Steffy Tries Talking a Reluctant Finn Into Letting Douglas Live with Them as Hope Worries Her Family is Being Torn Apart

In the Wednesday, February 15, 2023, full episode recap of CBS’ Bold and the Beautiful, Finn ponders Douglas living with them, and Liam tries convincing Hope that this situation is not her fault.

We also have Tuesday’s B&B recap where Hope blamed herself for Douglas’ choice, Finn was shocked that Douglas chose to live with them while Carter caught Katie dressing.

At the cliff house, Finn is baffled as Steffy tells him that Douglas chose to live with them. He wants to be part of their family.

steffy talks about douglas B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

The doctor remains confused. She says no one expected this. They need to figure out if it’s something they can do.

Sitting down, he says this isn’t a simple decision. She knows. Hope was beside herself but doesn’t want to cause Douglas any pain.

Steffy wonders why he didn’t choose Hope. She assumes there must be a reason and they should trust it.

Finn thinks Douglas is a great kid and hates that his dad put him in this awful position. But they will be putting their family in the middle of the drama between the kid’s parents if they agree to this.

They are just getting themselves back on track and he doesn’t want it to be disrupted. He loves having Douglas around but he’s not their son and he has devoted parents already.

The doctor asks if she can hear what he’s saying.

Left alone for a moment, he paces and looks outside, recalling how Steffy told him she will never take their family for granted.

His wife returns after making sure the kids are asleep.

flashback finn steffy B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

They rehash the situation. Thomas is trying to do better but his son isn’t willing to give him another chance yet.

She doesn’t think they should be surprised that Douglas wants to live with them. He can rely on them. Maybe he needs a break?

What if Douglas just lived with them temporarily? He’ll start missing his mom and will want to go home. Would he be willing to open their home to him for a little while?

finn doesn't want another kid B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Once Douglas realizes he wants to go home, he can. She just doesn’t want him to feel rejected or unwanted. This isn’t permanent.

She asks her husband to think this over. She knows he has a big heart and there’s room in there for Douglas.

Steffy gives him a hug.

steffy hug finn B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers


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At the cabin, Hope asks Liam why Douglas chose Steffy. The point was to end all the confusion around where the kid belongs.

hope thinks it's her fault douglas doesn't want to live with her B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Liam points out he’s not with Thomas either. She blames herself for this.

How could they have agreed to let him choose his own guardian?

Liam puts the blame on Thomas. She wonders if they are being paid back for being over-confident.

He repeats this is not their fault and Steffy doesn’t want to take the child away from them. This is just for a little while.

She shakes her head. He continues trying to explain that Steffy still thinks they are capable parents.

Hope still can’t wrap her head around Douglas choosing his aunt over them. She can’t ask him because he needs to feel unconditionally loved.

Almost on the verge of tears, she reminds him they just got Douglas back. He repeats that nothing has been sorted out yet.

She’s not sure they should be blindly going along with whatever Douglas wants.

Hope beats herself up for listening to Thomas. Liam reminds her this wasn’t a gamble. Douglas told them what he was going to choose.

She worries about what this will do to Beth. It was hard explaining why he was gone to Eric’s before. That was only temporary; this might not be.

liam talks to hope B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

Liam assures her that their family is not being torn apart. She worries that the kids are being harmed.

He tells her they are just dealing with a surprise.

It’s impossible for her to even think about the hole that will be left in their family and in her heart if Douglas moves out. He hugs her.

She reminds him that they are the adults and the child shouldn’t be worrying about them. He says they need to respect his decision or Douglas will never trust them again.

It will be a mini-vacation for him and he will get homesick in a few weeks.

She worries that won’t happen. Hope loves Douglas just as much as Beth and can’t lose him.

He holds her.

hope hug liam B&B recaps Soaps Spoilers

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