Steffy Laughs at Hope, Convinced She’s Just Like Brooke While Hope Begs Her Not to Interfere With Her Marriage

In the Monday, May 8, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy demands answers of Hope who begs her not to tattle on her, while Thomas opens up about the flirting to his father, and Taylor and Liam chat about his wife and her son.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Liam told Wyatt he has his eye on Thomas, Brooke and Taylor were happy everyone is happy, and Steffy saw Hope flirting with Thomas and confronted her.

In the Forrester design room, Steffy feels she knows that Hope has feelings for Thomas.

She saw how she was gazing into his eyes and holding his hands.

She raises her voice as she tells Hope she wants the truth. Now!

steffy gets angry seeing hope hold thomas' hands

She doesn’t wait for a response and reminds Hope her brother is doing all he can to move on. Hope says she knows.

Steffy says she’s misbehaving.

“I saw you flirting with my brother!”

Hope opens and closes her mouth like a fish out of water and then says she’s reading too much into what she saw.

Steffy hopes that’s the case. She hopes Hope’s being honest with herself and Steffy.

hope hems and haws

Why can’t Hope be sensitive to Thomas fighting and winning his demons? Hope says she is.

Steffy again reminds her of what she walked in on and says, “I can’t believe I’m saying this. Are you turning into your mother?”

Hope gawps, and Steffy starts laughing.

She repeats herself and Hope denies it all.

steffy asks if Hope's turning into her mother

She asks her not to interfere with her marriage, which is important to her.

Steffy won’t but if she’s into her brother she will.

hope confused

Hope says they’ve been spending time together and they share a son and that’s where it stops.

She loves Liam. Steffy says Liam loves her, too but if he walked in on what she saw…

Hope stops her and begs her not to say anything to Liam. She swears nothing is going on.

Stefy asks if Hope misses Thomas’ affection for her. “How can you ask such a thing?” Hope says and denies it. Steffy believes her.

“Good. Because you can’t be leading him on. Reigniting his obsession with you.” She tells her not to undermine the progress her mother has made. She’ll be watching her.

steffy laughs at hope calling her just like her mother

In the CEO office, Thomas flashes to Hope holding his hands and flirting.

“It can’t be,” he says, just as Ridge walks up and questions him. Thomas brushes it off.

He lies that he was thinking there was an issue with his sketch.

Ridge is skeptical so Thomas admits it’s not that.

ridge curious of thomas

He thinks it’d be good to talk about it, saying he doesn’t want to fall into old patterns. “It’s about Hope.”

Thomas says the prenumbers came in and shows his dad they exceeded their expectations. Ridge is happy and Thomas says Hope is too.

He feels lucky to be back at work. Ridge is proud of him. Hope too, did what she had to, but Thomas says she forgave him after everything he did.

It’s a new level of forgiveness and his return to work could affect their marriage.

Ridge asks what he’s doing. He should be thrilled about his numbers instead of “this.” Thomas is proud. Ridge says if he ever needs advice, he’s there for him.

Ridge wants to congratulate Hope, too, knowing she must be impressed with Thomas. Thomas tells his father he won’t become “that person again.”

They embrace and once Ridge is gone, Thomas thinks about Hope holding his hands again.

thomas talks to ridge about hope flirting.

After Liam laughs about Wyatt sticking him with the bill at Il Giardino, Taylor sits and tells him she’d like to discuss his wife and her son.

Liam chuckles and she says she knows he’s strongly objected to them working together. Liam nods.

He’s worried Thomas will do what he’s already done.

liam at il giardino

“He won’t,” Taylor says cutting him off. He won’t cross lines. She knows it.

He won’t throw away the work he’s done or risk his career for something that can’t be.

Liam knows she’s had faith in him. He’s lucky to have a parent who believes in him.

Taylor’s lucky to have him as a son.

In fact, she can stot his tells now. Liam gets it but she’s biased since he’s her son.

Taylor finds that a fair question.

taylor invested in thomas

She just wants the best for him and believes it’d be the worst thing for him and Hope if she wasn’t. 

Liam appreciates Taylor who in turn says she appreciates Hope’s forgiveness.

Again, she says Thomas hasn’t reverted to his old ways.

“Yet,” Liam says. Taylor’s certain Hope will stop it in its tracks if it happens.

Liam thinks it’s a good thing that Thomas’ family is invested in him, but his job is to stay on guard.

Taylor thinks he should give Hope credit since she’s smart. She hopes that Liam will have just a modicum of faith.

Her son is making strides daily and Hope sees it. Liam wants to believe her. He calls Hope kind, compassionate, sincere and a bunch of other adjectives. 

taylor thinks hope will stop thomas

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