Confrontation Highlight, Plus Why Chad’s a Dunce & Nu-Claire’s Annoying

Welcome to my Days of our Lives opinion for the week of January 4 – January 8. The show is famous for using rape and kidnapping as staples of their storylines. This week we watched both storylines play out, and some other drama that kept things interesting.

Chad the dunce

It was challenging listening to Chad take so long to clue in about what a horrible person Gwen is on Monday’s episode. Abigail attempted to tell him about the newspaper clippings that Gwen was hoarding about her family, and that didn’t compute. (Incidentally, who even reads the newspaper in print anymore to gather those over the years? Some were from four years ago!) And she told Chad that Kate and Jake were carrying on an affair, not her and Jake, and that took altogether too long to get through his thick skull. It just went on from there. I thought she’d have to get an anvil and drop it on his head until she suggested a much more painless method of showing him who Gwen really is by confronting her and having her reveal she lied about seeing Jake kissing Abs.

Emily O’Brien has been incredible throughout this storyline. Her work with Marci Miller was a highlight of the week. Watching the showdown was validating for viewers, though we’re not finished with Gwen just yet.

At least Jake and Kate have figured out that they want each other.

I find nu-Claire annoying. There’s no resemblance character-wise to the original Claire, which begs the question of why we need Claire at all. I’d love to see Olivia Rose Keegan back, and I thought the show was planning on bringing her back but if not, I say give the character a rest. And for goodness sake, stop writing her as a lovelorn teenager. All she friggen talks about is how amazing, cool, sweet, kind Charlie is in every single scene she’s in. It’s overkill, and exactly what they did with Ciara. Boy crazy teens aren’t interesting, especially when they’re not even teens. It’s tiring. I was begging Allie to tell her to give it a rest. And worse, she’s saying all this about a rapist, which makes it harder to listen to. Nobody wants nu-Claire hurt, and it’s gross watching her swoon over a dirtbag.

What else is going on in Claire’s life?

Speaking of the dirtbag

What a shame Charlie turned out to be a rapist. They did this with Stefan and look how that turned out. Now we can’t keep Charlie in a bad boy role, because he’s got to get his arse to prison once they learn what he’s done. And I really don’t want another ‘he’s got a mental illness’ storyline, or a twin to show up to replace him.

Allie and Tripp

It seems as though Allie and Tripp will be a couple going forth, at least I’m assuming that’s where it’s going, but their scenes aren’t making me feel any angst the way they should be over Allie thinking he raped her. Keep in mind that I missed two months of the show and didn’t even see her accusation but shouldn’t they be more angsty?

Kristen’s insecurity

I felt really bad for Kristen. Not only is she in prison for doing less than what half of the Salemites have done in the last two years, but she has to be away from her kid and beau. And seeing a photo of Brady kissing his ex had to be crushing. I love these vulnerable scenes with her but I hope that when she gets out, she’s still the dangerous, nutter. I love to see the balance of sweetness and dementedness. And I’m with Brady. Why not give them a conjugal visit? Having sex with Brady would calm her down some. At least that’s my opinion.

Yet another kidnapping storyline

If you’re not being raped in Salem, you’re likely being kidnapped. Carver and Jules were kidnapped by Dr. Raynor of all people, and I’m assuming that my Vivian Alamain is behind it. Horrible news. I’m assuming if it’s true that Vivi wants to get back at Lani for shooting and killing Stefan. It’s a good story, but one we’ve seen too many times, which means I will find it hard to care. I want to care!

Val and Abe discussing their feelings for each other made me swoon. I really hoped they’d bring Val back for him but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. Yet? Sigh.

I hate to harp on this but Bonnie’s accent is more southern than ever. I know she had a bit of one when she was married to Mickey, but I don’t recall her having it until this time around. What’s going on?!

Nobody’s that forgiving

I’m enjoying Cady McClain’s version of Jennifer quite a bit; however, there there is no way in hell Jenn Jenn would have sat down with the woman who bedded her man while she was in a coma and dispense advice about her love life. Nobody’s that forgiving, not even Jennifer Rose. It. Would. Never. Happen. And yet, it did and I admit that I found it an interesting scene that came out with some of the best lines. Sigh.

Best lines:

Kate to Jenn, “I”m not embarrassed by Jake. I’m embarrassed by me.”

Kate thinks all women will look at her with Jake and say,  “Look at that cougar pouncing on that young, hot guy.”  (But most would be giving her a high five!)

Jennifer gives a pep talk to Kate, “You’re Kate Fricken Roberts.”

Angelo Vitali about John,  “What is this Jamoke’s problem?”

Charlie, “We all have dark impulses. Even me.”

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