Days Depressingly Dark Week Picked up a Little on Friday

Salem had quite a few depressing moments this week. Ben was devastated when Ciara woke up with amnesia only to remember her life up and until her motorcycle accident. She now thinks of him as the Necktie Killer, Ciara pushed Claire away because she almost had sex with her boyfriend Tripp, Kristen took over Sarah’s life and made it appear as though she was cheating on Xander with Rex, Kate’s a new suspect in Charlie Dale’s murder, while Allie was looking and acting mighty suspicious. But at the end of the week, we did get to see Chad and Abigail closer than ever. Still…a big part of the Days of our Lives fanbase is wondering what’s going on. Why are they torturing us so?

She’s a little psychotic

I like Kristen somewhere in the middle of being a maniac and a sweet person. She’s entertaining but having everything naughty that she does become this over-the-top madness makes it hard to not want her to be killed off. Bad girls are fun, this insanity is driving most viewers either to drink or to stop watching. And just an FYI, Kristen in a Sarah mask getting Rex naked and kissing him is still rapey.Β  And just think, all this over a man? Over dumb-ass Brady?! And during Woman’s History Month?

What did she expect?

I’m only victim-blaming because I’m upset that Xarah is no more. It’s not Sarah’s fault that Kristen kidnapped her and ruined her life. But it bothers me that Sarah knows who Kristen DiMera is and instead of playing along with Kristen and letting her think she would keep quiet about her prison break out, she vowed to tell Brady and almost made the call before getting knocked unconscious, and having her life stolen from her. I don’t know if I could have done much better in her shoes and I’m only angry with her because now Xandy thinks she’s cheated with stupid Rex. With Linsey Godfrey leaving the show, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether we’ll get a recast, if Xander will stick around or if Godfrey’s character will rest only to return months later.

Brady and Chloe are trash. I don’t care if they hate Xander. That’s understandable, but not caring that a woman, a friend of theirs has gone missing overnight? Trash.

Highlight? We did get to see Sarah and Xander in those fantasies and kind of saw him in his kilt!

Gwen and Jack

After watching Friday’s episode of Days, I would be happy if Jack and Gwen took off together somewhere for a very long time. That Jack’s actually entertaining the idea of cutting off Abigail is ludicrous. It’s good that Gwen finally let go of her vendetta but she should expect retaliation and should bloody well suck it up! No sympathy from me this week!

Ye old amnesia storyline

This story should keep us on our toes unless it goes on for too long the way Ciara’s kidnapping storyline did. Ciara’s amnesia could be interesting and the fallout immense. But how will they work it with Hope not around? Is Hope now missing? As I’m sure any other soap viewer has speculated β€” how soon will Ben and Claire will drown their sorrows in bed with each other? Bleh. Nobody wants to see that but why else is Claire in his orbit, running around after him like a lost puppy dog?

If Ciara still thinks Ben’s the Necktie Killer, isn’t she wondering why he’s not in Bayview or why Kayla didn’t call the cops on him for being in Ciara’s room? I hope this comes up!

Sami didn’t do it

I never thought Sami killed Charlie but this week it was amazing to see her sharing what happened in detail with Lucas. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Lumi scene and was a highlight of the week. Even though Kate is a suspect and Allie’s looking very guilty, I don’t think either of them is guilty, either.

Chabby reuniting

Chad and Abigail just came out of the new DiMera woodwork. Apparently, while we were watching Kristen do disgusting things, Rafe was grilling Abigail about kidnapping Gwen. Meanwhile, we all thought that was over since Eli refused to touch Gwen’s claims, thinking she was crying wolf. Chad worried about Abby’s state of mental health and she finally admitted she didn’t know how to move on from the evil things Gwen did to them. She agreed to get help. We got a loving reunion for a few minutes which was needed after the dark road we’d been down together this week!

Best lines:

Sarah locked up in the wine cellar pounding on the door, “DiMeras! DiMeras! Doesn’t anyone need a bottle of wine?”

Kristen, β€œI learned at the knee of Stefano DiMera. I don’t think so.”

Ciara, β€œI know you. You’re Ben Weston. You’re the Necktie Killer!”