Days of Our Lives Spoilers & Recaps May 29 – June 2: EJ Reacts to Nicole’s Pregnancy News, Paternity Test Results Are in and Dimitri Arrives in Salem

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Gabi and Stefan try convincing Megan to side with them, Xander and Gwen clash and fight about Chloe, and Leo gives Colin the chance to tell his story.

Monday, May 29

Days recap!

At Small Bar, Leo asks Johnny for an update on the drama in his family.

He knows Kristen got immunity and is curious about Megan. Johnny’s never met her so can’t help him.

Wendy appears and Leo brings up Chanel’s name and talks about Wendy being torn between Johnny and Tripp.

Wendy threatens to hack into Leo’s accounts if he prints a story about them.

Leo backs off. He knows what it’s like being torn between two men and reminds her Tripp’s a doctor and Johnny’s jobless. Johnny gets rid of Leo and apologizes to Wendy.

wendy and johnny with leo small bar

He knows she’s into Tripp and won’t give her up without a fight. He admits Leo’s right about him.

He needs a job and wants to get his career in film back on track. He suggests he tell Wendy’s story and her love triangle with him and Tripp and says in his movie, she’d realize there was only one man for her.

When she asks who that is, he tells her she’d have to buy a ticket to the movie to find out.

Later, he walks her home and kisses her, hoping it’ll help her decide which man to choose. 

leo taunts johnny at small bar

Anna is afraid that Tony will let Nicole’s pregnancy secret out.

When Tony has an announcement at the DiMera mansion, she blurts out that he’s soused.

anna worries tony tell ej about nicole pregnancy

When prodded, Tony praises EJ for his leadership and thinks Megan and Kristen should support him.

Anna drags Tony to the foyer where he assures her he wasn’t going to pill the secret.

Still, he thinks EJ has a right to know. EJ appears and asks what he means.

Tony lies that Anna had concerns that he was pitting EJ and Stefan against each other.

tony wasn't going to tell ej anything

Gabi and Stefan try convincing Megan and Kristen to side with them.

EJ returns to the great room and offers to give Megan his master suite since she has seniority.

Kristen snipes about that and then tells Megan all about the sibling drama.

Stefan calls EJ out for backstabbing and Gabi suggests Megan can’t trust him. Megan refuses to take EJ’s suite.

kristen and megan talk about ej's room

Eric catches Nicole and Sloan plotting but they cover it up at the hospital.

sloan and nicole cover up pregnancy

When Nicole returns home, she overhears Anna and Tony discussing her pregnancy and confronts her.

Anna assures the blonde that EJ doesn’t know the truth. Nic plans on telling him once her paternity results are in.

She asks for advice on how to swab EJ’s cheek and Anna hands over some sleeping pills to knock the DiMera out so she can do just that.

Kristen and Megan appear and Nicole’s surprised Kristen’s free and planning on living there.

nicole meets with kristen and megan foyer

Sloan and Eric later discuss Colin at her place.

She’s thankful he understands that she needs to defend him and Eric commiserates with her over siblings with issues. He’s not leaving.

eric and sloan in love

She lets him know how much that means to her and though he’s had doubts, he has come to know her.

She confesses to having her heart closed off but is glad she let him in and professes to love him.

Eric loves her as well. He takes her in his arms and they make out.

sloan and eric in love

Later, in EJ’s bedroom at the DiMera manse, EJ and Nicole discuss him letting his sisters live there so he can convince them to give him their votes.

Before they sleep, Nicole gives him the pills to help him sleep, but a call comes in from Wen and he has to dash off to Chicago to talk to a potential investor.

nicole offers ej sleeping pill

Once they’re alone in the great room, Kristen and Megan have a drink and mock their brothers for thinking they’ll be running the company. It’s time they take charge.

kristen and megan dimera sisters crushing the men

Later, when Eric’s asleep, Sloan swabs him and calls Nicole with an update.

sloan swabs eric mouth dna test

Nicole touches her stomach and tells herself that soon, they’ll know if the baby’s dad is Eric or EJ.

nicole worries who is the father of baby

Tuesday, May 30

Tuesday’s Days of our Lives recap for May 30!

Bonnie is surprised to find Sarah at Rex’s and noticeably pregnant.

In Chicago, Rex works out shirtless at his place when Bonnie turns up.

She learned from Mimi that it was his night to be with Emily and peeks in on her granddaughter who is asleep.

rex really ruddy from tanning days of our lives

Sarah arrives and tells Rex about some breakthrough with a patient when Bonnie appears.

Sarah tries to hide her very pregnant belly but Bonnie’s no fool and assumes it’s Xander’s kid. Bonnie says that Xander has changed.

sarah pregnant

Sarah tries to deny it and Rex says it’s his but Bonnie knows they’re liars.

Sarah admits it’s true, that she doesn’t want anything to do with him because of his kidnapping Bonnie and Susan and how it caused Susan’s death.

Nobody in Salem can know who the baby’s dad is. 

bonnie learns sarah pregnant

Xander and Gwen clash and fight about Chloe.

At Salem Inn, Xander fills Gwen in on their ad sales director quitting — because of Gwen’s Elon Musk style of managing.

Gwen says the man only thought of her as the “bitch” who stole the paper from her dad.

Xandy says she is but Gwen says she did it for him. She’s not happy that he hired Chloe as a replacement.

Xander accuses her of jealousy but Gwen insists the brunette isn’t qualified. Xander doesn’t want to hear it and says it’s happening.

gwen and xander talk about ad sales director

Brady asks Chloe to come back to work for him.

Brady stops by Chloe’s place and invites her to return to Basic Black but she’s working with Xander at The Spectator.

chloe talks with brady door

Brady’s displeased and talks about how horrid the man is.

Xander arrives home and catches Brady and the two exchange insults before Brady goes.

She asks how Gwen took the news about her job and he tells her the job is hers.

xander catches brady at home

Gwen finds Alex at the square and asks for the job of ad sales director.

She tells him Chloe has it, thanks to Xander, not that she is qualified. Though she wants sex, he’s not down with it. He talks about how his therapy is changing him.

She goes and Brady shows up and offers him a job.

alex wants a job

Maggie’s back from Greece and at home, with Victor, she says.

Justin confronts Maggie about firing Alex. When she concedes to offering him one last chance, he vows to watch his son like a hawk.

When Alex arrives, he says he already has a job. Brady offered him one at Basic Black.

maggie and justin talk alex job

Chad is annoyed after catching Alex and Stephanie together.

Steph and Alex drink beer at Steve and Kayla’s place, as he whines about his constant firing.

She thinks Maggerz is overreacting but he’s not so sure. Chad turns up.

They let him know what happened to Alex and he laughs, considering she is somewhat of a “Glenda the Good Witch.”

alex says his career is over

Alex goes and Steph is upset at his treatment of Alex.

Chad doesn’t think Alex deserved the job and he wonders how she could have forgiven the man after what he did. Steph turns on the charm and jumps him.

Later, Chad and Stephanie have had sex on the sofa. They drink beer and discuss Dimitri getting immunity for himself and his mom and he thinks the man is here to destroy the DiMera family.

chad and steph sex on sofa

Gwen bumps into Brady and she doesn’t want to talk to him, calling him a wanker before sharing that Chloe and Xander will be spending more time together since they’re working at The Spectator together now.

brady and gwen talk about chloe's new job

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Wednesday, May 31

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives recap for May 31!

Jada wonders if Talia was a victim of abuse.

Jada goes to Talia at SPD with painkillers that she refuses and uncuffs her sister and bitches that DA Trask is gunning for her.

jada takes statement from sister

She was one of the few who was drugged with the E-biscuits. She yells at her and asks why she’d want to hurt people she knew. “I did it for Colin,” Talia says. Her sister wonders what spell the man has over her.

Talia says she didn’t want to hurt Chanel or Paulina at first but he convinced her to.

She says he didn’t beat her when Jada suggests that she was abused. Jada says there is all kinds of abuse. 

talia admits colin manipulated her

Colin wakes up to Nurse Whitley. She asks if all black women look alike to him.

He says no, he saw her from the back. She has pain meds for him but doesn’t want to give it to him since he hurt Mayor Abe.

She starts in on him repenting for his sins. Later, Rafe reads Colin his crimes and says he’s going to be released to SPD and officially charged and taken to a holding cell.

He asks after Talia who should be charged with attempted murder.

nurse whitley

Abe thinks Nurse Whitley is Paulina.

Paulina sits at Abe’s side after surgery and begs him to wake up. Chanel tells her that his body needs time to recover.

Paulina goes to find Kayla and Chanel cries and apologizes for everything that happened to him.

While Paulina can’t find Kayla, she finds Rafe and has a panic attack. He comforts her in his arms and tells her he loves Abe and will do what he can to help him.

paulina at abe side

She blames herself and Abe wakes up. He doesn’t know where he is or who she is.

He has amnesia. Chanel gently tells him who she is, that he married her mom, Paulina Price.

She shows him a photo but he remembers nothing. Chanel goes to get the doctor and Nurse Whitley appears. He thinks she’s Paulina and she seems flattered. 

abe can't remember paulina

Eric confronts Sloan about lying to him.

Nicole calls Sloan, asking if she got the swab. Sloan asks to meet at the park in an hour.

Nicole thanks her. Sloan’s doing it because she hopes the baby isn’t his.

Anna learns that EJ didn’t take the sleeping pill so she couldn’t get a swab. She doesn’t need his sample. Sloan got Eric’s. 

sloan with the dna test

Anna learns EJ proposed but it wasn’t sincere. She explains it’d look like there was another DiMera on his side.

She told him and he professed his love. Anna asks Nicole if she loves Eric or EJ. Nicole doesn’t answer right away. She cares for him, she says. She cries when Anna asks if she loves Eric.

nic tells anna ej proposed

Eric brings breakfast to Sloan and she lies that the hospital contained the virus so she doesn’t need to take the test. Eric can see right through her.

He talked to someone at the hospital and there was no outbreak.

She reveals Nicole’s pregnant and she begged her not to say anything. Eric’s overcome. Why did they keep it secret?

Sloan says she doesn’t know if the baby is his or EJ’s. Eric will take things from here. Sloan tells him she hopes nothing changes between them if the child is his.

eric learns nic pregnant

Rafe finds that Colin has gone missing and has handcuffed the cop, Henshaw, to his bed.

henshaw the cop duped

Colin escapes and walks by Sloan unseen.

colin disguisees

Nurse Whitley is hot for Abe and when he thinks she’s Paulina, she takes him out of the hospital and promises to take care of him.

nurse whitley takes abe

Thursday, June 1

Days of our Lives recap for Thursday, June 1!

Sloan attacks Rafe for letting Colin escape.

Sloan finds the cop cuffed to Colin’s hospital bed and yells at him for screwing up and then turns on Rafe and explodes.

Rafe thinks if she had come clean a while ago she could have stopped this whole thing from getting this far.

He asks where Colin could be but she has no idea.

sloan yells at cops

Abe goes missing.

Paulina and Chanel find Abe missing from his hospital bed and learns there were no scheduled tests being run.

Paulina panics but tries not to cry. They tell Rafe who puts out an APB on the mayor and tells Paulina and Chanel that Colin has escaped.

Paulina worries that Colin kidnapped Abe.

She starts getting upset and Chanel and Rafe try to relax her. They’ll have to admit her since her blood pressure is up and her heart is racing.

paulina chanel find abe missing

Nurse Whitley tells Abe at the hospital that the man who attacked him is still at large and she needs to take him home.

She takes Abe into her shabby home which is decorated with cat memorabilia since she’s allergic and can’t have a real cat.

She tells him they’re cat people.

abe the cat man with whitley

Abe seems confused. None of this rings a bell. He starts sneezing and she lies she didn’t have time to clean since he was in the hospital.

When she calls herself Whitley, he asks who that is. She quickly tells him it’s the cleaning lady.

Abe doesn’t remember her and suggests they call Chanel.

She asks who that is and says, “Your daughter.” She pretends she’s making a memory joke.

abe and whitley the cat lady

Eric confronts Nicole about her pregnancy.

At the DiMera manse, Nicole confesses the whole story to Eric about not wanting to get his hopes up over a baby if it wasn’t his, or if she can’t carry to term.

He’d never blame her for that. She cries and they agree to do the testing as he reassures her that medical advancement and a fertility doctor could mean she carries to term.

They agree they’re friends and that she’ll submit the swab immediately. He leaves.

eric demands why nicole didn't tell him the truth

Leo gives Colin the chance to tell his story.

Leo runs into Colin in the park and tells him someone stole his phone.

Colin tries to get rid of him with his American accent but Leo recognizes him and asks if he’s a stripper or from the gym.

He never forgets a nightstick. Colin tries to leave and Leo grabs him.

Colin lets his accent slip and his British accent comes out. Leo realizes how he knows him. He tries to leave but Colin stops him.

Leo won’t tell anyone he escaped but asks for an exclusive interview. He sees the headline now and calls Colin the British Banger.

He pulls his phone from his bag and interviews him, asking how he responds to allegations that he’s a psychopath.

Colin smashes Leo’s phone and stomps on it, confirming it before he dashes off. When Sloan pops up, he tells her he saw her brother.

colin with leo at the park

Marlena tells Kayla about Nicole having a secret.

At the pub, Marlena and Kayla wait for Kate who is video chatting with Will.

They discuss the viral outbreak at the hospital but Kayla doesn’t know what she’s on about, so Marlena tells her about the rapid test kits. Kayla flashes back to telling Nicole she’ll need a cheek swab for the DNA test and seems guilty.

Marlena wonders why Nicole would make up such a story.

kayla and marlena talk cheek swabs

Nic drops off the swab to Kayla at the hospital.

Rafe talks to Kayla about Abe being missing and how they believe Colin has him.

kayla and nicole swab

Later, Eric arrives and tells Marlena Nicole’s pregnant and maybe with his kid.

marlena learns nic pregnant


Later, EJ returns home from his trip and asks Nic where she’s been.

nicole and ej canoodle in his room

Friday, June 2

Days of our Lives recap June 2!

Harris tells Steve he’s in town to watch Megan.

Steve returns from Greece, calling Hope to assure that Megan won’t find her and Bo at the rehab facility.

He then tells Harris there’s no need for him to come to Salem to keep an eye on Megan.

steve calls hope from home

Harris would like to put their differences aside. Kayla returns home and welcomes Steve and disagrees with him.

She likes the idea of Harris being there to deter Megan from harming Hope, especially with Abe missing and Jada’s preoccupation with Talia’s issues.

harris and steve argue about his interference

Gabi and Stefan attempt to win over Megan and Kristen.

Megan and Kristen are drinking when Stefan and Gabi appear with their plan to get rid of EJ from DiMera Enterprises. As Gabi details the plan, with notes, the women sneer.

Later, alone, Megan and Kristen discuss their own plans and how they won’t reveal it until the last minute. Megan wants to wait until Bo’s awake.

gabi plans for dimera

Kristen reminds her she wants something in return. Custody of Rachel.

Dimitri arrives just as Megan’s wondering where her own kid is.

dimitri is hot and back in salem

Meanwhile, Gabi and Stefan sit on their bed and he rubs her feet as they discuss their wedding and how gun-shy she is before making out and then having sex.

gabi and stefan discuss wedding

Nicole decides it’s time to tell the truth to EJ.

Nicole tells EJ she’s pregnant and he worries it’s not his. She admits it could be Eric’s.

He assumes this is why she turned down his proposal.

She claims she doesn’t want Eric back and is concerned she won’t carry the baby to term.

She fills him in on how Sloan found out and told Eric and EJ feels foolish. Test results come in and they head to University Hospital.

ej reacts to nicole lies pregnancy

Eric talks to Marlena at the pub about Nicole’s pregnancy until Kayla calls him to the hospital with the results.

marlena comforts eric about the baby

At the hospital, everyone gathers for the results of the paternity test and after EJ is smug in thinking the kid is his, while Nicole tries to get him to tone it down.

eric nicole and ej gather for paternity reveal ej's kid

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