Steffy is Startled When Taylor Suddenly Appears and Agrees to Stay While Ridge Gets So Frustrated He Walks Out on Brooke

In the Friday, December 10, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor surprises Steffy, Ridge continues to warn Brooke and Hope about Deacon before walking out, and Sheila asks Deacon to move back in. We also have Thursday’s B&B recap where Steffy asked Ridge if he wondered about a life with Taylor and Deacon lives in a storage locker.

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Steffy strolls into the beach house and flashes back to encouraging Ridge to come back to her family. When she hears a noise, she assumes it’s Finn. To her shock, Taylor (Krista Allen) walks out and tells her that she’s back. Steffy runs into her arms. Taylor sighs. She didn’t tell a soul she was coming and is eager to see the kids. They are sleeping so she’ll have to wait for hugs. Steffy can’t believe she’s there.

Once Taylor has taken a peek at the kids, her daughter tells her how proud she is of her. Her mom wishes she had come back for her wedding. Getting choked up, Steffy says she would have liked that but knows she had her reasons. Taylor explains how hard it would have been to sit across from Ridge and Brooke. She still loves their family so much.

steffy greets mother taylor hayes return to bold and beautiful

Taylor admits that moving away to do missionary work was easier than staying there. She doesn’t know why she holds onto the hurt of losing Ridge. “You thought he was the one,” Steffy says. Taylor is proud of her for finding Finn, even if Sheila is his mother. She thinks she might stay awhile.

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At home, Ridge massages Brooke’s neck and tells her there are other ways to get rid of tension. He doesn’t just mean going upstairs; she could also send Deacon packing. “Not that simple,” Brooke tells him. Thomas sends him a text apologizing for overstepping. Ridge explains that he had a conversation with his kids and they reminded him he has another family with them…and Taylor.

Brooke reminds him that she helped raise those kids and wants them to feel secure in their relationship with him… especially considering who their mother is. Taylor didn’t even come back for her daughter’s wedding. Ridge reminds her she was doing charity work.

As Ridge repeats that what Hope and Brooke are going with Deacon is wrong, Hope walks in. Ridge encourages Brooke to step up and help her daughter by making it clear what kind of man her father really is. He just wants to take care of both of them. Brooke says that’s not necessary.

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Deacon caught living closet il giardino bold beautiful

In the storage closet of Il Giardino, the waiter wakes up Deacon and announces he has a visitor. Sheila is shown in and starts laughing at his accommodations. He claims it’s temporary. Stroking a mob, she asks him to come back to her hotel. Deacon doesn’t want to let Hope and Brooke down.

They go out to the restaurant and she’s even more appalled to see he’s working there. She reminds him it’s a bar and that might not be a good place for him. He repeats that he needs to change his life and can’t be living with her when he’s trying to get back into his family’s good graces.

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Sheila thinks he’s nervous about all the sexual tension between them. He’d feel safer cuddling with his mop. Sheila says he’s never going to have a future with Brooke. “A boy can dream,” he says, texting Brooke to ask her for ideas of how to make her Hope feel better. Sheila is sure this is all about Brooke, not Hope. Deacon can’t walk away while there is a glimmer of hope.

Back at the beach house, Ridge is appalled when Brooke gets a text from Deacon. He represents the worst mistake in her life and he’s sure she’s about to make it again. Brooke refuses to shield her daughter from the father she denied her. Hope has chosen to let Deacon be part of her life. Ridge says it may not be a con now, but some day it will be. He gets that Hope wants her “little girl fantasy” but he can’t deal with Brooke. He storms out.

Brooke tells her daughter that Ridge will have to accept her decision. She and Ridge are solid and nothing will come between them.

ridge happy see taylor bold beautiful

Ridge is shocked when he arrives at Steffy’s and finds Taylor there.

taylor happy see ridge bold beautiful