Bold & Beautiful Spoilers August 22-26: Deacon Rushes to Save Hope as Brooke’s Incensed that Ridge Verbally Attacked Deacon

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, August 22 to Friday, August 26.

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First, B&B spoilers August 15-19 have Deacon waking up in bed with Sheila and Ridge telling Brooke that he kissed Taylor. Read on for the spoilers up to the 26th of August.

Monday, August 22

Monday’s B&B recap: Brooke confronts Taylor about that kiss

Brooke confronts Taylor about the kiss she shared with Ridge.

Taylor tells Brooke she wants Ridge to be happy and doesn’t see that happening with Brooke.

Taylor thinks Ridge is spinning his wheels.

Deacon’s parole officer, Jordan, arrives unannounced causing Deacon and Sheila a comedy of panic and errors.

Sheila fakes an accent to get rid of Jordan.

Eric finds it hard to concentrate with Donna in a bikini.

tay changed bold and beautiful

Tuesday, August 23

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Sheila Blackmails Deacon

Thomas and Hope disagree about Douglas’ long-term living arrangements.

Thomas invites Douglas to stay over at Grandad’s. 

Douglas is thrilled to be spending time with his dad.

Deacon tells Sheila she needs to go.

sheila offers money deacon bold and the beautiful

Sheila wants to help Deacon by giving him money.

Rivals Taylor and Brooke swap zings over the current situation between Thomas, Hope, and Douglas.

Taylor thinks Thomas is doing well while Brooke doubts it.

B&B Opinion! How to fix Brooke Logan!

brooke snipes at Taylor bold beautiful


Wednesday, August 24

B&B recap: Brooke pressures Hope to get Douglas home

Deacon wants Sheila gone.

Sheila refuses to go anywhere.

The Forresters gather for dinner to celebrate their family.

Ridge and Eric call Finn a Forrester.

Brooke wants Hope to get her child home but Hope balks. 

Hope calls Thomas and he refuses to let Douglas go before his party with the family.

Thomas startles Hope by abruptly ending a phone conversation about Douglas.

The Forrester family have a nice party filled with love.

B&B opinion: Thomas and Hope’s battle over Douglas

taylor interrupts steffy finn kiss bold beautiful


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B&B opinion: How to fix Brooke Logan

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Thursday, August 25

B&B recap: Donna has a warning for Brooke

Brooke admits to Hope her suspicion that Taylor is using Douglas to get to Ridge.

Brooke waits for Ridge to call.

The Forresters have a wonderful party.

Eric’s portrait is revealed to the family.

Deacon grudgingly gives in to Sheila’s insistence that they are roommates with benefits.

Hope walks in on Sheila!

hope sees sheila bold

Friday, August 26

Friday’s B&B recap: Hope comes upon a scissors-wielding Sheila

Arriving without notice, Hope is startled by what she finds at Deacon’s house.

Sheila introduces herself as Nicolina, “Which means I always win.” 

Ridge goes to Deacon’s work to chew him out and embarrasses himself in front of the patrons.

hot bartender with Deacon bold beautiful

Ridge and Deacon argue about their relationships with Brooke and Hope.

Brooke and Liam discuss Hope and Deacon.

Brooke’s not happy to hear Ridge threw his weight around with Deacon.

sheila the southern belle bold and beautiful

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