Days Opinion: Ranting About Kristen’s Obsession, Character Stupidity — & The Cheesy Reunion

Days of our Lives was on fire this week as are the characters. And half of Twitter (including myself) were asking Claire to set Evan on actual fire (Just not that pretty face!). The passion and the storytelling held my interest, Eli flexing his abs in front of the mirror held my interest, but during the commercial break, I went to get a coffee and when I returned, he was wearing a shirt. Life is rough. At the end of the week, I was done. There were too many people being stupid.

Aunt Paulina

I didn’t say anything about Aunt Paulina’s promenade into Salem because it happened on a Friday and lasted for two minutes. But she’s been on a few times this week. She’s firey. She keeps reminding people she’s rich which was initially strange to me until I realized that it’s a badge of honor for her, and now it endears me to her. Obviously, she’s proud and you’ve got to be proud of yourself. I love her confidence.
I loved how she noticed that there were no black-owned businesses in Horton square. Again, it was startling. She doesn’t mind telling it like it is and I’m pretty sure that Days of our Lives is doing some ground-breaking storyline with Aunt Paulina. Her line, “Basic Black. What an interesting name for a white-owned business. Some would call that cultural appropriation,” was a shocker, and while we know it isn’t because John Black owns it, I like that she didn’t mind voicing her opinion. She’s kind of like Julie, isn’t she? Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth are shocking. I’m thinking they’ll either be BFFs by the end of Paulina’s run or loathe each other. The only thing I didn’t like was her calling Julie an old white woman. I still laughed because the delivery was funny, but it was a little over-the-top.

In Kate vs. Paulina, I assumed I’d be on my Kate’s side but I’m just going to keep watching and see how I feel! Overall the way I feel about Aunt Paulina? I want her as my aunt!


Tuesday’s episode of Days of our Lives was filled with passion. I was into it, which meant when Abigail was taunting Gwen, I was Team Abigail all the way. I was also Team Gabi when she took the syringe from her frenemy. I love the story, but I don’t want either to go to prison or for Abigail, back to Bayview. Like Chad, I’m concerned for Abigail’s welfare, but I know that since the actress will be gone for a few weeks or months on maternity leave that they had to temporarily write her out somehow. It’s another stepping stone to getting these two back together which is rough on Chabby fans but hopefully, the payoff will be sweet. I didn’t like how Chad told Abigail he didn’t recognize her. He looked at her as if she was another person. I know this isn’t exactly her, but though he doesn’t have to agree with what she’s doing, I wanted him to at least understand her. I felt a pang as he walked out on her. I polled those on Twitter about whether Abigail should have given the serum to Gwen. Most said yes. Truly savage. It was almost as much fun as watching the story unfold, seeing the responses!

Highlight: Anna walking in on Gwen and leaving her to rot in the wine cellar while picking out her wine for her boozy lunch. A lunch that I want to join in on!

CIN reunited, but the reunion was a flop

Claire needs a lesson in what not to say when a bad guy is holding a gun on you. She stupidly told him she recognized him and then told him who she was. And how did Ben get Evan all the way across town to where Ciara was being kept without anyone noticing? Did he drive? Did he force Evan to drive? And the most important part of this storyline, why on earth did Ciara pull out the gas pipe? I found it really hard to believe that she didn’t know what it was. It was stupid. And when she realized her mistake, she didn’t shove anything in the hole to stop the gas from seeping in. I was yelling at my screen, “Where’s the duct tape, Ciara!”

I don’t have anything good to say about Friday’s episode where Ben rescues Ciara. I expected too much and it was just too cheesy for my taste. I felt that they deserved better. I don’t mind the psychic connection. They’re not the first to have it but for me, the writing just hasn’t been there for this couple when it should be so much more. That’s all I’m willing to say on this and I’ll let other fans speak for me…

Xandy and Jack

I enjoyed Jack and Xander’s little party but Rex showing up really ruined it for us. I don’t like what’s coming up for the couple. And I really dislike that Kristen’s helping things along by coming between my Xander and Sarah’s plans to wed.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah and Kristen’s scenes, I am already tired of Kristen’s damned obsession with Brady. We all get it. It’s scary to think that the person you love could fall for someone else but you can’t stop it! Instead of replacing Susan, she should be spending her time developing a relationship with Brady, or just letting fricking go. A relationship without trust isn’t worth shit. I don’t mind Kristen “crazy,” but can’t stand the jealousy to the point of obsession and recklessness. This isn’t fun, this is a woman who obviously needs deep therapy. And Sarah was stupid not to just agree to keep silent about Kristen taking over Susan’s life. She easily could have gone to Brady afterward.

Best lines:

Paulina, “Salem is whiter than the Alaskan tundra and I’m not talking about the miles and miles of white picket fences.”

Gabi to Roman about Kate, “I didn’t know you were the president of her fan club.”

Lani, “When I was younger, Aunt P was like my Fairy Godmother.”

Chloe to Brady, “Susan brought me flowers.”
Brady, “Stink weed? Poison Ivy?”

Aunt Paulina, “Somebody needs to bring a little pizazz to this one-horse town.”
Kate,  “What are you the diversity police?”

Aunt Paulina, “Never touch a black woman’s hair!”

Xandy, “Tomorrow is my big fat Greek wedding!”

Jack to Xander, “To life’s greatest adventure.”
Xander, “Climbing Mount Everest?”
Jack, “No.”
Xander, “Kilimanjaro?”
Jack, “Love.”