Steffy Decides Her Imagination Was Running Wild When She Caught Hope With Thomas & Wyatt Teases Liam About Asking Thomas For Help With an App

In the Wednesday, May 9, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy continues to push Hope to reveal she has feelings for Thomas, Taylor worries that Thomas isn’t having a fulfilling enough private life, and Wyatt and Liam talk about a new app at Spencer Publications.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Hope tried spending quality time with Liam, Steffy told Finn her concerns about the work environment with Hope and Thomas and Thomas reassured RJ that he’d stopped obsessing, but he couldn’t help but think about Hope flirting.

Hope works on her laptop in the CEO office of Forrester Creations when her thoughts turn to kissing Liam and having sex with him on their sofa.

She smiles in memory and then her thoughts take her to holding Thomas’ hands and gazing into his eyes.

hope and steffy talk about thomas making progrees.

She tries to get back to work.

Steffy arrives and says that once again, they need to talk about what she saw between her and Thomas.

Hope asks, “Again?” What more does she want her to say?

steffy in orange jumpsuit

Steffy wants to know that she doesn’t have more inappropriate feelings toward her brother.

Hope says they put this to rest but Steffy needs to know. Hope gets it. She’s being protective.

Hope isn’t trying to destroy the progress Thomas has made. Steffy pushes the issue and Hope continues to defend herself.

She is clear when she says she has no romantic feelings for him. She tells Steffy in a few different ways.

When Steffy worries she’s turning out like her mother, Hope says not to bring her mother into this.

She’d never do anything inappropriate with another man, especially not with Thomas.

She repeats herself a few more times and Steffy finally thinks her imagination might have been running wild when she walked in on her and Thomas. Hope thinks she was reaching. The ‘telltale heartbeat’ is heard as she and Steffy embrace and her smile falters.

steffy doesn't believe hope

Thomas works in the design room on sketching a new dress. Taylor is sorry when she interrupts.

He’s never too busy for his mama. She’s happy to see him follow in his dad and granddad’s footsteps.

She asks if he recalls sitting on his dad’s office at his house eating a sandwich and watching him draw for hours.

taylor visits thomas sketching

Thomas remembers that started his love affair with PB and J sandwiches. His mom giggles. She wishes he had a balance between work and life.

He insists he goes on dates and says he can see she’s concerned about him and “My feelings…potential feelings for Hope.”

She reminds him it’s her “smotherly love.” He knows. They embrace. She says she’s there for something more important.

“Have you seen the season finale?” He says no and then gives her a look. Did she watch it without him?

She cringes but says she did and it was so good!

They get back to talking about work. She’s glad to be here on his journey at work with him. They say I love yous.

taylor watched season finale

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At Spencer Publications, Liam and Wyatt talk about working on a new app for streamlining retail experience by using top influencers.

Wyatt thinks Hope might know how to utilize this. Thomas, too. Liam cringes. “Because I know you can’t wait to talk to him.”

He says no as his brother laughs in his face. Liam says it’s enough Thomas works with his wife and lives rent-free in his head.

Wyatt gets serious. The app could give them eight figures, easily. Maybe he should talk to Thomas.

wyatt talks about an app

Liam’s trying to get Thomas out of his head and tells his brother, “Stop it! Stop it! Stop. Stop!”

Wyatt says he’s supposed to give him a hard time. He’s his brother.

Liam wonders when Thomas will cross the line. “Nobody goes through a sweeping life change in such a small amount of time.” Wyatt agrees. It’s not realistic.

liam laughs at wyatt spencer publications

Liam says not as much as everyone thinks. He’s keeping an eye on it and says Hope’s looking for red flags.

Wyatt doesn’t believe Liam should doubt his wife. Marty drops by with papers for Wyatt to sign.

Afterward, Liam says Hope’s never been as loving or affectionate as she is now. Wyatt’s glad for them.

Romance is hard enough when you have kids without seeing “that stupid face Thomas” around.

Liam laughs and talks about how committed his wife is. They talk up her integrity and Wyatt thinks the apple fell far from the tree on that one.

He claims he doesn’t mean to be nasty toward Brooke. She’s a great woman. But he’s heard “the stories.”

Liam understands. Hope has a specific moral code she never strays from. He likes not having to question her fidelity. 

liam and Wyatt talk about liam's love life as usual

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