Paranoia, Rape & Lack of Boundaries Overshadowed New Years’ Celebrations

Welcome to my Days of our Lives opinion for the week of December 28 – January 1. This is the last opinion of the last week of episodes of 2020. The theme of the week was spilling the beans on others. Uncle Roman and Lucas spilled the beans on Allie’s rape.

No boundaries in a scene that raced downhill, fast

Is it just me or does the show want us to feel bad for Charlie because of his mommy issues, or show us that he’s a rapist because of his mommy issues? Either way, it’s a bunch of B.S. People don’t rape because they have mommy issues.

I’m confused. Ava didn’t even know Tripp existed until a few years ago. She thought he died as a baby. Yet, Charlie’s banging on about how Ava’s all about her wonderful Tripp. Is the show making up an alternate history? Or is Charlie?

I swear this show doesn’t have any boundaries. Claire got Charlie’s address from Titan and then went over there uninvited. Stalker much? I loathe defending the piece of crap rapist, who didn’t get Allie’s consent when he raped her, but Claire stepped, no lunged over a huge boundary. And if she got the personal information from HR, they deserve to be fired. What a huge invasion of privacy. Horrifying. Note to Days,  it would have worked better if one of his friends knew his address and gave it to Claire.  Worse, she spent like what appeared to be ten minutes in the bloody hallway, pounding on his door to get in, when he clearly told her he wasn’t up for visitors because he was sick. Who the hell wants visitors when they’re sick? She needs to go back to Marlena for therapy to learn about boundaries. Things went further downhill from there. The show made a point of showing rapist Charlie’s hot body, and Twitterverse either showed up thirsty for it or threw stones at the show for showcasing a rapist’s body to romantic music.

Claire’s gonna burn down Charlie’s apartment when she finds out who he really is.

Anna is the heroine we needed

When Anna thought Tony died, they made her into a shrill annoying idiot. It was really disappointing for me since I loved her before that. They changed her character back to further the plot this time around. I’m glad she’s back to her amazing self, but characters should never change to suit the plot. It was validating to watch her at work since oddly, they’ve dumbed Abigail down from a smart reporter to a woman who couldn’t possibly think that the woman she didn’t do a background check on, yet allows to take care of her children could do no wrong. Ugh. This is not the Abigail we want.

Gwen’s shenanigans — Gwenanegans

I’ve missed a chunk of Gaslighting Gwen’s manipulations. At first, I thought Chad was just being raked over the coals as this regime loves to break up Chabby, and then I thought he was gullible, and that there was something I was missing from my hiatus, but now I’m thinking they’re writing the ‘poor man’ having PTSD over everything that Abs has done. The story should be that Abs has PTSD over Jake. But they preferred to go the ‘poor man’ route.

I feel the same about Chad as I do every character in Salem. There are things I like about him, and things I don’t, and like the rest of them, he’s not safe from mocking! With that in mind, I find it ludicrous that he would doubt Abigail has DID. And why is he listening to a woman he’s known a mere few months, tell him that his bro gave his wife a bracelet or that his wife got a hotel room with him? It would never happen unless they gave him a mental illness of some sort, which they’re prone to do. But I missed a few months of the show, so maybe there was reason for Chad to feel so insecure. I don’t know, but that entire scene, including the rape, was tough to watch.

Three things:

I’m more curious than ever about Gwen’s reason for being such a wrecking ball rapist.

I enjoyed Jenn and Abby’s scenes. They look alike and Abby’s more forward with this version of Jennifer. And I was glad that Jack and Jennifer made up.

I can’t buy that Jake’s Chad’s enemy since he’s never done anything devious to Chad other than look like Stefan.

New Years’ Eve ‘blast’

I love that Days attempted a New Year’s Eve party during COVID. There were only ever three people in the same room, and it felt more like a quiet night on the town, but the fireworks at the end of the night at the Bistro were a nice touch. Philip hasn’t been in Salem long, and it showed. He left an incriminating message on Ava’s voicemail about his money-laundering scheme, which makes us wonder if he’ll be a suspect in an upcoming whodunnit. Plus, he spilled it all at the Bistro where anyone could hear him. And shockingly, Chloe did. I assumed she hadn’t. He wasn’t even at the pier, the square, outside the pub, or at the park! Overall, it was a good thing, though Philip’s probably right, that he’s now put her in danger. I did love that she pointed out that she’s badass and killed the head of a drug cartel, but it fell flat since the show doesn’t write for her and nobody actually knows if she could be that badass again or if she was mocking herself.

Oddities: Brady kissing Chloe on her lips instead of her cheek, Jake had headband hair. Jake actually cried, thinking that Kate was ashamed of him. I thought they were just having sex. I guess they’ve been a lot closer while I’ve been away from the show!

Best lines:

Kate to Jack, “Jennifer is judgemental, unforgiving and self-righteous.”

Worst lines:

Jake to Kate, “Abigail was all over me, like a bum on a hoagie.” (A “bum,” really? How ridiculously offensive.)

Jenn to Jack, the man who has seen her at her best and her worst for years, “If you saw me before in my bathrobe and no makeup on you wouldn’t think so.”

Happy New Year, everyone. I wish all the best for each of you this year, especially since last year was such a piece of crap massive challenge.