Bold & Beautiful Spoilers March 20-24: Hope Revels Working With Thomas and Bill & Sheila’s Relationship Takes a Dark Turn

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, March 20 to Friday, March 24.

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Sheila thinks Bill is on to her.

Deacon’s protective of Hope after learning she’s working with Thomas.

Bill takes another step forward in his relationship with Sheila.

Watch the video promo for what happens this week! Wyatt calls  Sheila pure evil and Sheila tells Deacon that Bill can never be on to them. Bill and Ridge are on to Sheila alright…So is the FBI.

Monday, March 20

Monday’s B&B recap: Bill and Ridge exchange barbs

Ridge and Bill listen in on a call Sheila makes to Deacon.

Deacon tells Hope there’s nothing going on with him.

Hope shares news that Douglas is coming home and they discuss Thomas’ return to HFTF.

Sheila panics that Bill’s on to her affair with Deacon.

Bill reflects on his night at the beach with Sheila.

deacon on call with sheila from il giardino BOLD and Beautiful

Tuesday, March 21

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Steffy questions Hope’s feelings for Thomas

Deacon and Sheila make another attempt to say goodbye to each other.

Bill goes a little snakey since this thing with Sheila has gone on long enough.

Ridge tries to talk Bill down.

The energy in the air is electric as Hope and Thomas design together.

Steffy thinks Hope is into her brother.petra models for forrester creations

Wednesday, March 22

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Bill proposes marriage to Sheila 

Stephen Logan returns home with Lucy.

Stephen gives Brooke advice.

Brooke tells Lucy and Stephen about her friendship with Taylor.

Stephen doesn’t like that Ridge is “licking his wounds” instead of being there with family. 

Stephen rails on Ridge over a call.

Ridge brushes off Stephen.

Bill decides to ask Sheila to marry him. He thinks she’ll tell all if he does.

Bill takes a giant leap forward with Sheila.

chen, the fbi agent watches bill return home to sheila

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Thursday, March 23

Thursday’s B&B recap: Sheila worries Bill is not on the up and up with his proposal

Stephen expresses his anger about Ridge to Brooke.

Sheila refuses to marry Bill.

Bill has to talk Sheila into marrying him but she asks if he wants a prenup.

Sheila confides in Deacon that Bill proposed.

Deacon and Paul discuss their love lives.

ridge argues with bill about sheila

Friday, March 24

Deacon and Sheila go over the pros and cons of her situation.
Hope revels in working with Thomas.
hope thinks her mom should be with someone she knows B&B recaps

Sneak Peeks into March 27!

 Brooke gives Katie advice about Carter.

Ridge comes through in the nick of time.

Bill and Sheila’s relationship takes a dark turn.

bill angry he has to keep the charade up with sheila on bold

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