Bold & Beautiful Spoilers Feb 20-24: Brooke’s Date Goes Well But She Refuses Sex, While Hope Thinks Her Mother Should Only Date Men She Knows

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, February 20 to Friday, February 24.

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Taylor stands up for her family, Brooke takes a flirty risk, and Sheila keeps a secret.

Steffy breaks more bad news to Hope.

Wyatt and Liam rail against Bill.

The temptation of forbidden love causes distress.

wyatt wants read beth BOLD

Monday, February 20

Monday’s B&B recap:  Steffy and Thomas fight 

Brooke gets flirty attention from an unexpected source.

A feud interrupts between Steffy and Finn and Thomas, who thinks he can see Douglas as much as he wants, though Steffy and Finn disagree.

Steffy wants Thomas to take accountability and take steps to change, not just say he’s changed.

steffy thinks thomas would stress his kid out

Tuesday, February 21

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Hope mourns

Hope expresses grief to Liam over missing Douglas.

Steffy asks Taylor to referee her and Finn’s feud with Thomas.

Thomas talks to Paris about not wanting to be kept from his son.

Taylor mediates Thomas’ and Steffy’s heated argument.

steffy sneers thomas B&B recaps

Wednesday, February 22

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Hollis asks Brooke out

Hope asks Taylor about her true motives for pushing Brooke to date.

Sheila keeps a secret from Bill.

Deacon can’t stop thinking of Sheila.

Taylor plays cupid.

Hollis asks Brooke out.

Hope asks if Taylor’s waiting to get back together with Ridge.

brooke laughs about hollis B&B recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Thursday, February 23

Thursday’s GH recap: Hollis is smooth on Brooke’s date

Deacon shares information about Ridge’s past with Brooke.

Dollar Bill makes a big commitment to Sheila.

Taylor makes Brooke’s house look romantic for her date.

Finn and Li talk about hating on Sheila.

Hollis and Brooke have a date.

deacon surprised brooke bffs with taylor Bold and beautiful recaps today

Friday, February 24

Friday’s B&B recap: Brooke and Hollis make out

Brooke takes the first step in her life without Ridge Forrester.

Brooke kisses Hollis but doesn’t want sex.

Taylor comforts Brooke.

Liam and Hope discuss Brooke’s sex life.

Hope only wants Brooke with a man who already knows her.

brooke with taylor B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

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