B&B Spoiler Speculation: Douglas Makes Another Decision

Spoiler speculation.

The latest B&B spoilers reveal Douglas will make another decision for himself during the week of March 13-17.

Since Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) chose Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) as his guardian during the court case both Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope (Annika Noelle) were sure would go their own way, fans have been speculating about what could happen next. 

Douglas choosing to live with auntie Steffy at the cliff house blew up the Forrester family and had everyone at odds.

Not long after Steffy convinced Finn (Taylor Novlan) to take in another kid, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) showed up unannounced, assuming this meant his sister would let him see Douglas whenever he wanted.

Dramatic strife between the siblings was giving us all the soap drama until Taylor (Krista Allen) stepped in to get them to reunite with her “find the love” mantra.

Now that Steffy and Thomas have decided to forgive and forget, could Douglas have decided life with the Finnegans isn’t the escape from drama he thought it would be? 

Sure, he has his cousins there to play with, pirates to look out for and some solid surfing time with Finn, but does he have peace of mind?

Maybe Douglas’s decision is to go home to Hope, Liam (Scott Clifton) and little sister Beth (Jordyn Lynn Ariza), as they hoped he would.

Missing his family would make the most sense, even if they don’t have their own tennis court. 

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The least likely scenario is Douglas deciding to live with Thomas.

I just don’t see Douglas downgrading to a shared rental apartment to be with his dad.

Is there even room on Paris’s sofa for father and son?

Douglas made the decision to live with Steffy to stop the conflict between his parents, so he must know if he chose either Hope or Thomas, it would start up the arguments again.

My own wild guess is Douglas might decide to go back to live with great-grandpa Eric (John McCook) and chess master Donna (Jennifer Gaeris).

After all, Douglas is a Forrester and we know he likes the perks of living in a mansion. 

Whatever he decides, Douglas might be about to learn the hardest soap lesson of all: you can run but you can never hide from the drama.

What do you think? 

Will Douglas stay put with Steffy and Finn or does he have other plans?

Vote in our poll with your own theory and feel free to share any other theories on what decision you think Douglas is going to make.

What's Douglas' next decision?

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