Bold and Beautiful Spoilers May 30-June 3: Ridge Kicks Brooke Out and Donna Wants Eric to Herself

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, May 30 to Friday, June 3.

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Spoilers two weeks ahead! B&B spoilers May 23-27, and May 30-June 3: Carter makes a life-changing decision, Steffy delivers difficult news to Liam, and Brooke interrupts a special moment between Ridge and Taylor. SoapsSpoilers also has B&B spoilers June 6-10.

Monday, May 30

Monday’s B&B recap: Taylor suggests Steffy take the kids and leave town

Quinn attempts to dissuade Carter from making a foolish move with Paris.
Carter starts to think that he could have a life with Paris, since she’s into him.

Steffy wants to see Finn one last  time.
The depths of Steffy’s despair at losing Finn leads her to a new path.

Donna and Eric go at it again and she tries to keep him positive when thoughts go to Quinn.

Li urges Finn to fight for his life and get back to Steffy and Hayes.
Steffy breaks down in Liam’s arms as she says an emotional goodbye.

steffy heartbroken work bold beautiful


Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Quinn tries to stop Carter from making a mistake

Li hasn’t told anyone else that Finn is alive.
Li talks to Finn, unable to believe Sheila shot him.
Taylor and Ridge tag team their daughter and try to get her to leave L.A.

Steffy begins to think it’s a good idea to leave the city.
Eric and Donna talk about how they love spending time together.
Eric doesn’t want to stop seeing Donna.

li pleads finn alive bold beautiful


Wednesday, June 1

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Steffy says goodbye to everyone

Steffy says goodbye to her parents and Liam.
Liam accepts that Steffy needs to get away.

Hope and Thomas talk about Steffy leaving L.A.
Thomas tells Hope that he and Douglas love her.

Taylor and Ridge hug when she becomes upset that her kid is leaving town.
Finn’s fingers move!

steffy says goodbye bold beautiful

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Thursday, June 2

Thursday’s B&B recap: Carter professes his love

Unable to contain his feelings, Carter professes his love to Quinn.
Ridge intervenes when Taylor and Brooke bicker. Sort of.

Eric waits while Donna’s in a traffic jam.
Deacon talks to Brooke about Sheila ruining her life.

deacon tries explain sheila B&B

Friday, June 3

B&B recap: Donna wants Eric to leave his wife

Deacon offers Brooke reassurance after her failed attempt with Ridge.
Donna takes Eric on a trip down memory lane before making a stunning request.

Eric manages his entanglement with Donna while married to Quinn.
Brooke surprises Ridge with a late-night visit and a plea to reunite.

eric donna bed after sex bold beautiful

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