Viewers up to Their Eyes With Mask Storylines, but Lucas, Sami, Bonnie & Xander’s Hilarious Hijinks Made the Week

This week was filled with surprises, and May Sweeps has barely begun! I was entertained the entire week and yes, though I see issues with the show constantly, we’re at that stage where we’re facing an unknown future. Ripping on the show right now just doesn’t feel right, and frankly, I do enough of that with Y&R. It doesn’t feel good.

The Kate mask

I thought that Kristen wearing a Kate mask would be much more fun than the reality. After Kate dumped Jake, thankfully, Roman watched as Kate took a sip of beer and he said nothing. Surely it must have crossed his mind that Kate’s a martini drinker? She doesn’t do beer. He didn’t say anything so maybe he thought Jake was rubbing off on her. Or he was too busy trying to get back together with her when he should have realized something was up.

When Kristen took her time getting rid of Kate, I anticipated Kate escaping. She would have too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids that syringe full of whatever concoction Kristen had. Shame Kristen wasn’t the one injected with it. As much as I love Stacy Haiduk, Kristen and Susan, I need a break!

What a surprise seeing Susan mess up by writing her own name on Rachel’s birthday card. It was a simple yet effective way to get her to reveal herself and it was so unexpected! The look on Brady’s face when he realized that she was Susan and that he’d been living with Kristen for a while was amazing. I didn’t expect him to reveal to the authorities what she did. I figured he’d want to talk to her first but can he forgive this? He’s forgiven a lot from her. What about the car accident afterward? Will he forgive that or are we in for an amnesia story.

Did anyone else think it was stupid to have Susan so supportive of Kristen by telling Brady that Kristen would do anything for him because she loves him? Surely even Susan knows that Kristen’s obsessed and not in love? Since when did she support her to this extent?

brady accident days of our lives

I’m still over the masks but…

We knew Dan Wells was returning to Days for months and those who watched the show in 2005 will remember that with Andre’s help, Sami created the alter ego, Stan, and he took over the role while Ali Sweeney was on maternity leave. I’m sure half the audience finds this stupid and I know, I know, we’ve had enough masks to last us two bloody lifetimes, but Sami and Lucas together are gold and their humour is appreciated. It was ridiculously silly that Chloe would have remembered Stan, but she did. She might not have if Sami hadn’t overplayed her hand and repeated the same dialogue she used as Dr. Dunn. Oy! Monday can’t come soon enough to find out what happens next. Did anyone else notice that Dan Wells has barely aged? And does anyone else loathe how the flashbacks are all too blurry and bright?

stan then and now days of our lives

Jan vs Bon Bon

Whoever had the idea to put Jan back into Bonnie’s orbit is genius. It’s been years but time did nothing to quell the hatred that they had for each other. Bonnie had some of the funniest lines related to The Brady Bunch that made me glad I watched the entire series last year! Jan’s still nuts in thinking she’ll be Mrs. Jan Brady, especially after all that happened. But Jan telling Bonnie that the reason she learned about Belle’s case was that she found information on the dark web was hysterical. As if they care somehow.

Ridiculous: Jan’s out of her coma and once again just wandering around without physiotherapy and nobody has noticed.

Jan might kill again?

In Charlie Dale’s murder case we have a button found on the scene that “looks like Belle’s other buttons,” but unless the coat and the button were tested, is it really admissible? They have a hypnosis (woo woo) tape, and recorded proof that Jan was awake on Valentine’s Day. Neither of which are admissible. Shawn refused to get a court order for the recording of Jan which might have actually cast doubt on Belle’s case. Instead, I’m sure what’s coming is that Shawn will pretend to dump Belle and wear a wire while trying to get Jan to reveal herself.

I feel almost let down that they found out so fast that Jan killed Charlie. I mean I love Jan, and it’s fun having her on the show, but she’s not staying, so it’s a little depressing that she’s already outing herself to both Bonnie and Claire so easily. I am starting to wish she was a red-herring and that someone else was the killer.

What’s worrisome is that Jan revealed she’d kill again for her precious Claire-bear. That’s not good but is in line with what’s coming up on Days in our spoilers.

Classic douchery: I like having Dr. Snyder around the hospital. It’s fun collectively hating on a character. He’s a douche, he’s got something against Tripp, which adds an element of realism to Tripp being allowed to work at University Hospital since he was accused of rape. Plus, he’s very believable. He thinks he owns the place. I mean he has access to the security recordings. He practically runs the joint. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him. He knows Gwen’s secret after all.

Xander’s devastation

Once again, watching Xander has been a highlight of the week. He was a drunken mess and could barely think let alone do much else. I can’t convey how much I loathed that they had him feel anything but contempt for Charlie Dale and didn’t think it was fitting that he would feel bad for that schmuck. It took me out of the story since I never saw Xandy as someone who would side with a rapist. It was repulsive. But that aside, his scenes were must-see. I’d forgotten that he knew Claire, let alone that they’re related so it was fun to have him in her orbit, and Bonnie’s. He looked so sad and pathetic and adorable. When he tried to sell Bonnie his ring and she pulled out that jeweler’s loup to examine it I screamed in delight. These two should be BFFs.

bonnie and xander days of our lives

Nicole and Rafe

If I never see that bear named Duke again it’ll be too soon. The joke is over. It was cute the first time they mentioned it and now it’s time to let it rest. And it’s time to let this notion that anyone wants Rafe with Nicole rest. If they’re not going to beg Greg Vaughan to return, I think they should recast him with another hot and talented actor so he can return home for his Nic Nic. That or give my Nicole a (are you sick of me saying this?) dirty martini and let her screw up everything royally. At least give us that rather than her mooning over one of her BFFs.

nicole with bear days of our lives

Cruel intentions

Gwen fell down the stairs, lost her baby and lied that Abigail was to blame. Way to start your new relationship with your father by lying! Then later, Chad told Gwen she’d make a good mother and half the audience thought they were having a stroke. I wracked my brain trying to figure out why he’d say that. She’s done nothing but horrible things to him, his wife and her family. But I remembered — I had to dig deep, mind you, that she was a nanny to his children. Maybe she was a good caregiver to them? Is that what he was referring to or is this part of him losing his damned mind?

I won’t give Abigail a free ride either. Abigail was horrible to Gwen. She never should have said half the nasty things that came out of her mouth, before Gwen fell down the stairs. That’s not really who Abigail is, so it didn’t sit well with me. I don’t think Abigail can handle all the stress. She went off the rails, but the truth is, I didn’t feel much for Gwen. Only a flicker of sorrow for a hot second. Gwen’s been a piece of work since she came to Salem, so it was difficult for me to drum up more than that.

Chad and Gwen have something in common. Both were trash this week. She actually thought that if she had the baby, maybe she could change. She doesn’t get that you can change without a baby. She truly is desperate, pathetic and clueless, and I’m curious as to what she’ll do next!

gwen lies days of our lives

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Allie and Chanel

These two have fabulous chemistry. Their friendship reminded me of Dee and Cher’s from Clueless. Their short scenes already established that they have a history together, that they were party girls, spent their parents’ money, and were two peas in a pod. I enjoyed how animated they were and I’m loving Chanel’s character development more and more. It’s nice to see Allie so carefree when she’s had it so rough for so long, though there were a few audience members who didn’t like seeing her have fun, who just wanted her to get a job. I was with Roman. She needed the break! It was one day.

The kiss…

Chanel kissing Allie was interesting. I didn’t think they’d make Allie bi when they already have her brother gay. I did like that Chanel was just in the moment and shared a kiss with Allie though why they never did it before is unusual since Chanel alluded to possibly kissing some of their other female friends. If that’s the case, why would Chanel bother? Wouldn’t she have noticed that Allie wasn’t into kissing girls before? Just a thought.

Chanel doesn’t like labels and I understand that and appreciate it. Not everyone likes being labeled.

Some felt that it was important to label Chanel as bisexual to help establish her identity and find a community.

I didn’t see anyone discuss this last opinion but it crossed my mind. Was this just written for shock value? Most of what Days writes seems to be written for shock value since the show is plot-driven rather than character-driven. We’ll see when it comes up in the following weeks.

allie chanel kissing days of our lives

Best lines:

Jake to Ben, “I was a friggin moron.”

Jack to Jenn about Gwen’s fall, “It could have killed her.”

Kristen to Sami, You have sent a puppy dog to do a man’s job.”

Nicole to Brady about Kristen, “One day, one day her mask is just going to fall off. You see what I did there?” Brady’s pissed. “You don’t even know what backing off or budding out means.”

Bonnie to Jan, . “Even if Belle went to prison forever, you’d never be Mrs. Jan Brady.” She bursts into laughter. “I’m sorry Jan Brady. I just got that!” She says, “Oh Jan you should probably stick to your imaginary boyfriend George Glass because Shawn would never fall for you in a million years.” Jan snarks that Jan Brady jokes aren’t new. “They’re new to me!”

Xander to Bonnie, “This is a finely cut blood diamond I’ll have you know.”

Bonnie claps her hands. “Even if Belle went to prison forever, you’d never be Mrs. Jan Brady.” She bursts into laughter. “I’m sorry Jan Brady. I just got that!”

Sami as Dr. Dunn (Stan), “Your tumor is massive Mr. Horton.”

Lucas to Chloe, “I’m thinking of going to Antarctica. I love penguins so…”

Chanel,  “I like people and I like you, Horton. I didn’t mean to freak you out.”