Bill Tells Katie, ‘I’m an Idiot. I’m a Selfish Idiot’ When Katie Refuses To Reunite — & Quinn Devastates Carter

In the Monday, October 18, 2021, full episode recap of Bold and the Beautiful, Katie declines Bill’s invitation to reunite, Carter is devastated, and Katie wants to know what got into Carter. In case you missed it, Soaps Spoilers has Friday’s B&B recap where Eric asked Quinn to break things off with Carter.

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At his loft, Carter asks Quinn to run away with him. Her head is spinning and she amits it feels like her heart is beating out of her chest. He feels the same. He says there will be no more hiding. He wants them to build a figure and asks if she wants it too. She doesn’t know about this. “Are you saying this is over?” She tells him she’s spent years becoming who she is. She can’t walk away from Eric and the life they built together. She needs to go home to her husband. “Wait,” Carter says. She tells him she can’t. She goes and he looks defeated. He flashes to her conversation and when someone arrives, he thinks it’s her.

carter heartbroken bold beautiful

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At work, Brooke bashes Quinn to Donna. When Ridge wanders in, she wonders if it means Eric doesn’t really love Quinn. He says it’s because of his medical condition but maybe, “He just doesn’t trust his wife.” Brooke wonders what will get Quinn out of Eric’s system. Ridge doubts she’ll let him go. Donna thinks she’s getting way too much out of this. The women agree she could never be the Forrester matriarch and blame her for destroying Eric’s dignity by  “sleeping” with Carter. Donna goes.

donna bashes quinn bold beautiful

In Katie’s office, Bill tells Katie that he can tell her with certainty that he’ll be a better man. “I’ll be everything you need me to be.” He wants one more chance. She’s been burned too many times. “I’m sorry Bill. I think it’s too little too late.” Bill shakes his head. He asks what she wants. She thinks by now he should know what she wants. He says, “I’m an idiot. I’m a selfish idiot.” She says this isn’t healthy, especially for Will. If they haven’t figured it out by now, maybe they never will. She wants something different. She wants someone who wants companionship and a connection as much as she does. She doesn’t think that’s him. “Yes, it is. I want that for myself and I want that for you.” He thinks he’s the only man who can make her happy. He tells her, “You touch my soul, and you touch mine.” He’ll fight for her. He takes off, leaving her in tears.

bill upset bold beautiful

In Thomas’ apartment, Zende’s sorry that his condo deal fell through. Thomas thanks Paris for insisting he stay here but he maintains that this is her place now. Zende has no problem with them living together. He’s not jealous. “There’s no reason to be, is there?” He asks her. There isn’t. She goes and Zende tells Thomas that although he isn’t the jealous type, he cares a lot about Paris. “You’re my cousin, Thomas. I trust you.” He goes and Thomas wanders around shirtless.

paris moves in thomas zende learns bold beautiful

Zende lets Paris into his place, which is set up for romance. He looks forward to exploring her new neighborhood with her and when she asks if he’s really okay with her living with Thomas, he assures he is. He’d like to pause talk of Thomas because tonight is about her. “The amazing beautiful girl who made me see the one thing I’ve always thought I was missing. You.” They make out passionately and it’s apparent that he wants to make love to her.

paris sex zende bold beautiful

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Katie drops by Carter’s place. She tried to stay silent but can’t do it. “Eric is a good man. How could you do this, Carter?” Carter insists Eric wanted this. SHe calls it wrong and tells him he’s too good for this. She apologizes for coming at him but Eric doesn’t deserve this. She goes on to blame Quinn for manipulating him and rants and says she doesn’t get it. He tells her he fell in love. He snipes that she left. She’s gone.

angry carter bold beautiufl