Brooke Snipes at Taylor’s Judgment, While Sheila Warns that Steffy Better Not Get In Her Way Since Taylor’s Back

In the Tuesday, December 21, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, word gets around that Taylor’s in town. We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Steffy found her parents embracing and Brooke cried over Ridge to Deacon and Hope.

Deacon orders a non-alcoholic beer and Sheila gets a soda from Malcolm at the bar. She asks why Deacon wanted to see him in public. He admits he knew if he went to her place, she’d try to sleep with him. “In your dreams,” she says. He eyes her. “No, in yours.” He called her there to tell her Taylor’s in town.

Sheila calls what happened an accident.

This is going to make things worse for her. “This is all I need,” she whispers. Deacon shrugs. “Karma’s a bitch.” Sheila’s jealous of Deacon and asks what she’s doing wrong. “Steffy needs to quit with this grudge. She needs to stop standing in my way.”

sheila hears taylor's back bold and the beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Ridge and Taylor stop hugging at the Cliffhouse as Steffy walks in. Ridge says she smells good. Taylor admits she’s been wearing her signature perfume since their wedding. Taylor’s staying for a while. Steffy’s thrilled. Ridge admits he was complaining about Hope. Taylor admits that she told Ridge that she’ll always love him. Steffy’s eyes widen and she smiles brightly. Taylor’s not trying to cross any lines she wants to respect his marriage to Brooke.

Ridge assures her that it’s okay. Her motto is to express to people how she feels for them now. She has no expectations. She’s learning to speak her truth and not hide her feelings. Her job is to help people to be more authentic. She has to be able to do the same. Steffy admires her mom. Taylor assures Ridge that he’s going through a rough patch. She wants him to be happy.

steffy finds ridge with taylor hugging bold beautiful

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At the house, Brooke tells Katie’ Taylor’s back in town. She probably got burn out from her work, which is understandable. Katie’s shocked. Brooke talks about the timing of it all. “It’s not like I’m threatened,” she says. “Of course not,” Katie agrees. She must have missed her kids. Katie gets it since she misses her son. Brooke thinks Taylor should spend time with her kids and grand kids. The timing is coincidental because of the challenges her and Ridge are facing.

Katie shrugs it off. They love each other and are committed to each other. They’ll overcome this. Brooke doesn’t want to push him away, but he’s already walked out on her twice. Katie thinks it’s natural. She’s torn between Hope and Ridge. Brooke will try to be more patient and understand his point of view. Katie agrees it couldn’t hurt. “Especially now that Taylor’s back in town.”

katie learns taylor returned bold and the beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

Brooke visits the Cliffhouse. “Well, well well. Look who is back in town.” Brooke and Taylor catch up. They tell each other they look lovely and Taylor talks about working around the clock. Brooke asks if she has time for anything else. Taylor asks what she’s getting at. Brooke calls her attractive and thinks men would be interested in getting to know her.

Is she dating? Taylor says no. She hasn’t had time. Taylor can tell Brooke’s having a hard time wrapping her brain around this so says she’ll make it easy on her. “I don’t need a man to define me.” Brooke’s eyes widen. “Wow,” she says, stunned. Brooke finds her judgmental. Taylor changes her tune. “You don’t like being alone,” she says. Taylor says she’s been finding herself and explains that she’s changed some. She’s happy to see her kids and Ridge. Brooke sings Finn’s praises and Taylor agrees. Brooke brings up Sheila being Finn’s bio mother. “That’s a downside,” Taylor says.

She says that Brooke has Ridge, Steffy has Finn and Hope has Liam. “Hope’s a real winner Brooke, just like you.” Brooke thinks she’s still upset about that. She doesn’t look at life like winners and losers. She believes they create their own destiny. She’s trying to extend an olive branch. Taylor laughs. “Really?” Brooke doesn’t want the competition. She doesn’t want to fall back into old patterns and asks if they could be friends after all these years.

taylor shocks brooke bold and the beautiful cbs soapsspoilers

At Forrester, Steffy helps with some pleats on a gown.  Once Sequoya goes, Steffy wonders once again to her dad what he thinks life would be like with his ex.

steffy ridge with sequoya bold and the beautiful cbs soapsspoilers