Ridge Claims He’s Not Jealous as he Pitches a Fit Seeing Brooke in Bill’s arms, While Thomas asks Carter For Custody Advice

In the Friday, September 16, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge walks in on Brooke in Dollar Bill’s arms, and Steffy parent traps while Thomas asks for advice from Carter.

We also have Thursday’s B&B recap Bill worried to Brooke about Katie, Hope confronted Steffy and Thomas about their parent trapping, and Steffy refused to back off.

At Forrester Creations, Steffy repeats to Hope that it’s only a matter of time before Brooke lets down her dad again.

Steffy thinks Brooke’s been on a good streak for a while but it’s a matter of time before she does something.

steffy being bitchy to Hope smiles bold beautiful

Taylor walks in and can see what she walked into. Steffy thinks her mother has too much class to say anything but makes snide comments on Brooke’s past misdeeds. While Steffy hurls insults, Hope just stands there.

hope mute bold beautiful

Steffy talks about celebrating Finn and how “Dad’s finally waking up and realizing you’re the love of his life and not Brooke.” Hope rolls her eyes and goes. Steffy does her parent-trapping thing with her mama.

Taylor says that people change when they’re ready. Not one-second sooner. Steffy calls her mom a saint compared to Brooke. Steffy thinks her mother has everything but one thing.

Taylor asks her kid to let her figure it out and focus on her life. She is and because she’s had a second chance, she asks her mom not to let go.  

Ridge walks in on Brooke in Dollar Bill’s arms at home and slams the door behind him, making Brooke startle. She tells him this isn’t what it looks like. They explain that Bill’s worried about Katie giving him the cold shoulder.

ridge not happy see brook hug bill bold beautifcful

Ridge understands. “But what are you doing?” He asks his wife. He asks about setting boundaries and she asks Bill to excuse them. Ridge asks for a heads-up before he comes over again or thinks it’s better if he doesn’t come at all.

brooke spotted hugging bill bold beautiful

$Bill calls Brooke an incredible woman and tells Forrester not to be a fool and blow it.

He goes and Ridge babbles about the man having a lot of nerve. Brooke again apologizes but Ridge claims he’s not a jealous type.

He knows nothing happened. Brooke wouldn’t mind if he was a little.

He admits maybe he is. He doesn’t like walking in there and seeing guys like Deacon and Bill. “You get that?” She does. She was concerned.

destiny mute bold beautiful ridge

He asks if she gets how it makes him feel walking into their home and seeing these men. She gets it. He’s entitled to his feelings but they’re gone.

He calls them cockroaches that never go away.

She calms him down. He’s the man she loves. They kiss.

She knows there are forces trying to pull them apart but they’ve overcome a lot of challenges.

brooke loves a dud bold beautiful

She lets him know they have a foundation and she won’t let Thomas, Steffy, or Hope with her custody issue or Taylor hurt that. Ridge stays mute.

She tells him her heart skips a beat as she looks at him and he smiles. She calls him her destiny and he says nothing. They kiss again.

brooke kiss husband bold and beautiful

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At the gym, Thomas and Carter work out hard.  Carter calls Thomas an animal as he lifts. Thomas is glad to be out of the office and wants to pick Carter’s brain about custody of Thomas.

Thomas doesn’t want to put him in an awkward position.

They both agree a custody case is the last thing they want but Thomas says he wants to see his son more than what he does now.

carter custody talk bold

He doesn’t want to hurt Hope in the process.

He talks about the mistakes he’s made and the changes he’s made to be a better man.

Carter thinks that’s amazing he can admit that. Has he accepted that Hope will never be with him?

Thomas calls her beautiful and Douglas adores her but that isn’t what it’s about.

hot bods bold beautiful

Carter gets that he wants to expose Douglas to the Forresters but he’s getting a vibe.

Thomas stammers and says there’s another situation.

He talks about the Ridge being torn between Ridge Taylor and Brooke. Carter thinks his dad’s struggling.

Thomas agrees he’s never quite settled, always trying to please too many people.

Carter doesn’t think it’s too much of a curse having two beautiful women in his life. Thomas wishes he’d make a choice.

carter being hot bold beautiful

Back at FC, Thomas tells his “zebra-themed sister she’s spot on.” He hates to admit it.

Steffy tells her mom to focus on Ridge. Thomas has never seen two people more right for each other.

Steffy agrees they belong together. Taylor feels lucky to be loved by her adoring kids.

Once their mom is gone, Steffy tells her brother they need to get their parents back together.

thomas parent trap. Bold beautiful