Is Tripp Too Forgiving of His Accusers — & What May Have Pleased The Audience More

Is it believable that Tripp would automatically forgive his accusers? 

For months, Tripp was accused of raping Allie Horton by anyone who walked by him in Salem. Stones were cast, people chased him around with pitchforks…Now that the truth is out, thanks to his help, that his brother Charlie raped Allie, Tripp can breathe a sigh of relief. But should he? His reputation has been tarnished, half the town has treated him as a pariah. How could the show have done things differently that might have pleased the audience? We’re looking at what the show could have done, what half the viewers wanted, and where it’s actually going.

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The more powerful story

What the show could have done
It might have been a more gripping storyline if Tripp hated Allie for running his good name through the dirt. I mean, the guy is going to become a physician. If this was real life, he’d likely have been fired at the first hint of this scandal. He’d be bitter, angry, and depressed. It would be easy to understand and accept if he was since he was accused by half the town.  It’d make a compelling story. Because Tripp and Allie have great chemistry, the story could have been having Tripp taking the time to get over what a mess his life has been when he finally can admit that it was Charlie’s fault, and he accepts Allie’s friendship, which grows slowly into a romance.

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Tripp’s a male Pollyanna

What would have pleased half the viewers
Nobody is this forgiving. Not even Jennifer Horton, yet it’s been three minutes since Allie learned the truth that she was raped by Charlie and it seems as though Tripp has no ill will toward anyone in town. He seems just glad to have cleared his reputation. He doesn’t want to take his time to get over a ruined reputation. There are many viewers who can’t stand Tripp. They hated the way he treated Allie during this whole fiasco storyline and don’t think he deserves to walk around Salem. They find him boring, they don’t see the point in the character at all, and they certainly don’t want him to be paired off with Allie because they’re worried he’ll just make her as boring as he is.

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Allie and Tripp — supercouple

This is where the show is headed
Since the rape story took a long while to come to a conclusion, many fans are over it. They want to move on as much as Tripp does. Right now, Allie and Tripp are already on each other’s radar. They’ve great chemistry. Many want them to be rushed into supercoupledom. Already, we’re seeing that coming with him wiping the applesauce off her face, because the show somehow thinks that’s romantic, and in about six more minutes, he’ll be asking Allie to raise her baby with her. Wait for it. You know that’s where this is going! Are you into it?

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What do you want for Tripp?

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