Jake’s Insanely Hot For Gabi, Why They Need to Get A Room

Welcome back to my opinion on what went down in Salem this week for February 15-19! This week I’m discussing some of what we should be thankful for, Jake and Gabi’s delicious scene, Xandy’s proposal, and Abigail’s invitation to Gabi to take Gwen down. Vote in Soaps Spoilers’ poll to tell us who the worst villain is on the show right now. There are 9 – one less as of this week!

Things to thank Days for this week

Sure, we may rant about our storylines, and our characters who do things that we continuously shake our collective heads over, but this week, there are things to be thankful for.

  • We’re grateful that Brady doesn’t know how to put on a hospital gown and wears it backward with the opening in the front.
  • We’re happy about the smile that comes to our faces seeing Susan wear her earmuffs indoors.
  • We’re pleased to see such an original proposal from Sarah who was trying to propose to Xandy, while he was busy popping the question to her.
  • Some of us are even satisfied to have seen a strangely adorable scene between Vivian and Ivan in the SPD interrogation room, where Ivan used the last of his sway to spend a moment giving his beloved Madame a makeshift Valentine.
  • That the show forgot to cover Stacy Haiduk’s wrist tattoo so that when we watched Susan and Kristen’s scenes, both characters were sporting identical wrist tattoos.
  • Last, and certainly not least, Jennifer’s reaction to Julie making her “banana pancakes with extra peanut butter,” was amazing, if you were an All My Children viewer. Though likely it was confusing if you weren’t. A little history: Cady McClain played Dixie, who was killed off the show by eating those very same pancakes. Nice easter egg! Onward to destructing DOOL, one of the highlights of my week.

Love in the afternoon

Xander proposed to Sarah this week, something most viewers had been waiting for. It was loving and romantic but her reaction was bizarre and worrisome at first. Viewers couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. When she grabbed that cake and said, “Let’s have cake,” instead of saying, “Hell yes,” I wondered…was the cake her proposal? Thank goodness it was. It was very original and adorable. I love that she was planning on asking him. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a woman propose to a man in the soaps and was into it!

Maggie’s away so Nicole’s our new busybody

Ava came to the show years ago as a crushed and beaten down character. Her father’s abuse made her mentally unsound. The next few times she returned, she was a mess with needing to take revenge against Kayla for uh being the woman Steve loved. She was obsessive and in need of a straitjacket. She took things further than we ever hoped or thought possible, raping, kidnapping… This time around her character has “changed” once again. She’s suddenly this mental giant or something, a mob boss with minions to guard her body. I’m having a hard time believing Ava as a mob boss since she was hired to be a waif-like creature. I guess I’m still seeing the waif, and the words coming out of her mouth are not ringing true.

Nicole spoke to Ava for five minutes and decided that she needed to leave the mob (good luck with that) and move in with Rafe, the police commissioner involved in her case. Nicole’s sole job on the show now that she doesn’t have Eric around is to meddle in everyone else’s business. Can’t she just go out for a nice dirty martini like old times and chat with Roman or someone at a bar? I think the best thing to do might be to just recast Eric and bring him home.

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Jake’s insanely hot for Gabi

I’ve mentioned before that I like Jake’s chemistry with Kate and Gabi, but that I was starting to lose interest in Kate and Jake together for a few reasons, including seeing him with Gabi. I mean, the guy has it so bad that he couldn’t even force himself from looking at her ass when she bent to retrieve her cell phone that I’m not exactly sure she dropped on purpose. Jake was right. It was desperate, but he’s the one who couldn’t pry his eyes off her. These two need to get a room, and stat!

What I didn’t like
I’m not a fan of ageism. I loathe bringing up Kate’s past as a prostitute, as well, to try to somehow win Jake over. No way is he going to dump Kate just because he heard she was a hooker or because she’s twenty years his senior, which um, he already knows. Gabs needs new ammunition and not the nasty stuff. I think I’m officially back into Gabi and Jake, but I need my girl to focus on ways to get him back that don’t involve putting down the competition. Like reminding Jake of what he ‘likes’ about her. (Not just her bod!) But if Jake’s going to wind up with Gabi, I want Kate to have a little lovin’ too!

Gabi and Abby taking Gwen down

I’m so into this. Abigail finally apologized to Gabi for accusing her of drugging her and Gabi called her on the apology, stating that it sucked. When Gabi heard the whole sordid story about Gwen being Abigail’s sister, she reacted appropriately, lots of gasping and displays of shock on her face, but the best was when she heard Gwen murdered Laura. “I didn’t expect that of Gwen. I’m impressed,” she said. Hilarious, truly. I am looking forward to Gabi agreeing to work with Abigail on this. Having friends in soaps is fun but having frenemies can be sublime!

Best lines:

Charlie to Gwen, “Did you kill her? Are you Gwen Rizczech, Skull Cracker?”
Gwen asks, “Are you Charlie Dale, illiterate idiot?”
Charlie says, “First a sex scandal, now murder? What’s next?”

Xander, “Sarah, will you marry me?”
Sarah, “Let’s have cake!”

Jake to Gwen, “You have a right to feel worried. Anyone in Salem could come after you with a “knife, garrote, blunt instrument…”

Kristen, “I’m stuck in prison while Chloe’s dangling her Maraschino cherries in Brady’s face.”

Philip to Kate, “Your love life is a four-alarm dumpster fire.”