Hope’s Rocked by Steffy’s Decision to Bring Thomas Back to Save HFTF and Steffy Asks if She’ll Allow it

In the Thursday, March 2, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Taylor tells Thomas how much she and his sister support him, Deacon and Liam worry about Hope, and Bill reminds Sheila of how much she means to him.

We also have Wednesday’s B&B recap where Carter celebrated ten years with Forrester Creations, and Steffy considered cutting Hope For The Future as it was losing money.

At the cliff house, Taylor urges Thomas to give himself for credit for all the work he’s doing on himself.

taylor and thomas talk about that cps call Bold and beautiful recaps

She tells him that he and his sister are not enemies. Their only real enemy is Sheila.

He tells her she doesn’t need to be so forgiving of him. He did some terrible things.

She concedes it but will never give up on him and neither will Steffy. His sister wants to see them both at Forrester Creations.

thomas talks making the cps call Bold and beautiful recaps

At the Forrester Creations office, Eric and Carter clear out to leave Steffy and Hope alone to speak.

hope at work Bold and beautiful recaps

Hope assumes it’s bad news. Steffy explains that she’s considering pausing the Hope for the Future line because of its financial issues.

Hope claims she can get the numbers back up. Steffy hasn’t been impressed by the new designs. Plus, she doesn’t want Eric and Zende being divided from their regular work.

Hope says it’s all about the message and community. Steffy repeats they will have to put on the breaks unless the figure out a solution.

She calls Thomas and Taylor in. the CEO tells them they need to decide what will become of Hope for the Future.

Bold and beautiful recaps

Steffy explains the numbers prove that the line own excels when she has a creative genius to do the designs. If they want the line to succeed, the lead designer needs to be Thomas.

Taylor is thrilled. Thomas is taken aback. Steffy looks a little worried.

She says her brother wants to change and redeem himself. She hopes that chapter of his life is over and he’s learned his lesson.

hope not happy thomas back in the fold Bold and beautiful recaps

It’s time for the punishment to end. They are all paying for not having him there. He’s welcome back to the company.

It’s not totally up to her but it’s her recommendation that he come back as lead designer for HFTF.

Thomas promises not to let anyone down. Hope is confused. She thought the siblings were barely speaking.

thomas is back at forrester Bold and beautiful recaps

Taylor explains she intervened. Now the siblings can continue healing and winning back trust.

Steffy knows that Hope may want to resist but Thomas is the only way to save her line. Will she allow him to return?

Hope thinks.

Hope upset thomas returning to forrester creations Bold and beautiful recaps

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Liam wanders into Il Giardindo after Deacon has asked him to stop by. They chat about Hope and Liam explains she’s excited for his new enterprise.

deacon at il giardino with liam Bold and beautiful recaps

They both wish they could do more to help Hope, especially now that she’s worried about her line. Neither of them really understands that.

Deacon says it sounds like nothing has been the same since Thomas left. Liam insists that his return is unthinkable.

At Bill’s, Sheila senses that Bill has a lot on his mind. She’s determined to try hard to keep his attention.

sheila and bill snuggle Bold and beautiful recaps

She reminds him they had fun this morning and asks if he’s ready for another round. He’s always ready but has meetings. He’s glad she feels so safe and free there.

“I’m all your Sheila and you’re all mine,” he says. She finds him hard to read but he says that what you see is what you get.

He’s given more of himself to her than he has for anyone. He’s sacrificed a lot for their relationship.

She knows and will be forever grateful.

The guard calls to say that Liam has arrived. “Oh great! The son that despises me,” she complains.

Liam arrives, annoyed he had to report to a guard to get in. Sheila doesn’t want to intrude on their time together so leaves.

Liam vents about how nauseating it is to see her there. It’s not normal.

Bill claims he is the “anti-norm”: he blazes his own trail. Liam knows he likes to where unpredictability as a badge of honor, but this is too much.

Bold and beautiful recaps

His “screw the world” mentality has gone over the top. He’s blackmailing Steffy at this point. Why is he letting himself be manipulated by Sheila?

Bill tells him this is who he is. It’s just a side he hasn’t seen before.

Liam tries to analyse him but his father ends that. “There’s gotta be some way to get Sheila Carter out of your life,” Liam begs.

Deacon goes to his apartment and thinks about Sheila. She shows up. He thought they said goodbye forever.

sheila can't stay away from deacon's bod Bold and beautiful recaps

“Maybe I didn’t mean it,” she says.

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