Bold & Beautiful Spoilers Feb 13-17: Steffy puts Thomas in Check, and Brooke and Taylor Dine and Talk With Deacon About Their Friendship

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, February 13 to Friday, February 17.

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Deacon takes a risk for a second chance.

Douglas makes a difficult choice.

Eric gives words of wisdom to Thomas.

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Monday, February 13

Monday’s B&B recap: Sheila is still hot for Deacon

Douglas’ decision rocks everyone’s world.

Steffy agrees to take Douglas in.

Steffy doesn’t agree with letting a little kid dictate who his guardian is.

Sheila has a strange reaction when Deacon calls her bluff.

Sheila still wants to be with Deacon but knows Bill will throw her in prison if she strays.

Naomi Matsuda is back as Dr. Li Finnegan.

Judge Gomez (Jill Remez) presides over the court case Thomas has brought on Hope.

douglas decides move steffy B&B recaps

Tuesday, February 14

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Liam goes off on Thomas

Matt Farris’ B&B Opinion: Deacon and Sheila Sizzle in a Pervy Way

Judge Gomez continues to preside over the court case involving the custody of Douglas.

Liam rails at Thomas for putting Douglas in a bad position.

Hope thinks she’s a bad parent.

Finn’s shocked at what the outcome was in court.

Li and Finn trash talk.

The Forresters and Logans become divided once again.

judge shocked doulgas decision B&B recaps

Wednesday, February 15

Wednesday’s B&B recap: Steffy tries to convince Finn

Finn doesn’t want Douglas to live with them.

A temporary solution to a difficult situation is proposed.

Steffy suggests they take him in temporarily.

Hope reels from the news about Douglas.

finn doesn't want another kid B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

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Thursday, February 16

Thursday’s B&B recap: Hope fights tears as Douglas leaves

Thomas requests a second chance from Eric.

Douglas, Liam and Hope share a poignant family moment.

Steffy hugs Hope who cries on her shoulder.

Douglas is happy to see his new room.

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Friday, February 17

Friday’s B&B recap: Thomas rages at Steffy

Brooke and Taylor band together in the best interest of Douglas.

Deacon makes jokes about Brooke and Taylor’s friendship.

Liam is proud of Hope.

Eric, then Steffy, put Thomas in check.

Thomas thinks he can see Douglas all of the time now.

finn and steffy talk to douglas about why he moved in Bold and beautiful recaps

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