Drunken Brooke & Deacon are Seen Making Out, While Carter and Paris Share a Kiss

In the Thursday, December 30, 2021, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Paris lets Zende down, then kisses Carter, while Deacon and Brooke get wasted and make out. We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Brooke drank the alcoholic champagne unwittingly, Sheila gave Taylor a prickly gift and Carter spilled the proposal beans to Paris.

Brooke whines to Ridge on the phone when he tells her he can’t get home right away due to inclement weather. They profess their love for one another and disconnect while Deacon eavesdrops from the door. He questions her. She tells him, “The stupid storm is grounding flights.” She falters and drops the bottle of champagne and then beings to giggle. Deacon picks it up. She cries that she has to spend New Year’s Eve all alone.

crunk brooke new years bold and beautiful cbs

Deacon tells her she doesn’t have to be. “Brooke, I’m alone too.” She stumbles again and gets giggly. Deacon asks if she’s been drinking. She’s fine. She pulls out the vodka and he asks her not to open it but she does so anyway. “Don’t be such a downer,” she says and downs a shot. She asks him to join her. He sighs. She convinces him to do it since it’s New Year’s Eve. They do a shot together and later, they reminisce about how Deacon used to wear bell bottoms and strut around. Brooke can’t stop laughing as she saunters around the room. Deacon puts on a Santa hat and she gives him sunglasses and pours another vodka. She says it feels good to do this for one night. It’s not like she’ll do it again. They do a shot and laugh together. He admits he used to dream about being a part of her life and Hope’s. To spend time with her, like this, reminds him of how great they were together.

brooke booze bold beautiful

At the cabin, Douglas can’t sleep because his rabbit is missing. Liam helps him look for it. He last saw it at Grandma’s. Liam thinks he can go without “Peanut Butter” for one night. He takes him to bed. Later, the kid gets out of bed.

douglas lost toy bold beautiful

At the hotel, Sheila flashes to Brooke poking the bear and then to switching the non-alcoholic champagne with alcoholic version. She refuses to let Brooke keep her from her kid.

sheila label change brooke champagne new years bold and beautiful cbs

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At the Cliffhouse, Steffy thinks the kids are ready for bed. They try to rush ringing in the new year and Taylor recalls Ridge faking that it turned midnight to get them into bed. Steffy asks if she’s spoken to him today. “No,” she says. “Should I have?”

They do a quick countdown since Kelly’s yawning and when she asks where the cactus came from, Taylor awkwardly says that it’s a gift from…”Someone.” The kids go to bed and Taylor says it’s good to keep an eye on Sheila. She wishes Douglas was there. So does Thomas but he’s with “his mom,” Thomas says.

Ridge calls to tell them that his plane is grounded. He asks if Taylor took out the cards yet. She was going to suggest it and wishes he was back. He’s happy to have her back and knows the kids are. She feels the same and tells him, “See you next year.” They all laugh.

steffy new years eve kids bold beautiful

At Il Giardino, Paris gets Carter’s text that Zende’s about to propose. They watch a couple feeding each other. Paris scoffs at it being romantic and isn’t into it. She assumes it’s something older people do and doesn’t like a public display of affection.

Zende frowns. as she say she wants to enjoy being single. She doesn’t want to rush marrying and settling down. She asks if he understands. “I guess.” She likes their independence and asks him to enjoy themselves and each other. He looks crestfallen but nods and tries to smile.

zende proposal up in smoke bold beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Paris thanks Carter for warning her about the proposal. She tells him she didn’t let Zende propose because she didn’t want him to feel rejected. Carter knows it wasn’t easy but Zende’s better off knowing the truth.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be single or playing the field. “Being honest is never a mistake,” he tells her, though she’s confused. She feels bad. Carter hugs her and they get close and enjoy a kiss.

paris carter kiss bold beautiful

Back at Brooke’s, she tells Deacon, “We were a lot of things, but great?” She laughs. He reminds her of their connection and the passion. She flashes to making love with him. She tells him she should have cut him off a few drinks ago. He asks why. “Because I’m speaking the truth?” He touches her face and tells her he thought of her in prison.

douglas sees kiss bold beautiful

Douglas watches from the window as Deacon tells Brooke he’s looking at her like she wants him. He never stopped loving her. She leans in and they share a passionate kiss as Douglas watches, smiling. With the Santa hat on, he can’t tell who Deacon is.

deacon brooke kiss bold beautiful