Bold & Beautiful Spoilers June 12 – 16: RJ Gets Attention While Working Out and Liam Takes Things Into His Own Hands and Goes to Italy

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, June 12 to Friday, June 16.

Sneak peek at B&B the week of June 12!

What’s happening this week on B&B?

Italy changes everything, Ridge gains clarity, and the HFTF brings clamour to Rome for an unforgettable event.

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Liam can’t shake this ominous feeling that something is going to happen in Rome and tells Deacon this.

When Steffy gets in Hope’s face, Thomas reminds Steffy that for him and Hope, the trip is just about business.

Meanwhile, Wyatt tells his brother that he has to do something to ensure that this trip doesn’t happen. 

In Italy, Thomas and Hope spend some time outdoors and Steffy glares at them.


Monday, June 12

Monday’s B&B recap: Thomas vows that the trip is strictly business

Brooke decides to join the team in Rome.

Hope continues to wrestle with fantasy versus reality.

Steffy gets in Hope’s face.

hope learns that deacon asked brooke to reunite

Tuesday, June 13

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Brooke taunts Taylor.

Steffy makes a promise.

Liam goes to Steffy for more support.

Hope goes to Deacon for support.

RJ hopes his parents reunite.

Brooke is tired of Taylor.

Hope asks Liam to stop talking about Thomas.

Taylor must deal with the consequences of her scheme.

taylor as brooke tells her she can't go to rome

Wednesday, June 14

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Hope and Liam have a blow up

Taylor is once again left disappointed.

Hope and Liam share an emotional goodbye.

Taylor tells Ridge she loves him.

Donna and Katie talk to Brooke about Ridge.

Ridge, Steffy, Brooke, Carter and Thomas and Hope take off for Rome.

hope is almost late for flight

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Thursday, June 15

Thursday’s B&B recap: Steffy and Hope get in each other’s face

Liam seeks guidance from someone unexpected. Deacon.

Deacon doesn’t have much in the way of advice for his son-in-law but threatens that if Thomas screws up, it won’t be good.

Hope doesn’t know more than one person is watching her.

Steffy watches Hope and Liam on the plane until Hope tells Steffy to stop.

Steffy gets in Hope’s face and Hope tells her off.

Brooke and Ridge make goo-goo eyes at one another.

RJ and Grandpa Eric sit around the design office talking about Bridge reuniting and him possibly designing. 

steffy doesnt' believe hope

Friday, June 16

Friday’s B&B recap: Liam decides to go to Italy

Liam, RJ and Finn work out shirtless and gossip about Thope at length.

Liam decides to take matters into his own hands.

Liam heads to Italy.

RJ gets some attention.

RJ likes a girl but does nothing about it.

finn urges liam go rome

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