Bold & Beautiful Spoilers July 18-22: Bill Cares for Li as Finn Calls Sheila Psycho

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for B&B from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22.

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Unable to overcome her loss of Finn, Steffy moves to a mental health facility, as Wyatt and Liam worry about Bill now that Katie, Will and Justin are gone.

Monday, July 18

Monday’s B&B recap: Mike asks Sheila to let Finn die

Finn’s drugged and Mike wants Sheila to leave him there since there’s already a death certificate. They can go away together.

Deacon shrinks Taylor.

hope argues ridge bold beautiful

Taylor admits her feelings on destiny between Brooke and Ridge.

Hope and Ridge get into it over Deacon.

Wyatt, Liam and Dollar Bill talk about Sheila.

mike not happy helping sheila bold and beautiful

Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday’s B&B recap: Finn risks death to get out of bed

Finn pleads with Mike to throw Sheila under the bus and help him escape.

Ridge and Brooke put the pieces of the puzzle together for Baker about Mike Guthrie.

Hope provides comfort to Deacon about his trauma before gently questioning him about Sheila.

Ridge grills Mike Guthrie about his relationship with Sheila Carter in the police interrogation room.

Finn verbally lets loose on a distraught Sheila before pulling himself out of his hospital bed.

finn out of bed bold

Wednesday, July 20

B&B recap: Cops grill Mike

Finn is stunned as he listens to Sheila describe what she did to Li.

Finn tries to work out how Sheila could have fed him and moved him there from the morgue, since she’s not a doctor and hasn’t been a nurse in decades.

Finn falls and Sheila worries he’ll hurt himself, before she helps him back to bed.

Deacon tells Hope he doesn’t need therapy for finding Steffy and Finn half dead.

Brooke and Ridge help Baker rake Mike over the coals.

brooke pretty at cops bold and the beautiful

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Thursday, July 21

Thursday’s recap: Li is alive

Taylor and Ridge learn concerning news about Steffy’s current state of mind.

Steffy’s in grief rehab.

Thomas, Ridge and Taylor blame Sheila for this.

Bill confides in Wyatt about his current relationship status with Katie.

Bill is compassionate which shocks Wyatt.

Bill goes outside of a restaurant near the water and finds Li, alive.

lady rehab bold beautiful


Friday, July 22

Friday’s B&B  recap: Bill cares for Li in his house

Bill takes Li home with him.

Li struggles to talk but says she has a son.

Bill is compassionate.

Taylor looks into the rehab clinic Steffy’s at.

Finn loses it with Sheila, calling her psycho and telling her he hates her.

Sheila starts to become unhinged.

finn hates sheila bold beautiful

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