Bold & Beautiful Spoilers October 3-7: Taylor Has a Change of Heart, While Brooke Races Against the Clock to Get to Ridge

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, October 3 to Friday, October 7.

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Find out what’s coming up on Bold and Beautiful 2 weeks ahead.

First, B&B spoilers September 26 – September 30 have Thomas waving a knife around while warning Brooke and Taylor isn’t happy when Thomas tells her that Brooke thinks he’s still “crazy.”

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The show is going on location in Aspen, Colorado!

Ridge takes time to consider his destiny, and in Aspen, romance and drama unfold.

Meanwhile, new circumstances bring up past memories for Dollar Bill.

Monday October 3

Monday’s B&B recap: Ridge takes off when Brooke doesn’t respond the way he wants

Taylor’s ready to move on.

Steffy takes Taylor to Aspen to get clear about what she wants in life.

Ridge’s heart breaks when Brooke gives the wrong answer to a specific question.

Ridge doesn’t ask Brooke if she did it. He just takes off.

brooke ridge argue thomas B&B

Tuesday, October 4

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Ridge thinks about his destiny

Thomas spills coffee on his shirt and removes it as Hope walks in.

Thomas marvels at Hope’s ability to always see the best in him.

Ridge contemplates his destiny.

steffy aspen othello bold

Wednesday, October 5

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Ridge appears in Aspen

Liam becomes anxious about Thomas’s end plan for Hope.

Surrounded by the beauty of Aspen, Taylor has an epiphany.

Steffy pushes her mother to hang on to Ridge and makes her cry.

Ridge turns up while Taylor’s relaxing.

taylor learns what steffy did bold beautiful

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Thursday, October 6

Thursday’s B&B recap: Taylor tells Ridge she refuses to be the consolation prize

Donna and Eric canoodle and talk about taking a trip on the jet, but learn that Ridge is in Aspen with it.

Now in Aspen, an emotional Ridge pleads with Taylor to hear him out.

Taylor slaps his hand away and tells him to get lost.

Meanwhile, a surprise visit from Bill provides Brooke with important information.

Brooke and Donna realize Ridge went to Aspen to see Taylor.

queen taylor talks to stupid ridge bold

Friday, October 7

Friday’s B&B recap: Ridge reunites with Taylor

Donna voices her concerns to Eric about Brooke, Taylor and Ridge.

Brooke packs and rushes to Aspen on a flight.

Ridge chases Taylor and winds up declaring his love.

Taylor caves and kisses Ridge as they reunite.

Steffy and Thomas continue to ruminate over their parents possible reunion.

ridge emotes in aspen bold beautiful

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