Thomas Goes Off on Sheila For Her Machinations and Zende Puts Paris on the Spot in Front of Carter & Asks if She’s Seeing Anyone

In the Tuesday, March 8, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge pushes Thomas to open up, Paris is stuck in between Carter and Zende.

We also have Monday’s B&B recap where Sheila begs Thomas to stay quiet about what she  did to Brooke.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge invites his son to talk to him but Thomas has nothing to say. Ridge asks if he is hiding something. He and Taylor are concerned about him. Thomas says not to be. He hopes that things are  going to be different.

He reminds his dad that Brooke hurts him and Ridge forgives her. He apologizes. Ridge gets it. He talks about what Brooke did and has realized that who he thought she was is incorrect. He doesn’t get it. They were in a good place.

Even though she took responsibility, this doesn’t add up. “She’s not blameless.” Thomas raises his eyebrows.

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Taylor invites Sheila to sit down. She talks about Taylor having too much class to laugh at Brooke’s misery but she must feel good about all of this. Taylor denies that. “She’s not well,” she tells Sheila.

Despite their differences, she’s concerned about her and what triggered her that night. Sheila thinks Brooke has a lot of support.

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Taylor tells her that Ridge wants answers since she was successfully sober for so long. Sheila squirms. “Who knows what happened?” She says. Taylor says if they can find Brooke’s core wound, it’d help her break the cycle. Sheila turns talk to her and Ridge reuniting.

Sheila thinks it’s great. Taylor needs to set a boundary. She doesn’t want to talk about that. Sheila backs off. She calls Taylor a good person. Later, she’s gone when Taylor flashes to kissing Ridge. Ridge wanders in and tells her, “I’m sorry to barge in but I’ve got to tell you what I just learned.”

He told him he was happy that they’re reunited and spending time together. Taylor’s upset that he worked her up and told her that. He just wanted an excuse to see her. She reminds him he never needs one. They stand together, embracing.

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Paris and Zende look at a new sketch. He wants her opinion because she inspired his design. She scrambles for words and then asks if he’s going out with Sequoia tonight. “Would it bother you if I did?” He asks. Carter interrupts to get something and Zende tells the man what they were talking about.

Carter doesn’t want to get in the middle but Zende begs. Nothing he says comes out right. Paris asks what’s going on.

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Zende knows him seeing Sequoia doesn’t bother her but he’s still getting used to their relationship being noncommittal. He asks if she’s seeing someone else and then doesn’t wait for her to respond. Finally, she says she feels he’s put her on the spot.

That wasn’t his intention, he claims. He still cares about her. Carter looks down as he hopes she hasn’t forgotten about him. Carter tells Zende he wants to head home. It’s uncomfortable and Zende apologizes.

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Later, Sequoia is modelling a dress with Zende pinning her. She loves the dress and when she asks him out, he turns her down. She asks him not to work too hard. She leaves when Grace wanders in. Grace asks if she turned the model down because he wants to be with Paris.

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Carter talks to himself at home and tells himself to wake up. He drinks a beer and flashes to sex with Paris. He tries to work when Paris shows up. He frowns and answers the door. She had to see him. He calls it dangerous coming there.

Paris can’t stop thinking about him and she thinks he feels the same. She starts rubbing his chest and tells him to stop talking. They make out.

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At her suite, Sheila worries Thomas will tell all. She gets on her phone, prepared to text him when he knocks at her door. Sheila barks, “Did you tell him?” Did he tell what she did to Brooke? He didn’t tell his dad. “Finally, someone with a brain,” she says. Still, Thomas feels bad ruining Brooke’s life.

Sheila doesn’t care. She didn’t make her kiss Deacon or sleep together. Sheila feels she’s given them all a gift and says, “You’re welcome.” Thomas tells her this is wrong.

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