain family, but the gemstones missing. John guesses that Gina fenced them. They’ve been resurfaced in various parts of the world and Lord Sebastian Alamain’s putting pressure on the ISA to retrieve them. That’s where John comes in. The Sapphire is here, and a part of a necklace going up for auction. He urges them to feign being a rich couple. He needs them to win the necklace and Shane will get it back to the Alamains. He says to bid as much as you like, but not to break the bank. “Our budget isn’t what it used to be.” Shane gives them a plastic gun that won’t set off metal detectors. Marlena is concerned that he has to carry a gun. Shane says too many of the gems have fallen into the wrong hands already. The ISA located the ruby in Johannesburg. The retrieval operation went bad and their agent was killed. Marlena gasps. Shane can’t discuss details with him. He goes and John suggests Marlena go for dinner with Carrie and Austin. Marlena’s busy — with him. They make out and reminisce about the last time they were there when he was at the clinic to heal after his accident, and the sexy spa they went to. They decide to visit it after tonight.

marlena john shane beyond salem
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New Orleans, Louisiana Noon CST

Ben and Ciara wander the streets. Ciara’s life is complete now that she’s seen the Voodoo Harley-Davidson dealer. She kissed Ben and drags him to Old Orleans Antiques that her mom mentioned. There’s a voodoo doll in the window that freaks her out and she sees an amethyst pin she falls in love with. Victor says it’s supposed to give spiritual protection. Ben wants to buy it for her. She balks at that — only if it’s inexpensive. The owner shows up and they ask about the brooch but she’s holding it for a private viewing for Princess Gina. They’re shocked. She heads inside and Ciara is rocked. Maybe this is why her mom is laying low. Maybe Stefano found her and brainwashed her! Ben reminds her Stefano is dead. They take off to call her mom and see what looks to be Princess Gina. It’s actually Billie Reed, with a tiara on her head. She tells Ben that Billie’s Kate’s daughter and demands Billie tell her why she’s dressed this way. She asks if she’s on a case with the ISA. She’s looking for precious gemstones. The store is a front for criminal enterprises. Introductions are made. “Not that Ben Weston? The Necktie Killer? The one who strangled my nephew Will?” Ciara says it’s okay, “They’re best friends now.” Billie has an issue with it and Ben looks awkward. Billie relaxes but tells Ben to keep his hands off Ciara’s neck before she goes. Ciara laughs. Billie rushes them later, and says a couple bought the amethyst right out from under her. She drags Ben to help find them.

ben ciara beyond salem brooch
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Miami, Florida 1 PM EST

Paulina shows off her mansion to Abe, Lani, and Eli. They’re in paradise. It’s the last hurrah before her maternity leave ends. Abe’s surprised Paulina left here to move to Salem. She admits it seemed like a sacrifice at the time, but she’s glad she did. She never would have met him. They look at the view. There are 30 houses on Star Island. Paulina says Rosie O’Donnel used to live here. She loves her but didn’t love that she used to jet ski constantly. Her friend Gloria Estefan recommended a sound machine to keep the noise out. Paulina takes Abe on a tour, while Eli and Lani get amorous on the sofa. When the elders reappear, Abe clears his throat and Paulina laughs. “Don’t mind us. Do your thing!” Paulina goes to the safe and takes out an orange diamond ring, putting it on. Lani ogles it. It’s a gift from her dear friend Michelle when she was at a sumptuous lunch at the White House. Lani mouths “Michelle Obama?” to Lani. They head to lunch, and two thugs show up. “The ring, now.” One pulls out a gun. Paulina’s jaw drops open and she covers the ring with her other hand.

Eli lani miami beyond salem
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Phoenix, Arizona 10 AM MST

Chad arrives on Sonny and Will’s doorstep and steps into Will’s embrace. They missed each other so much. Sonny appears and Chad pulls his BFF in for a hug. “How long has it been? I barely recognize you,” Chad quips. Chad brought Arianna a gift but she’s at Lake Havasu with friends. They can start catching up “right meow,” Chad tells his friends. Will has a meeting at the office, which obviously bums Sonny out. He’s never too busy for the people he loves. He urges his husband to do the meeting there but he can’t. It’s sensitive information. They’ll find out what the scoop is assuming it pans out. Once Will’s gone, Sonny reluctantly admits he thinks Will’s having an affair. Chad can’t believe that. They’ve been through far too much with Paul, Leo and Evan…Sonny details how Will deletes his texts works late and goes into work early. After, Chad talks about his own tumultuous marriage. He asks him not to make the mistake he made about his marriage. Chad suggests they follow Will. Chad calls the news desk to see if Will’s there, but he’s not. “Can I please speak to Will Horton? I have a big tip for him?” He and Sonny smirk, but sadly, Will’s out of the office today. Sonny looks crestfallen. He snoops in the credit card. He finds a room booked at the Saddleback Resort and Spa. He has to check it out. Chad tries to change his mind and when he can’t, he tells him he’ll go with him, “So you don’t do anything stupid.” Later, they arrive at the penthouse suite at the hotel and after knocking, Leo Stark comes to the door. “Hello boys,” Leo says.

chad sonny will phoenix beyond salem
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Zurich 7:15 CST

Tony and Anna arrive at Carrie and Austin’s apartment. She urges him not to mention their marriage issues. When Carrie opens the door, they all embrace. Carrie didn’t know they were coming “Mama is there to save your marriage,” Anna reveals. Carrie asks her to keep quiet. Austin says it’s too late for that, as he strolls out of the other room. It’s awkward. Austin’s shocked she told her mom they were having problems. Anna and Tony just want to be there for them. They know what it’s like to face challenges. Tony says they’re not there to judge. They ask what’s up. Carrie admits there’s no other man or woman, “At least not at the moment.” Austin covers his face with a hand as Carrie goes to fix a snack. Austin says they had a fight and he acted like a complete insecure jackass. “I can picture that,” Anna says. Tony gets her to apologize. Austin admits he had a few drinks and threw her affair with Rafe in her face. Austin thought he was over it. He needs to do something to make it up to her. He shows them a photo of the sapphire necklace. He wants to buy it for Carrie. Tony says she doesn’t really like expensive things. Austin knows but he wants her to know that he knows how lucky he is to be married to an extraordinary woman. He can’t be seen buying it. Press will be there, so Anna says she and Tony will bid. Carrie returns with snacks and invites them to stay but they booked a hotel. They take off, leaving Carrie to wonder what’s going on with them.

tony anna austin necklace beyond salem
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Tony and Anna arrive, ready to bid on the necklace at Baumann’s. Anna decides not to drink, to stay focused on the mission at hand. “That necklace is going to save my daughter’s marriage.” Nobody will stop them from getting it. Marlena and John arrive and Anna’s bowled over.