Thomas is Fired from Forrester Creations as Sheila Bursts in on Steffy and Finn Getting Romantic

In the Monday, December 26, 2022, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Finn and Steffy enjoy some time alone, Sheila drives through a storm, and Thomas is confronted.

We also have Friday’s B&B recap where Ridge surprised everyone by showing up at the Forrester family Christmas and kissing Brooke.

Shirtless Finn and Steffy are at home while it rains out. All the kids are out for the night. Their kids are amazing but it’s nice to be alone.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

There’s thunder and lightning.

They talk about eating leftovers and he reminds her there is an important meeting at Forrester.

Steffy says there’s nothing left for her to say or do for her brother.

She gets them wine and complains that her parents would be together now if it wasn’t for her brother. Finn is proud of all she did.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

She’s proud of her mom and feels like closure is in the air. The only unsettling loose end is Sheila.

Once she gets into her negligee and he lights the candles, he tells her how much he needs her.

Fondling his scar, she asks if it makes him think about Sheila.

He tries not to think about that unless he’s forced to.

They make out.

Sheila drives in the rain.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

“Almost there,” she says, cackling.

After shutting off the power from outside, she bursts into the cliff house as Steffy is straddling Finn.

sheila at finn and steffys bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Steffy gasps.

steffy and finn interrupted bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers


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At Forrester Creations, Thomas joins the assembled executives. Ridge tells him that he created a problem and it’s time to fix it.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Thomas apologizes for screwing up. He wasn’t thinking and was filled with emotion. He wanted his parents back together and that meant lying to make it happen. For that, he’s sorry.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

They sit around a table as Thomas goes on about how he still needs years of therapy. He backslid on his progress but he’s taking more steps forward than back.

Thomas asks for another chance and claims he’s still and integral part of the design team.

Eric shuts him down and vents about what he did. He can’t even look at him and there’s way to make amends. He should be begging Brooke for forgiveness.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Brooke knows he can say sorry all he wants but he really has no remorse for what he did to her.

She strained herself to have some kind of relationship with him for his father’s sake, but all he did was sabotage her marriage.

Thomas apologizes.

Brooke is tired of listening to him apologize. There are no more excuses. It’s the end of the road.

Bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Carter was rooting for him to turn his life around. Instead, he devastated his father.

Thomas reminds him of how much work he did on the line and how much he cares for Hope and his son. He hopes that Hope believes that.

“I did,” she says. She thought he learned from his past and was trying to move forward. She even thought they might be friends.

But after all this, she knows she should have listened to all the warnings.

He’s hurt Douglas and just thinks about himself.

Thomas claims he wasn’t thinking about himself and his son means more to him than anything else in the world.

thomas and brooke forrester bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

Thanking him for all his work on her line, she tells him that Zende will be taking over.

He used their son to destroy her mother’s happiness. How could she ever trust him again?

Thomas says he knows what he did was wrong and he’s sorry. He was close to achieving his dream but pushed it off a cliff.

Turning to Eric, he tells him how sorry he is. Then he turns to Brooke and tells her he’s sorry and never wanted to hurt her.

He tells Hope he never ever wanted to disappoint her again.

Finally, he tells Ridge that what he did wasn’t okay, but he can move forward and grow if he gives him a chance.

Ridge stood by him when no one else did and blamed himself for not being there when he was a kid. He played him. Maybe he can’t change.

Standing and waving his arms, Ridge says his son is making him do this for the family and the company.

Thomas begs him not to.

His father explains that his days at Forrester Creations are over.

“Goodbye Thomas,” he says.

Everyone files out, leaving Thomas alone with tears in his eyes.

thomas cries bold and beautiful recaps SoapsSpoilers

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